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Pasay is a city in Metro Manila. Just south of Manila, this city houses the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which serves the region, and the Bay City development which hosts SM Mall of Asia, also part of Manila's tourist area. Pasay displays huge contrasts, from the relative sterility of the Bay City development to the urban blight in the rest of the city. The relative lack of sights make this rather a minor destination, except for spots like SM Mall of Asia and Star City, all within the more stable Bay City area, built on land reclaimed from Manila Bay.

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Pasay's growth is generally connected to Manila's outward expansion.

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Around EDSA Rotunda

The city is roughly divided by Roxas Boulevard into two parts, showing sharp contrasts. The Reclamation Area is the more sterile part of Pasay, where the obvious visitor attractions are found; east of it is the rest of the city which is a concrete jungle, a mix of high-rise condominiums, multistory apartments, ordinary one to two-story houses, and rickety slum residences. EDSA Rotunda is an area at the interchange between Lines 1 and 3 and a land transport hub, also seedy not only for street vendors and petty crime, but also for prostitution and a row of no-tell motels, lending its reputation as a red-light district outside Manila city proper. The southeastern corner of Pasay contains Villamor Airbase, Newport City, and the airport.

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Main article: Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport lies in the southern part of Pasay.

Terminal 1 is principally used by the majority of international carriers; Terminal 2 is exclusively used by Philippine Airlines flights (domestic or international). Terminal 3 is used by Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines (some domestic flights), Air Asia, ANA, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, KLM, and Singapore Airlines. Terminal 4 is used by domestic carriers using smaller aircraft.

There are yellow airport meter taxis waiting outside the arrival areas, each dispatched when one departs. Beware of scams, especially those using a device that tampers the meter (batingting), and insist on using the meter.

White taxis are not officially sanctioned by NAIA, but their drivers are more honest, with a base fare of ₱30. But most only serve the departure area, and are not allowed to pick up passengers.

By bus edit

Pasay is served by these numbered bus routes since June 2020:

  • Route E EDSA Carousel: A BRT-like service which plies EDSA, and supplements MRT operations.
  • Route 2 Monumento-PITX: Runs from Monumento in Caloocan via Navotas and Roxas Boulevard.
  • Route 6 Quezon Avenue-EDSA-Taft: Travels from the intersection of EDSA and Quezon Avenue via Manila's University Belt and Taft Avenue
  • Route 17 Monumento-EDSA/Taft: North-south route ending at Pasay Rotonda that supplements LRT Line 1 operations.
  • Route 18 PITX-NAIA loop: Airport shuttle route which runs clockwise via EDSA and Andrews Avenue. Buses stop at Mall of Asia and the Pasay Rotonda.

As of 2021, provincial buses from both north and south no longer terminate at Pasay; those now terminate at North Luzon Express Terminal (NLET) in Bocaue, Araneta City Bus Port in Cubao, Quezon City or Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) in Parañaque.

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Pasay is the at terminus of the LRT Line 1 (LRT-1) and MRT Line 3 (MRT-3).

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For public transportation you may use [formerly dead link] , it will show you commute directions to your destination. However, note that some routes are not up-to-date.

Jeepneys are the main form of transportation in Pasay, just check the front and side signs displaying route & destination info. Additionally, there are tricycles & tuktuks available but be mindful of potential price gouging as fares shouldn't exceed ₱200.

Even for locals, public transportation isn't the safest and most comfortable. Using ride-hail apps for cars or motorcycles are still the best options.

As with most of Metro Manila, it is inadvisable to drive around Pasay due to heavy traffic, limited parking options, and aggressive street behavior amongst local motorists. The major thoroughfares are EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, Gil Puyat Avenue, Taft Avenue, Macapagal Boulevard, Arnaiz Avenue, and Harrison Avenue, however, congestion along these routes continues to worsen and remain troublesome without viable alternatives present.

