Wikivoyage:Lede Paragraphs Expedition

Have you ever seen the lede paragraph of a Wikivoyage article before? Or specifically, have you ever seen the lede "Place is in country?" The lede expedition hopes to replace these boring lede paragraphs with information that encourages the tourist to visit that specific destination.

Task edit

The goal of this expedition is to create better lede paragraphs at the beginning of Wikivoyage articles.

  1. Develop a metric – something machine-countable to measure progress. Wikivoyage:Lede Paragraphs Expedition/Articles to work on
  2. Standardise terminology. Is “lede” well understood by contributors, or does “intro” play better? (Styleguide calls it “lead”.)
  3. Update and publicise the lede and Understand style guide, because confusion between lede and Understand lies at the root of many examples. That would prompt everyone, whatever they’re working on, to take a moment to remedy their page ledes if indicated.
  4. Consider how the project might be segmented into do-able chunks, because perhaps 20% of all pages have poor ledes, a daunting task.

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