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Outback Queensland is the inner west desert expanse of Queensland.

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Map of Outback Queensland

This is a vast and desolate region. Don't be fooled by the number of towns listed; there are no major population centres in this part of Australia, and human habitations can be hundreds of kilometres apart or more.

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Queensland's main population centres are on the coast, and the arid western part is very sparsely populated. If you venture off the beaten track you will find wide open grazing lands and open cast mining.

Get inEdit

It will take a while to drive into this region, and if you do a 4x4 is recommended due to the nature of much of the road network here.

Flying is also possible with QantasLink flying smaller planes into the main mining towns from Brisbane. Airports include Birdsville Airport (BVI IATA), Blackall Airport (BKQ IATA), Charleville Airport (CTL IATA), Cunnamulla Airport (CMA IATA), Burketown Airport (BUC IATA), Longreach Airport (LRE IATA), Thargomindah Airport (XTG IATA), Winton Airport (WIN IATA).

Some of the towns are visited by trains, although it may be with a frequency of twice a week so plan ahead!

Get aroundEdit

The only consistent way of getting around all towns is via car, but some of the larger towns are served by train too, but it's not an efficient way of getting around.


Wild kangaroo
  • Picturesque remote rural communities are found across the vast expanse of outback.


Hiking in the Outback can always be different and while trekking in the summer will be boiling, while in the winter it'll be cold, but not as cold as Outback New South Wales. Better do it in autumn or spring, but sill it's hot then.


Country food in Australia is simple and generally consists of steaks, lamb chops, beef and other basics. However, it can be difficult for a vegetarian to find a decent meal in many outback towns because many rural Australians just do not get this "urban affliction". It is always wise to pinpoint the supermarket and stock up on fruit, vegetables and other vegetarian staples. Be aware, however, that prices for fresh food are likely to be higher as the food has had to travel quite a way and fuel costs are factored into the food.

"Pub grub" is a fairly easy and quick meal for travellers. If it includes a smorgasbord, there should be enough to satisfy all dietary types. Chips, hamburgers and basic fried items are fairly staple pub grub but you will also find some pubs are more innovative and carry local cuisine.


Every small settlement will have a local pub.

Stay safeEdit

See the Australian Outback article for more general advice.

The obvious danger of travel in this region is having a vehicle breakdown or getting lost. Prepare for such an eventuality and remember to stay with your vehicle rather than trying to go for help.

There are poisonous snakes, but these are likely to avoid you unless you surprise them. Be careful when walking through any vegetation and looking under rocks.

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