Portugal(7 C, 7 P)
Alentejo(2 C, 2 P)
Alto Alentejo(16 P)
Baixo Alentejo(7 P)
Algarve(20 P)
no subcategories
Azores(2 C, 9 P)
São Miguel(3 P)
Terceira(2 P)
Beiras(3 C, 4 P)
Beira Alta(11 P)
Beira Baixa(6 P)
Beira Litoral(17 P)
Madeira(8 P)
no subcategories
Northern Portugal(3 C, 3 P)
Douro Litoral(11 P)
Minho(10 P)
Tagus Valley(2 C, 2 P)
Estremadura(3 C, 3 P)
Ribatejo(9 P)


Portugal(7 C, 7 P)
Alentejo(2 C, 2 P)
Algarve(20 P)
Azores(2 C, 9 P)
Beiras(3 C, 4 P)
Madeira(8 P)
Northern Portugal(3 C, 3 P)
Tagus Valley(2 C, 2 P)

The Portugal Expedition is a Wikivoyage Expedition to promote and coordinate collaboration to improve Wikivoyage's articles pertaining to Portugal. If you'd like to join the effort, please add your signature to the bottom of the page!

Article statistics edit

Note that numbers in the tables are not dynamically calculated and must be manually updated. Last updated on 13 May 2022 (UTC).

Click on number to get an updated list of pages by status. (Note sometime the link just sits there, usually due to the database updating, come back in 10 minutes.)

Articles by status in Portugal
Outline Usable Informative Guide Star Unranked Total (line)
District 0 6 0 0 0 6
City 0 156 0 5 1 162
Airport 0 0 0 1 0 1
Park 0 2 0 0 0 2
Dive guide 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rural area 0 6 0 0 0 6
Region 20 2 0 0 0 1 23
Total 20 172 0 6 1 1 200

Articles needing a little work to get to usable.
Outline cities sleep eat see do check
needs only 0 0 0 0 0
has no 0 0 0 0 0

Remember a reasonable Get in section, as well as listings, is needed to make usable.

Non-destination articles edit

The following articles do not fall under Portugal in the geographical hierarchy/breadcrumb trail, so they are not included in the #Article statistics above.

Aims edit

We should strive for both quality and quantity. Ideally, our coverage will be both wide and deep, covering everywhere of note in the country while giving enough listings and details on each place to provide travellers with an unsurpassed guide to Portugal.

Long term, all 308 municipalities in the country should have an article (except in the unlikely event that there are any that don't meet the requirements set forth in Wikivoyage:What is an article? or cannot possibly ever be promoted to Usable status). Any cities or towns that don't have their own articles should be redirected (or disambiguated) to the municipality articles, with a mention in bold in the lead or Understand section.

Outline to Usable edit

Nearly all region articles are at Outline status and should be improved to Usable (except for Madeira and Oeste, which are already Usable).

Usable to Guide edit

All district, city, park, and rural area articles are already at Usable status or better. We should work to improve these Usable articles to Guide status, prioritizing the articles below.

Country edit

We should work on getting Portugal itself to Guide status. This is a huge undertaking, since "All immediate subregions must be Usable status or better".

Top cities edit

Five of nine Portugal#Cities are currently at Usable status (the remainder are at Guide):

Other articles edit

Guide to Star edit

It would be great to have our Guide-status articles promoted to Star status:

Articles under discussion and work in progress edit

Articles that are currently being worked on or under discussion such as merge or delete. Or articles you wish to bring to others' attention.

Discussions should take place on the talk page of the article, this is just to highlight activity.

Regions edit

Huge cities (districification) edit

  •   Done Lisbon has several discussions over the years about converting it into a "huge city" and districtifying. Nothing ever came of it.
  • Porto should be next on our list, if/when we ever successfully convert Lisbon.

Articles needed edit

If any tourist destinations (cities, regions, national parks, etc.) are missing, list them below.
Portugal has only one "national park". The term is used here broadly as shorthand for w:Protected areas of Portugal.