See edit

  • 1 Cultural Center of the Philippines, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, +63 288321125. 8AM-10PM. Straddling the boundary with Manila, this building complex showcases Filipino performing arts and culture. The area is also popular for jogging, and families often have picnics here, especially on weekends.  
    • 2 Tanghalang Pambansa, Roxas Boulevard. A giant Brutalist theater building that is the center of the CCP complex. It is built in 1969, and the architecture is designed by Filipino architect Leandro Locsin. It houses four theatres for different performance genres.    
    • 3 Harbour Square. Surrounded by a variety of dining shops, offering a diverse culinary experience. Visitors can enjoy a picturesque view that showcases yachts from the Manila Yacht Club against the stunning backdrop of the Manila skyline. A perfect spot for relaxation and appreciation of the city's charm.
  • 4 GSIS Building (Senate Building), Jose W. Diokno Boulevard. A significant landmark hosting both the Senate of The Philippines and the Senate Museum. Art enthusiasts can see the GSIS Museo ng Sining (GSIS Museum of Art), which showcases a diverse collection of artworks by Filipino artists from the colonial to contemporary period. The museum not only displays historical pieces but also serves as an exhibition space for contemporary Filipino artists.  
  • 5 Philippine International Convention Center, PICC Complex, +63287894789. 9AM-5PM. the venue of the 1994 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in Manila.  
  • 6 Coconut Palace (Tahanang Pilipino), F. Ma Guerrero Street, PICC Complex. Coconut lumber & shells were used for this octagonal government building & some of its furniture.  
  • 7 Manila Film Center (Amazing Theater Show), Atang Dela Rama Street, +638348871. 8PM-9PM. Foreigner ₱1,500; local ₱700.00.  
  • 8 The Dessert Museum, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, +639662106010. 10AM-10PM. Offbeat museum showcasing large, colorful sculptures of dessert items, plus sweets to sample.  
  • 9 SM MOA Eye, Seaside Blvd, +63 285560680. 4PM-midnight. Riders of this huge Mall of Asia Ferris wheel with night lighting can take in city & bay views.
  • 10 SM Mall of Asia Globe, MoA Globamaze, Globe Rotunda. Open 24 hours.
  • 11 J.W. Roadway Bridge, J.W. Diokno Bridge, Libertad Channel. Open 24 hours. Go here during the morning and the afternoon for the stunning view of the area. Free.
  • 12 Two E-Com Center, Harbor Drive corner Bayshore Avenue. Open 24 hours. one of the beautiful buildings in the Philippines. Free.

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  • 1 Mall of Asia Arena (MOA Arena), Jose W. Diokno Boulevard. A large outdoor arena that serves as an alternative venue for Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) games, most concerts, and theatrical performances.    
  • 2 SM By the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex. This amusement park offers a delightful experience with a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and other thrilling rides. Adjacent to it is an esplanade overlooking Manila Bay, providing a stunning view for witnessing the sunsets. Along the area, visitors will find a plethora of dining options to savor, making it an ideal destination for a fun-filled day with scenic views and delectable meals. ₱50-200.
  • 3 Star City, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex (alight on LRT-1 Vito Cruz station), +63 2 8832 3249. Th F M-10PM, Sa Su 1-10PM. The only indoor, air-conditioned amusement park in the Philippines, with over 30 attractions and rides including rollercoasters such as the Star Flyer - the first inverted coaster in the Philippines. Plus, enjoy the country's largest permanent ice entertainment area, Snow World. Within the amusement park complex, you can also find the Aliw and Star Theatres. Ride pass + Snow World = ₱859; Ride pass only = ₱699.    
  • 4 Manila Bay Breakwater, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard. Open 24 hours. Stunning view of Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard's Skyline, Bataan Province. Free.

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Flea market edit

  • 1 Cartimar Shopping Center. Similar to Manila's famous Divisoria, this bustling shopping area specializes in selling imitation products of well-known brands, primarily shoes, often imported from China. Here, visitors can explore a plethora of shops offering a wide range of affordable options. Besides the imitation goods, the area also hosts pet stores and plant shops, catering to those in search of even the most exotic supplies.

Malls edit

  • 2 SM Mall of Asia (MOA), . 10AM-10PM. This enormous mall was constructed on reclaimed land. It features a wide array of mid-range and high-end stores and restaurants. In addition to shopping, the mall offers various attractions, including a large arena that frequently hosts concerts, a science museum with numerous interactive exhibits, a convention center, and even an ice skating rink. Behind the mall, overlooking Manila Bay, you'll find the theme park 'MOA by the Bay'.  
  • 3 Newport Mall, Newport Blvd, +63 2 7908-8888. 11AM-7PM. This mall offers a high-end shopping experience with luxury shops and dining. Located within the mall is the Newport Performing Arts Theatre, known for its musicals and various events. Additionally, there is a casino for those who enjoy gaming. Surrounding the mall, you'll find prestigious hotels such as Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton. Conveniently, these hotels are connected by a bridgeway, allowing you to move between them without having to step outside and experience the heat, as the entire area is air-conditioned for your comfort.
  • 4 DoubleDragon Plaza at DD Meridian Park, 24 Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, +63 288294884. 10AM-11PM.
  • 5 MET Live, Metro Park, EDSA Extension corner Pres, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, +63 285541062. 11AM-8PM.
  • 6 Blue Bay Walk, Metropolitan Park Bldg., Macapagal Boulevard corner EDSA Extension, +63 9209014270. 7AM-10PM.

