prefecture-level city in Shandong, China

Zaozhuang(枣庄 Zǎozhuāng) is a city in southern Shandong Province. Zaozhuang is famous for its history of "railway guerrillas" and "Taierzhuang Battle".So there are two tourist attractions set up: "Railway Guerrilla Memorial Park" and "Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall", where you can learn about the relevant history of Zaozhuang.

Famous tourist attractions include Taierzhuang Ancient City, Weishan Lake Wetland Red Lotus Scenic Area, Baodugu, Guanshi Garlic Garden, Mozi Memorial Hall, Luban Memorial Hall, and Railway Guerrilla Film and Television City.

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Zaozhuang City, also known as Coal City. Zaozhuang formed a village during the Tang and Song dynasties, named after the abundance of jujube trees that formed the village. Later, it gradually developed into a city.

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Zaozhuang City has a warm and humid climate in the south and a dry and cold climate in the north. The climate is variable in spring, with less precipitation and frequent drought. Summer is hot with concentrated precipitation. Autumn has less clouds and rain, while winter is cold and dry. So you can choose to avoid hot summers and cold winters and come and play in spring or autumn.

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Districts edit

  • Shizhong District (市中区 Shìzhōngqū)— The political, cultural, commercial, and financial center of Zaozhuang, which belongs to the core area of the city. One of the more famous locations is the Water City of Lunan :Zaozhuang Old Street, Xiantan Mountain Scenic Area, and Zaozhuang City Museum.
  • Xuecheng District (薛城区 Xuēchéngqū)— Located by Weishan Lake, the Grand Canal also flows through this area. Famous locations include the People's Heroes Memorial Park in Zaozhuang, Linshan Pavilion, Zhongchen Hao Kiln Site, and Railway Guerrilla Memorial Park.
  • Tai'erzhuang District (台儿庄区 Tái'érzhuāngqū)— Taierzhuang District is a historical and cultural area of Zaozhuang. Scenic spots that can be visited include the famous Taierzhuang Ancient City, as well as the Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall, Taierzhuang National Canal Wetland Park, and so on. Although it is a small urban area, it has a rich historical charm. You can go and learn about the history of Taierzhuang War and other related events.
  • Shanting District (山亭区Shān tíng qū)— Due to the relatively high terrain, there are many mountain-related scenic spots in Shanting District, such as Baodugu National Forest Scenic Area, and Xiong'er Mountain Rift Valley.
  • Yicheng District(峄城区Yì Chéng Qū)It was formerly known as Yixian County, the birthplace of Zaozhuang City.The main tourist attractions include Guanshi Pomegranate Garden, Sanqin Academy, Kuangheng's Tomb, Immortal Cave and so on.Guanshi Pomegranate Garden is the largest pomegranate garden in China, which has been certified as the "Guinness Most", and is thus known as "Guanshi Pomegranate Garden".
  • Tengzhou(滕州市téng zhōu shì)—It is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province and is administered by Zaozhuang.It is one of the most beautiful ecotourism demonstration cities in China.Famous scenic spots include Weishan Lake Wetland Red Lotus Scenic Area, Longshan Mountain, Fox Mountain, Lianqing Mountain, and the Eight Scenic Spots of Guteng.

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The Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail line passes through Zaozhuang. As a city with 30 high-speed rail services, Zaozhuang Station passes through many cities in the east-west and north-south directions along the line. If you are going to cities such as Jinan or Beijing or Shanghai, you may pass through Zaozhuang.

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Zaozhuang is located on the main route from Shanghai to Beijing - the Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail line, so you can take the high-speed rail. It takes about 2.4 hours to take the high-speed rail from Beijing and 3.2 hours to depart from Shanghai. You can also take the overnight sleeper train to Beijing or Shanghai, which takes a long time and requires a transfer midway.

