Lakeview is a town of 2,400 people (2020) in eastern Oregon. The city bills itself as the "Tallest Town in Oregon" because of its elevation, 4,802 feet (1,464 m) above sea level. It is part of the "Oregon Outback", attracting tourist, sportsmen, and outdoors enthusiasts. Local attractions include fishing, birdwatching, camping, hang gliding, paragliding, hiking, rockhounding, hunting, and nature viewing.

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Lakeview dots in the Goose Lake Valley at the foot of the Warner Mountains and at the edge of Oregon's high desert country. Its economy is based on agriculture, lumber production, and government activities. Oregon's Outback Scenic Byway passes through Lakeview along Highway 395.

It is 13 miles north of the California state line, in a region known as the Oregon Outback.

  • Lake County Chamber of Commerce, 126 North E St, +1 541 947-6040. M-F 9AM-5PM. Stop by to pick up post cards and tourist information. Visit website for self-guided walking tours of Lakeview and other places in Lake County.



Summers are hotter than western Oregon during the daytime, but nights are always cool and rare frosts can occur during July. Little rainfall occurs during the summers; winters are cold and frequently severe because of the latitude and elevation, although snowfall can sometimes be heavy.

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Map of Lakeview (Oregon)

U.S. Route 395 from the north and south, and Oregon Route 140 from the east and west. There is no scheduled train or bus service.

By road, the nearest incorporated cities are Klamath Falls, Oregon, 96 miles (154 km) west of Lakeview; Bend, Oregon, 175 miles (282 km) to the northwest; Burns, Oregon, 139 miles (224 km) to the northeast; Winnemucca, Nevada, 211 miles (340 km) to the southeast; and Alturas, California, 54 miles (87 km) south of Lakeview.

Lakeview is 96 mi (154 km) from the passenger train station in Klamath Falls.

The Lake County Airport is 3 miles (5 km) southwest of the Lakeview's downtown area. It is a public airport owned by Lake County residents.

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Get acquainted with Lakeview by walking the downtown area. Except for some businesses on the west side of town (mostly along N 4th Street/SR 140) and the south side (along US 395), most retail establishments are within the grid bounded by E, G, N 4th, and S 2nd Streets.

Except for some of the newer areas on the west side of town, most streets are numbered (for streets going east and west) and lettered (north-south). The use of compass directions in addresses can be initially confusing:

  • There are no east-west designations in address numbers: streets start at the edge of the mountain to the east of town, with addresses increasing to the west.
  • Center Street runs east and west. Streets parallel to it have North or South as part of the street name. For instance, 700 S 9th St. would be 1 block west of 600 S 9th St., on an east-west street that is 9 blocks south of Center.
  • On lettered streets, North and South are part of the address number: For instance, 123 S G St. would be in the second block south of Center Street.
MC Chuckwagon & Western Heritage Exhibit
  • 1 MC Chuckwagon Western Heritage Exhibit, 330 N F Street (at N 4th). 24 hours daily. Museum housing artifacts from the MC Ranch, in Adel, OR. All exhibits are visible from outside, through windows in the building. Free.
  • Lakeview is also known for the hot water geyser, Old Perpetual, at Hunter's Hot Springs. The geyser sometimes goes "silent" from about the first of September until around mid-October.
  • 2 Schminck Memorial Museum, 128 S E St, +1 541 947-3134. Limited hours; closed winter. 5,000 items, including pioneer quilts & artifacts. $4.
  • 3 Lake County Museum, 118 S E St, +1 541 947-2220, . May–Oct: W–Sa noon–4PM, closed Nov–Apr. Historical records, photos, cultural artifacts. Genealogical research assistance available at the museum or by phone. $3.
  • In the summer, the Fremont–Winema National Forest's Lakeview District provides outdoor recreation opportunities. The Lakeview District has 22 trails open to mountain bike riders. All those trails and more are available for hiking. The national forest has lakes and streams available for sport fishing. There are also camping and picnic sites near Lakeview.
  • 1 Warner Canyon Ski Area, 1301 South G St, +1 541-947-5001. The ski hill is in the Fremont–Winema National Forest 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Lakeview on Oregon Route 140. Snowmobiles are also popular during winter.    
  • Lakeview is known as one of the best places in North America for hang-gliding and paragliding, and was designated "the Hang Gliding Capital of the West" in 1991. The national championships for hang-gliding were held in Lakeview in 1993, 1997, 2000, and 2008, while the national championships for paragliding were held in Lakeview in 1998 and 2007.





Lakeview is not a major shopping destination, with many residents making the 192-mile round trip to Klamath Falls for their major shopping for non-food household and personal items.

  • 1 Bureau of Land Management, Lakeview District, 1301 S G St (US Rte 395), +1 541 947-2177. Recreational information and a wide variety of maps (including many that are not advertised on their web site) for sale.
  • 39er Card and Bargain Store, 15 N E St., +1 541 947-3998. School supplies, variety goods, notions. They are famous for their greeting cards, all of which cost 39 cents.





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