Eat edit

  • 1 Varona Vegetarian Health Foods, 2008 Leveriza Street, Pasay City, +63 525 0389, +63 2 5367426. A canteen that caters to vegetarians and vegans, offering plenty of delightful options. With a focus on plant-based cuisine, visitors can indulge in a variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. Additionally, they also boast an extensive selection of high-quality mock-meats, providing a diverse range of meat alternatives for those seeking a flavorful plant-based experience.
  • 2 Seaside Dampa, Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard. a popular seafood market, visitors can explore the market and purchase their desired seafood. For added convenience, there are nearby restaurants that offer cooking services, allowing you to have your freshly bought seafood prepared to your liking. Moreover, the area boasts some lively bars and KTV spots, providing ample entertainment options for a fun-filled evening after indulging in delicious seafood delights.
  • 3 The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp, Roxas Boulevard, +63 2 832 0658. 11AM-3PM, 6-11PM. At this restaurant, you'll be immersed in an ambiance of joy and constant singing from the passionate cooks and waiters, creating a truly unique and lively atmosphere. Indulge in delicious Filipino cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds and showcases the country's rich culinary heritage. The staff goes above and beyond, frequently joining guests on the floor, singing, and dancing, epitomizing the genuine Filipino hospitality.
  • 4 Tramway Bayview Buffet, 1600 Roxas Boulevard, +63 285360401. 11AM-9:30PM.
  • 5 Tropical Hut, Ground Floor, Star City, Vicente Sotto Street, +63 288318824. 6AM-9:30PM.
  • 6 Lee's Korean Restaurant, Manila Film Centre, Atang Dela Rama Street, +639158353590. Open 24 hours.
  • 7 Seascape Village (Seafood Restaurant), Atang Dela Rama corner Zoilo Hilario Streets, +63 286409955. 10AM-12:30AM.
  • 8 Buffet 101, Bldg K, Seaside Blvd, San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Bldg K, SM by the Bay Seaside Blvd, +63 285563888. 10AM-10PM.
  • 9 La Fiesta Buffet Restaurant, Seaside Blvd. 10AM-10PM.
  • 10 Vikings Buffet Restaurant, By the Bay, MOA Complex, +63 9175653888. 11am-10pm.
  • 11 Alba Restaurante Español, Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Prism Plaza, Two-E Com Center, +63 288088210. 10AM-10PM.
  • 12 House of Wagyu Stone Grill, 4th Level, Two E-Com Center, 1300 Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, +63 285538437. 11AM-10PM.
  • 13 Burger King, Two E-Com Ground Floor, Tower A, Two E-Com Center Harbor Drive, corner Palm Coast Ave Drive,, +63 288561662. Open 24 hours.
  • 14 TGI Fridays, North Wing Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, +63288219166. 10AM-9PM.
  • 15 Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant, Lot 3 & 4, CBP, 1 Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, +63285567525. 11AM-10PM.

Drink edit

  • 1 House Manila, B1, Holiday Inn Express, +63 936 770 1298. M-Sa 5PM-2AM. an electrifying nightlife experience at the nightclub within Newport World Resorts, conveniently located just steps away from the hotels. A popular choice among travelers staying in the area, this vibrant nightclub awaits you at the basement of the Holiday Inn Express.
  • 2 Ellipsis, Menlo Street, . 6M-3AM. A recently opened nightclub, a favorite hotspot among college students, particularly those from the nearby De La Salle University. This vibrant venue comes alive on weekends and days leading up to holidays, drawing crowds seeking an exciting and lively nightlife experience.
  • 3 The Pub Manila, Atang Dela Rama Street (Manila Film Center), +63 9569230460. 5PM-2AM. LGBTQ+ friendly place.
  • 4 Hard Rock Cafe Manila, Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, 1300 Coral Way, +63 289909809. Noon-midnight.  
  • 5 TGI Fridays, North Wing Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, +63 288219166. 10AM-9PM.
  • 6 BLVCK CAFE SM by the Bay, Seaside Boulevard, . 10AM-10:30PM.
  • 7 The Pad (Padi's Point), SM Mall of Asia, MOA, San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Seaside Blvd, +63 289869610. 1-10PM.
  • 8 Giligan's, San Miguel By The Bay, Seaside Boulevard, +63 9228629315. 10AM-11PM. with restaurant.