  • 1 Zaozhuang Station (枣庄站), +86 95105105. Zaozhuang Station is located in the middle of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway line, and it is convenient to travel to Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, or neighboring Jiangsu Province. There are several high-speed trains departing from Beijing passing through this station every day. Located in Xuecheng District, you can take the BRT bus that runs through the city right out of the station. You don't need to print your ticket and can enter/exit the station through the automatic gate with your ID card.    
  • 2 Tengzhou East Railway Station (滕州东站), Feilong Avenue, Tengzhou City. 08:00-20:00. Another high-speed railway station in Zaozhuang, it is also an important node station of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. It is very convenient to travel to Beijing, Shanghai or neighboring cities. The station is located in Tengzhou and there is no need to print out tickets, you can enter and exit the station through automatic gates with your ID card.    

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Zaozhuang has a relatively convenient Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Due to being a fourth tier city, the pricing of taxis is lower compared to first and second tier cities. However, it is now more common to use major online platforms or some convenient travel applications to call taxis. As an old city, Shizhong District has a denser population, more congested transportation compared to other urban areas, and narrower and older roads. Therefore, congestion is a serious problem in Shizhong District.

Due to being a small city, as a foreigner seeking help from passersby, it is difficult to communicate fluently with any passersby using a foreign language. If foreigners do not speak Chinese locally, communication can be difficult. Foreigners who do not speak Chinese may find it difficult to travel, but don't worry too much. If you use public transportation, the rapid transit system in Zaozhuang has been upgraded and become very advanced. The bus will come with a Chinese and English display screen and stop announcement voice, and the arrival prompt information of vehicles at each station is simple and clear. Even if you do not know Chinese, you can understand the basic arrival information of vehicles. And each bus stop has staff responsible for guiding, who can inquire about relevant information and they will be responsible for answering questions.

With the gradual development and improvement of China's sharing economy market, you can enjoy the convenience brought by the "sharing" series of products in China, such as sharing bicycles, sharing electric vehicles, and sharing cars. If you don't want to take public transportation, you can also choose to use shared bicycles for travel. This way, you can ride a shared bike to explore the corners of the entire city, and travel will be more free.

Before starting your city tour, you can print out the name of the place you want to visit in Chinese characters, or have the hotel front desk staff write it for you. When heading to a specific address, you can display the text to taxi or bus drivers for help. When arriving at a tourist attraction, there will be markings in both Chinese and English on the guide signs or tourist maps distributed within the attraction.

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Taierzhuang Ancient Town
  • 1 Taierzhuang Ancient Town (台儿庄古城) (after arriving at the Zaozhuang high-speed railway station, take the B1 bus rapid transit, and after 8 stops, get off at the Fengming Lake transfer station; afterwards, transfer to Bus B10 at Fengminghu Station, and after 5 stops, get off at the Taierzhuang Ancient City Parking Lot to reach the destination), +86 632-6679788. 08:00-17:30. ¥118 per adult, ¥59 per discounted ticket for children/students.    
  • 2 Zaozhuang Museum (枣庄博物馆), +866323312812. Closed M, Tu-Su 09:00-11:30, 14:00-17:00 (excluding statutory holidays). The Zaozhuang Municipal Museum has three basic exhibitions: the Zaozhuang historical cultural relics display, the special exhibition of cultural relics unearthed from the tombs of Xiaozhu nobles, and the Han portrait stone gallery. Travelers who are interested in the history of Zaozhuang can go to see these cultural relics exhibitions. ¥2.
  • 3 Fengming Lake (凤鸣湖), No. 2511, Guangming Avenue, Xuecheng District. You can go to Fengming Lake to enjoy the lake view. Since Fengming Lake is surrounded by Fengming Lake Park, you can also engage in any leisure and entertainment activities in the park. In late autumn, when the pink grass in the park matures, you can go and take photos.
  • 4 East Lake Park (东湖公园), Wenhua West Road, Shizhong District. A large park in Shizhong District. It is more suitable for viewing, walking and summer vacation. Many parents will take their children to play there, which is suitable for parent-child activities. You can sit on the green grass by the lake to enjoy the scenery or take photos.
  • 5 Weishan Lake Wetland Red Lotus Tourist Area (微山湖湿地红荷旅游区), Binhu Town, Tengzhou City, +86 0632-5816666. There is a very large area of wild lotus and reeds in the scenic area, as well as a certain area of purple water chestnuts and cattails. It is recommended to visit in summer and autumn. In summer, you can see a large number of wild red lotuses, and in autumn, you can see a large area of reed ponds, Di flowers and other waterside landscapes.

