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  • If you need help with anything at all, please leave a message on my talk page.
  • If there's something you need to discuss in private, email me in strictest confidence or the long term abuser (GRP). I've been abused by him 60 ish times now so I know how it feels.

About me

Warami (means hello in Dharug, a local Aboriginal language of Sydney),

I'm from Sydney, Australia and my purpose here is to make Australian article usable. I prefer they/them pronouns but I don't mind if you say he/him pronouns to refer to me. I detest vandalism and incorrect information and if you look at my en.wikipedia contributions here as you can tell my job is to mainly fight vandalism.

I've visited 180 out of the 10000 beaches in Australia (1.8%) and hoping to make it to 300 by the end of 2023 and going to 1000 Aussie beaches in my lifetime.

Rather annoyingly, on my 5000th edit, instead of celebrating a milestone, it was undoing vandalism on my talk page (mobile link) probably by GRP.

My work on Wikivoyage

I initially started to create Australian itinerary articles; with my best so far being Tourist Drive 33 and late expanded to small rural towns all over Australia except for WA and Tasmanian areas. I later then edited and made articles that had anything to do with Australia regardless of where it was. Then, I made a start to editing le français articles on en.wikivoyage after User:AnglaisEP's (an English Teacher in France) task with her students to edit on French villages. I took that opportunity to improve my not so great french. Since Early April 2021, I also started to create Aussie town articles on fr.wikivoyage. In late April 2021, I've now started to edit articles all over Oceania, France and occasionally places I've been to in the US and Scandinavia - although to say, I think we have a fine group of American and Scandinavian editors on this site, and I think they're better off doing that, rather than someone on the opposite hemisphere.

I'm currently the most active editor here on this wiki (facts say it's KevRobbSCO but he left) and na.wikipedia. I also hope to become an admin one day on this site. Fingers crossed. Hopefully by 2022 Feb.

I'll also openly admit my silliest mistake I've made on Wikivoyage – Here

I also contribute to

  • the English Wikipedia
  • the French Wikivoyage
  • the Nauruan Wikipedia

Want to contribute to the French Wikipedia but after what they did to User:KevRobbAU (blocking him for a simple grammatical error), I don't want to do that.

My best article so far on Wikivoyage is probably Tourist Drive 33 (star nominated) followed up by Innamincka (guide) and La Perouse (guide).


This section is about me being a Docent. If your looking for some information, this is the section

To ask information, just simply leave a message on my talk page by clicking the button below! Feel free, and don't feel shy. There's no such thing as a dumb question, there's only something called a dumb answer. If my talk page is protected, then leave a message on the User talk:SHB2000/IP talk page leaving me a ping (insert the code {{ping|SHB2000}}) at the start of the message.

If you want me to email you, then yes, I can, however, to email me, you'll need to be autoconfirmed. This restriction may be lifted and if on current progress, it's the 12th of August at this rate, so for now, the only way is through my talk page.

See the below section for my particular section of expertise, mainly Australian articles.

Wikivoyage and Wikipedia

Wikivoyage not having the no original research policy means that you could really, express yourself. Give me a few days and a mate, and I'll probably explore somewhere new, South Australia is a nice cultural state, with nice places to go out and see the milky way. Most of it, far from light pollution, that you can never realise the beauty of Australia. Queensland, a beachy paradise, my old home - which I'm not moving back to, but home to the worst Australian politician. Victoria, the second most developed state, while not in the outback, give me a few days and I'd have hiked the distance from Sale to Traralgon. The ACT, while mostly artificial, I question myself, is this Australia - or some foreign country, or is everywhere else not the true Australia, and only an hour or two away from Jindy and Thredbo. And finally, the territory that no one talks about - Jervis Bay Territory, go to cave beach, and roos'll come within one metre from you. Seriously, they're not scared. Also a place to visit the whitest beach in the world, and nice to watch whale and dolphin watching. I can also freely explain the suppressed history of Indigenous Australians - something that non-indigenous Australians still fail to accept. Unfortunately, I can't express original research there, and fully explain the hidden story of the Aboriginals - yes, they were civilised, and they had small houses, but these were destroyed by evil colonisers who still fail to acknowledge the fact today - despite trying to suppress this info, Australia always was Aboriginal Land, and always will be. Additionally, Wikipedia is just a large community, that has more vandalistic edits than edits on Wikivoyage as a whole - and no one was there, watching my talk pages, until of course, User:Antandrus gave me all the protection needed from GRP (page protections, some facts about him and more - too long to list).

