Wikivoyage:List of related projects

This is just an alphabetical list, with some commentary, of some other projects featuring user-generated content compatible with our own license, which are related to Wikivoyage in terms of cross-content cooperation.

For more information on how Wikivoyage can cooperate with other projects see the Fellow Traveller Expedition page.

Online community of birdwatchers, includes an extensive wiki collection of world birding locations.

A project to create a free encyclopedia, similar to Wikipedia.

Great and fast growing hospitality exchange network - built in the same spirit of sharing and helping as Wikivoyage. CouchSurfing helps you make connections worldwide. You can use the network to meet people and then go and surf other members' couches! It also has a free wiki.

As of 2022 CouchSurfing is a ghostland (according to forums) and there is a new non-profit called Couchers ( trying to revive the spirit of the site with some success.

The Hitchwiki is a collaborative project to build a free guide for hitchhikers. It's a compilation of tips about good spots to hitchhike, info about hitchhiking in different countries, general knowhow about what to pack and when to go, what to eat and how to stay safe.

A site for making wikis about localities. The most famous is probably for Davis, California.

see also: Cooperating with OpenGuides

Many of the wiki guidebooks are CC-by-SA 2.5 licensed. OpenGuides seem more oriented to residents of a city, where Wikivoyage is oriented towards travellers.

Site is basically dead, but some good content may be rescued from old versions in the article histories prior to spambot destruction.

Likely the most important source of cross-site collaboration with Wikivoyage, most of the raw data for our maps nowadays comes from OSM, a user-generated, open-content map of the world. See Project:Mapmaking Expedition, Project:Dynamic maps Expedition, Project:Geocoding, Project:How to use dynamic maps and Project:How to draw static maps#SVG imports from OSM for ideas on how we can benefit from OSM content. They can benefit from our help too, and work on OSM in the spirit of reciprocity is greatly encouraged.

A wiki for English teachers, which may be related to our article Teaching English.

see also: Cooperating with Wikia Travel

Not yet clear [1] what their goal is, but clearly a fellow traveller. See also:

Wikia also hosts dedicated wikis for individual cities, e.g.

Before linking to anything on Wikia or any other commercial wiki farm, please verify whether the original authors of the material have moved to another (independently-hosted) website. Wikia is infamous for leaving the old project open after a disgruntled community has taken their original open content and gone elsewhere; every inbound link to a defunct project effectively becomes a vote for search engines to list the outdated version and penalise the active independent project as duplicate content. In many instances, this has effectively destroyed entire once-vibrant online communities.

see also: Cooperating with Wikipedia

A sibling project, founded 2001 to create a free encyclopedia. One of the models that Wikivoyage was based on, and we use the software (MediaWiki) developed for Wikipedia. We link to Wikipedia, they link to us, and our licenses are fully compatible. As an encyclopaedia, Wikipedia provides a greater level of detail than Wikivoyage; often an entire article will focus on a single notable museum or historic site. (If you import text from Wikipedia, use Template:Wikipedia. Be sure to reword and adapt text for brevity and to avoid search engines penalising duplicate content.)

A site where many of us first came together to start writing about travel. While many of our travel guides and operational conventions were begun there, Wikivoyage and Wikitravel went their separate ways in 2012. Our licenses are nominally compatible, but if you bring information over you must attribute it properly. Again, please do not copy large blocks of text verbatim from any on-line source - search engines penalise duplicate content.

A wiki specifically for people travelling with vehicles (4x4s, motorbikes, etc.), designed to supplement Wikivoyage with the very specific and detailed information needed by travellers with a vehicle.

WikiOverland includes sections like customs paperwork and fees, the process at the border, extending a stay, exiting with a vehicle, vehicle insurance, up-to-date gasoline prices (in any currency and unit the reader chooses), gasoline frequency and quality, camping, roads, checkpoints, bribery, vehicle shipping, maps, navigation, vehicle maintenance, buying and selling vehicles and much more.

This is an entire wiki dedicated to the "by-car" sections found in Wikivoyage.