Cities edit

Many city articles have listings for hotels or other amenities outside their municipal borders. This is usually because an article doesn't yet exist for the city the business is actually located in. If this cannot be addressed right away, list the missing articles below as you encounter them.

Parks edit

Airports edit

Travel topics edit

Article ideas and requests edit

New article checklist edit

When creating the article edit

  • Select the appropriate article type under "To start, please click on one of the following links to pre-fill this article with the standard sections:" to prefill the correct template.
  • Enter the destination's region in the placeholder in the lead section and in {{IsPartOf|}}.
  • Enter the destination's latitude and longitude coordinates in {{geo||}}. You can usually find these at Wikipedia or Wikidata.

After you have saved the article edit

  • At Wikidata, add an interwiki link to the article.
  • Add a wikilink to the new article from its containing region.
  • Add a dynamic map by adding {{mapframe}}{{mapshape}} at the beginning of the "Get around" section (for cities). For bottom-level regions, this goes in the "Cities" section. For regions that have subregions, this goes in the "Regions" section.
  • Add the {{Wikivoyage}} template to the Wikipedia article, usually in the "External links" section (if it doesn't exist, "See also" works, or at the bottom of the article). If the article names don't match, use {{Wikivoyage|<WV article name>}}.
  • Pronunciation (at the beginning of the "Understand" section; see existing articles for formatting):
  • At the end of the "Understand" section, add a new "Visitor information" subsection with a listing for the city's tourist information office (posto de turismo, loja interativa de turismo, or similar) and a link to the city's official tourism website or the equivalent section of its municipal website.
  • Add a page banner image. You will use Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata to achieve this. (This makes the top of the article look nicer, but can wait until after more content and listings are added.)
  • If possible, try to get the new article up to Usable status soon after creation. City articles will need some details in the "Get in" section, one See or Do listing, one Eat listing, and one Sleep listing, at a minimum.

Merge proposals edit

Tasks edit

Standard tasks edit

These standard tasks are based on the {{RegionTasks}} template.

Custom tasks edit

These are custom tasks that we come up with for the Portugal Expedition.

Short-term edit

  • Make sure all articles have a "Visitor information" subsection in the "Understand" section. A listing should be provided to the local posto de turismo (or equivalent) with an external link to the municipality's tourism website.
  • All articles should have a photo besides the page banner. Longer articles should have more, but don't go overboard, per Wikivoyage:Image policy#Minimal use of images.
  • Review mapshapes to find listings outside municipal borders. Move listings to correct municipality. Create articles if needed.

Long term edit

Completed edit

  •   Done Make sure all UNESCO World Heritage Sites are listed in the destination articles, and that the articles have the unesco=yes parameter in the {{pagebanner}} template. (w:List of World Heritage Sites in Portugal)
  •   Done Add municipal {{mapshape}}s to region articles, once the regions discussion is concluded.
  •   Done Make sure all corresponding Wikipedia articles have the {{Wikivoyage}} template. (alphabetical list)
  •   Done Add all Michelin-starred restaurants to the appropriate city articles.
  •   Done Pronunciations: Change Wikivoyage:Pronunciation guide links to Portuguese phrasebook#Pseudo-phoneticization. (PetScan check, randomly ordered); Rearrange pronunciations so that pseudo-phoneticization comes before IPA; Verify that pseudo-phoneticization transcriptions are clear and useful. Particularly, "ng" might not be the best way to represent nasal vowels in many cases; an "n" or "m" alone might work better. ("ng" might work for sounds like ão, unless we come up with something better.); Verify that IPA transcriptions are clear and useful. This external site may produce better transcriptions than those found in Wikipedia articles, but be vigilant and feel free to override, as it often uses /e/ when it should be /ɛ/ or it uses /o/ for /ɔ/ sounds.

On hold edit

  • Add all Pousadas to the appropriate city articles. (on hold pending discussion)
  • Improve description of pousada at Portugal#Sleep and wikilink all pousadas to here. (on hold pending discussion)

Resources edit

Wikimedia projects edit

Government sites edit

Commercial & personal sites edit

Milestones edit

Members edit