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Shandong Baodugu National Forest Park
  • 1 Baodugu National Forest Park (抱犊崮国家森林公园) (take BRT Bus T1 at Zaozhuang Station to the Bus Center Station, and then transfer to Bus 131 at Zaozhuang Bus Center Station to reach Baodugu Bus Station and get off). 08:00-18:00. Baodugu is a mountain peak in Zaozhuang City, located in Shanting District and also a national forest park. The mountain is steep as a wall, and the path to the top of the mountain is only one stone path, about 600 meters high, with thousands of steps. Travelers who enjoy hiking can try it out. The adult ticket is about ¥50. Students holding student ID cards, children under 1.2 meters, military personnel, and the elderly are eligible for free admission..
    Taierzhuang Ancient Town
    2 Taierzhuang Ancient City Scenic Area (台儿庄古城), Huaxing Road, Taierzhuang District. In the ancient city of Taierzhuang, there are ancient rivers, ancient wharfs, ancient Chinese water cities, Taierzhuang War Memorial Hall, cross-strait exchange base and other sightseeing spots that you can visit. It is recommended to visit on holidays or weekend nights to enjoy the lantern display. From 16:30 to 22:00, there are light shows, projection shows, fire dragon and steel performance, shadow puppet shows and other activities that you can watch and participate in.
  • 3 Hannuo Manor Scenic Area (汉诺庄园), Shanting District. 08:00-23:00. Hanno Manor is famous for grape growing and wine making. The park also provides practice venues for golf, tennis and other sports. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery, you can also learn about local history and culture by visiting the museum inside the hospital. free.
  • 4 Zaozhuang Guanshi Liuyuan Scenic Area (冠世榴园景区), Zhongxing Avenue, Yicheng District. This is a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating tourism and vacation.There are ancient sandalwood forests to visit and temples to worship, and since there are not particularly many tourists, it is suitable for distraction and climbing.Suggested pomegranate ripe season to come to play, you can pick pomegranates. It is also possible to enjoy the scenery, which takes about one afternoon. ¥32.
  • 5 Lianqingshan Scenic Area (莲青山风景区), Dongguo Town, Tengzhou City. 08:00-18:00. The main peaks that can be visited include Lotus Peak, Dasi Peak, Yunu Peak, Motian Ridge, etc.; the main canyons include Tongtian Grand Canyon, Lover's Valley, Lotus Pond Canyon, Hulutao Valley, etc. Famous caves include Peach Blossom Cave, Immortal Cave, Water Curtain Cave, etc. There are also the famous Sun Moon Lake and Lover's Lake, which are suitable for couples to travel. If you are interested in rafting, you can book the Lianqingshan rafting project in advance online.
  • 6 Weishan Lake (微山湖风景区), Binhu Town, Tengzhou City. Weishan Lake Wetland Red Lotus Tourist Scenic Area is the largest lotus viewing place in East China with pristine preservation status, the best wetland landscape and the largest lotus viewing place in China. It is known as the "Lotus Capital of China" say. The total area of the scenic spot is 90 square kilometers, and the lake area is 60 square kilometers. The area is picturesque with mountains and rivers, clear water and white sails, red lotus and green reeds, and flying gulls all year round. The main places are Panlong Island and Xiaoli Village. , Aquatic Botanical Garden, Wetland Drifting Garden, Lotus Boutique Garden, Wetland Museum and other attractions.
  • 7 Lunan Shuicheng (鲁南水城), No. 1, Xichang Middle Road, Shizhong District. Lunan Shuicheng Zaozhuang Old Street Scenic Area is a tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, vacation, ecology and sports fitness, leisure entertainment, and fun education. The scenic area covers a total area of more than 1,280 acres, including 540 acres of water surface. The area is designed in the style of "Jiangbei Water Town·Ancient Canal City". The architectural style is simple and unique, integrating Huizhou architectural style, Suzhou water street style and northern residential architectural style. There are indoor water streets inside. There are 11 water streets in the water city with 32 small bridges.
  • 8 Xiantan Mountain Tourist Area (仙坛山风景区), Provincial Highway 903, Xiwangzhuang Town, Shizhong District. The scenic area has many cultural landscapes and historical monuments, unique mountains, green trees and springs, strange rocks and caves, and complete natural vegetation protection. It was named "Shandong Forest Park" by the Shandong Provincial Forestry Department. The superior geographical location, unique geology and landforms, excellent ecological environment and rich history and culture constitute the four major tourist attractions of this scenic spot. This place was once the first of the eight scenic spots in Guyi County - Xiantan Xiaocui. The park covers an area of more than 300 acres, and has invested more than ¥30 million to build important facilities and attractions such as swimming pools, parking lots, fishing grounds, wooden corridors, bonsai viewing areas, and root carving display areas.
  • 9 Xiong'er Mountain Great Rift Valley (熊耳山大裂谷), Beizhuang Town, Shanting District. It is a scenic spot with Xiong'er Mountain as the main body and integrating natural landscapes such as Chu Valley, Shuanglong Rift Valley, Crouching Tiger Cave, Longzhu Cliff, and collapse geological disaster relics. You can choose from a variety of tour routes when hiking, depending on the attractions you want to visit. You can also enjoy the lake, which is a summer resort. ¥49.9.
  • 10 Liucun Liyuan (刘村梨园), Tengzhou City. Liucun Liyuan is an ecological pear garden built with the background of exploring the pear garden culture. It includes ten landscape units and 24 special attractions, including the tribute pear picking garden, riverside scenery garden, and wetland amusement park. If you want to enjoy flower viewing, it is recommended that you visit in April, where you can see large-scale pear blossoms in bloom. If you want to pick fruits with your family, you can choose September.