Sleep edit

  • 1 Copacabana Apartments, 264 EDSA Extension, +63 2 8851 8888, fax: +63 2-831-4344. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. Copacabana Apartment Manila Hotel is the pioneer in the serviced apartment industry. Established in the early 1970s, this Manila hotel carries with it a long history of quality service and dedication to excellence. Light sleepers should be warned: the EDSA Extension is one of the major highways in the southern Metro area and motor traffic will be audible even on the top floors, particularly on weekends. From US$50.
  • 2 The Heritage Hotel Manila, Roxas Blvd corner EDSA,, +63 2 8548888, fax: +63 2 8548833. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. A five-star deluxe hotel, it is minutes away from the international and domestic airports, business hubs; convention centres and SM Mall of Asia, the largest shopping mall in the Philippines.
  • 3 Kabayan Hotel Pasay, #2878 Zamora St. corner Edsa, Rotonda, +63 2 702-2700. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. It offers 253 air-conditioned rooms, all equipped with cable TV, private toilet and bath, telephone, and bedside control panel. Some of its facilities and services are restaurants, function/meeting rooms, business center with Internet facility, room service & laundry, and massage service. Near Metro Point Mall. From ₱1175.
  • 4 Midas Hotel and Casino (formerly Hyatt Regency Manila), 2702 Roxas Boulevard, +63 2 902 0100. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. A/C rooms equipped with cable television, private balcony, shower with bathub, hair dryer, phone and wi-fi internet access. Some of its facilities and services are airport and city transportation service, cafe and parking. From ₱4220.  
  • 5 Park, Bed, and Breakfast, 733 Woods Street corner EDSA, +63 2 8894 2593. It offers 75 affordably cozy rooms, all equipped with air-conditioner, cable TV, mini-bar, Internet access, coffee/tea maker, private toilet and bath, and a telephone. Some of its facilities and services are airport and city transfers, business center, car rental, restaurant, massage service, and valet parking. From ₱1021.
  • 6 Pinoy Pamilya Hotel, 2897 F. B. Harrison cor. Cuneta Ave, +63 2 702 2700. It offers air-conditioned rooms, all equipped with cable TV, Internet connection, IDD/NDD telephone, mini-refrigerator, and a coffee/tea maker. Some of its facilities and services include Wi-Fi Internet access, coffee shop, room service, massage service, and room service. From ₱1437.
  • 7 Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (formerly the Westin Philippine Plaza), CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, +632-8-573-5555, fax: +632-832-6932, . At a bayside area within the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex.    
  • 8 Lime Resort Manila, Seascape Village, CCP Complex, Atang Dela Rama Street, +63 9701111117. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon.
  • 9 TRYP by Wyndham Mall of Asia Manila, MOA Complex, Seaside Boulevard, Corner J.W. Diokno Blvd, +63 288408000. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon.
  • 10 Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, +63 288339999. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon.  
  • 11 Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia, Coralway Avenue corner Seaside Boulevard Mall of Asia Complex, +63 284033333. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon.
  • 12 The Henry Hotel Manila, 2680 Compound, 2680 F.B. Harrison Street, +63 288078888. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon.
  • 13 Citadines Bay City Manila, Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard corner Coral Way, +63 288668100. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon.  

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Parañaque, another city, is not too far from the airport.

Routes through Pasay (by car)
CubaoMakati  N   S  END
Becomes    N   S  ParañaqueBecomes  to Las Piñas
ErmitaMalate  N   S  Becomes  
ErmitaMalate  N   S  END
END  W   E  → Jct   Makati

Routes through Pasay (by rapid transit)
ENDBaclaran  S   N  MalateErmita
END  S   N  Makati (interchange with   Cubao

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