So this explains why I edit Wikivoyage more, and not Wikipedia.


Itinerary articles

Article Status
Tourist Drive 33   Guide
Overland travel between Melbourne and Adelaide   Guide
Tourist Drive 30   Usable
Grand Pacific Drive   Usable
Strzelecki Track   Outline
Tourist Drive 38   Outline
Alternate Tourist Drive 24   Outline
National Route 83   Outline

City articles

This includes articles that I was the main contributor of, even though I didn't start it.

Article Status
Innamincka   Guide
La Perouse   Guide
Parkes   Usable
Menindee   Usable
Lauwaki   Outline
Carlton   Outline
Warwick (Queensland)   Outline
Tibooburra   Outline
Keith   Outline
Warragul   Outline
Horsham (Victoria)   Outline

Topic articles

Article Status
Using Sydney's public transport   Outline
Australian slang   Usable
Australia's big things   Outline

Region Articles

Article Status
Southern Beaches (along with JTdale)   Outline
Sapphire Coast   Outline

Articles I've upgraded

These are the articles that I've upgraded their status but not the main contributor.

Article Original status Current status
Route 15 (Australia)   Outline   Usable
Puycelsi   Outline   Usable
Castelnau-de-Montmiral   Outline   Usable

Articles I've been a major contributor to, but only to a certain section

Article Status
Places with unusual names   Outline

Articles I want to make

This section was inspired by User:LivelyRatification and to say, I have to give her credit

Thoughts on editing

As an editor, I enjoy:

  • writing in lively style about places I know or interesting Aussie places.
  • writing article leads
  • adding listings (except coordinates)
  • contributing to history, infrastructure and aviation-related articles and sections.
  • welcoming new users to Wikivoyage and Wikipedia.
  • dealing with problematic edits (yes, it's one of my strengths and you can see this at enwiki)
  • writing about big sculptures (Australia's big things)
  • adding funny name places (e.g. The edge of the world, the other side of the moon, eggs and bacon bay, nowhere else and penguin)

I think the following aspects of editing are tedious but necessary:

  • adding coordinates (seriously)
  • anything to do with impossible-to-remember but useful templates
  • tables - I prefer the damn visual editor for this
  • adding colour to text
  • reverting Telstra's (Brendan John Williams) good faith edits
  • dealing with GRP's attacks

Things you won't find me doing:

  • Doing "technical" things
  • Making a static map - I'm using a loan laptop to edit Wikivoyage so I can't download ink-space as well as it sounds tedious to do
  • Working on anything related to North America or Europe - we have a large number of fine North American and European editors who are brilliant at what they do, so a destination article for just about anywhere else in the world is much more in need of my time.
  • Working on Western Australian or Tasmanian articles - I've never been to these states so I don't know what's the trend there - I have however, started to work on the latter with the help of User:JTdale
  • Dealing with copyright and legal issues

This section was inspired by User:ThunderingTyphoons! and to say, I have to give him credit

My records

My records Place
Southernmost     Southern tip of Victoria (Wilsons Promontory)
Northernmost   Tromsø
Easternmost   via air
Westernmost   via air
Closest ever to a bushfire 30m next to the Wollemi National Park bushfires in 2019-20, which had consumed about 512,612 ha of bushland.
Longest flight SYD - OSL (21.5 hours)
Longest train ride Sydney - Newcastle (2 hours)
Longest bus ride Cairns - Townsville (6 hours)
Longest journey by bike Sydney - Parramatta (60+ kilometers)

This section was inspired by User:Mx. Granger and to say, I have to give him credit


  The Wikivoyage Barncompass
For your general contributions to Wikivoyage, and specifically for your work on Australia articles. We're glad you're here, mate. Ground Zero (talk) 12:39, 18 March 2021 (UTC)
  The Aussie Wikivoyage Barncompass
Thanks for your great work on improving Australian travel pages, especially driving articles. Hope Tourist Drive 33 gets star status soon! --LivelyRatification (talk) 02:58, 23 March 2021 (UTC)
  The Aussie Wikivoyage Barncompass
This Barncompass is to show appreciation for your great work on Aussie articles on Wikivoyage. -- 11:46, 12 April 2021 (UTC)
  Sweepers' Club Membership Certificate
Thanks for helping sweep old conversations off to relevant talk pages. Like housework, it's often best to do a little every day or every week, but we'd let the page get out of hand. Thanks for helping with the "spring cleaning". WhatamIdoing (talk) 18:38, 20 April 2021 (UTC)

This section was inspired by a number of users, and to say, I have to give them credit.