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  • 1 Guicheng Shopping Center, +86 632-4412038. 09:00-10:00. A large shopping mall that has many brands and is a good place for shopping.
  • 2 Xinhua Market, Gongsheng Street, Shizhong District. 09:00-10:00. Xinhua Market is a large commodity market in Zaozhuang. It has a wide variety of commodities and is a good place to shop for goods.
  • 3 Guicheng Shopping Center, Yicheng District, +86 632-7785009. 09:00-10:00. Zaozhuang Guicheng Shopping Center is a modern commercial group integrating department stores, supermarkets, chain operations, logistics and distribution, agricultural supplies, agricultural products, automobile sales, catering, and foreign trade.
  • 4 Ginza Mall, Jianhua Road, Shizhong District. 09:00-10:00.
  • 5 Zaozhuang Shopping Center, No. 52, Junshan Middle Road, Shizhong District. 09:00-10:00.
  • 6 True Love Mall, Jinghe West Road, Tengzhou City. 09:00-10:00.

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Zaozhuang Spicy Chicken
  • 1 Zaozhuang Spicy Chicken (枣庄辣子鸡) (take the T1BRT bus from Zaozhuang High Speed Rail Station to the Unicom Transfer Center Bus Station, then transfer to the No. 25 bus to the Human Resources Center Bus Station, where you can see the store), +86 632-3090088. 11:30-21:30. Spicy chicken is one of the representative classic dishes in Zaozhuang. As its name suggests, if you are interested in spicy chicken, you can try this dish. If you are not very spicy, you can choose a slightly spicy flavor. Usually, potato chips are added to this dish for cooking, and when added to the sauce of spicy chicken, the potato taste is dry, crispy, and unique. Usually, they are paired with unique pastries, which is a preferred pairing method for many stores. About ¥60.  
  • 2 Shanting Mutton Soup (山亭羊肉汤), Near Zaozhuang Martial Arts School, Shiling South Road, Shizhong District. 05:00-14:00. Mutton soup is one of Zaozhuang's specialties. This is a representative and popular time-honored mutton soup restaurant. In addition to the mutton soup, there are also various cold dishes to choose from in the store, such as cold mutton. Travelers who like to eat mutton can go and try it. About ¥51 per person.
  • 3 Tengzhou vegetable pancakes (滕州菜煎饼). 10:00-21:30. As a special delicacy of Zaozhuang, vegetable pancakes are also one of the representative foods. It is made by adding various vegetables, eggs, ham and other foods to pancakes. It has a crispy texture and can be served as a meal or snack. About ¥10 per person.
  • 4 Taierzhuang Huanghua Beef Noodles (台儿庄黄花牛肉面). 08:00-21:30. As a specialty delicacy in Taierzhuang District, Huanghua Beef Noodles is also one of the representative delicacies. The hand-made noodles have a hard texture. Beef, day lily and meat made from a unique secret recipe are combined with the noodle soup to create a bowl of yellow flower beef noodles with a unique taste. Travelers who like to eat noodles can go and try it. About ¥15 per person.

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  • 1 Ashui Big Cup Tea (阿水大杯茶), Jipin Street, Shizhong District, +86 10-68091017. 10:00-02:00. It is a unique tea beverage brand in Shandong, with one or two Ah Shui Da Cup tea shops located on almost every street in Zaozhuang. ¥9 per person.
  • 2 Luckin coffee (瑞幸咖啡), No. 9-1, Xing'an Street, Wenhua Road Street, Shizhong District, +86 4000100100. 08:00-21:00. It is a Chinese chain coffee brand. Its signature drinks include: raw coconut latte, raw cheese latte, jasmine latte, etc. ¥20 per person.
  • 3 ChaPanda (茶百道), No. 135, Building 10, Jippin Commercial Street, Bunka Rd, +86 19163213173. 09:30-22:30. It is a local tea drink chain brand in China. Its signature drinks include: grape jelly fruit tea, large cup fruit tea, strawberry cheese milk tea, etc. ¥15 per person.
  • 4 COCO (coco都可). COCO is one of the chain beverage stores in China and also has a branch in Zaozhuang. Signature drinks include Taro Milk Tea with Sago, Bubble Gaga, andPanda Milk Tea

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  • 1 Zaozhuang Kaiyuan Fengming Villa, No. 1, Guishan Ring Road, High-tech Zone. Zaozhuang Kaiyuan Fengming Villa Hotel is located in Fengming Villa, where you can enjoy the scenery of the villa. Opposite is Fengming Park where you can go for a walk or enjoy the lake view. It is also close to the high-speed rail station and the transportation is more convenient. It provides car rental and ride-hailing services, concierge services, laundry services, and also provides facilities such as sports fields, shopping malls, gardens, cafes, and multi-purpose halls.
  • 2 Zaozhuang Taizhuang Mansion, Taierzhuang District. Chinese and Western restaurants. The spa provides a variety of stress-relieving and calming recuperation services, including Chinese massage, massage and a full range of beauty and aromatherapy.
  • 3 Zaozhuang Zhengshengyuan Hotel, Taierzhuang District. The dishes provided by the hotel are mainly Huaiyang cuisine and local specialties.
  • 4 Wyndham Grand Zaozhuang, No. 3888, Huanghe East Road, Xuecheng District.
  • 5 Tengzhou Hotel, East end of Xueyuan Road, Longquan Middle Road, Tengzhou City. A high-end business hotel.
  • 6 Binjiang International Hotel, No. 169 Jiefang East Road, Tengzhou City. The restaurant has private rooms of different sizes. High-end fitness center, large bathing center, spa, KTV, tennis court, executive lounge, red wine and cigar bar and other leisure and recreational facilities.
  • 7 Taierzhuang Qingyuyuan Junting Hotel, No. 2, Kangning Road, Taierzhuang District.
  • 8 Shunhe Zaozhuang Hotel, Shizhong District. The guest rooms are equipped with domestic and international direct dial telephones, broadband, closed-circuit television, central air conditioning. The Chinese and Western restaurants serve Shandong, Sichuan, Cantonese, Hangzhou and other cuisines as well as local flavor dishes.
  • 9 Yizhou Hotel, West end of Chengshui Road, Liuyuan Road, Yicheng District. Zaozhuang Yizhou Hotel is at the foot of Guanshi Liuyuan Garden, at the west end of Chengshui Road, and close to National Highway 206; surrounded by mountains and rivers. The room provides 24-hour hot water, central air conditioning, separate shower room, etc. The hotel is also equipped with restaurants of different styles.
  • 10 Mugla Hotel.

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