prefecture-level city in Shandong, China

Rizhao (日照 Rìzhào) is a seaport city of 1.5 million people in the urban area (2020) on the coast south of Qingdao in in the southeast of Shandong.

Understand edit

Rizhao has two natural harbors, Shibaiwan and Fotanwan, and Rizhao and Lanshan harbors, which are known as "Water Sports Capital" and "Oriental Sun City". Rizhao has won the UN Habitat Award for its excellent environment. Rizhao is also an important economic center in Shandong Province, known for its port, petrochemical, coal and power industries.

Rizhao, named after "the first light of the sunrise", is located in the middle section of China's main coastal axis. At the end of 2022, the city had a resident population of almost 3 million people.

Rizhao City belonged to the East Barbarians during the Xia and Shang Dynasties, and was one of the birthplaces of the Longshan culture.

Climate edit

Rizhao has a temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and a mild, humid climate. There is no record of typhoon landfall. The average annual temperature in Rizhao is 12.6℃, the average temperature in winter is 0.5℃, and the average temperature in summer is 23.9℃; the average annual precipitation is 813mm; and the frost-free period is 213 days.

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Get in edit

By plane edit

The nearest international airport is Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport in Qingdao. Direct bus services operate between the airport and Rizhao: the journey time is around 1.5 hours.

Rizhao also has a small airport of its own, which handles domestic flights. Flights to Rizhao are available from Beijing, Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Haikou, Harbin, Hangzhou, Kunming, Nanchang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Xi'an and Xiamen.

  • 1 Rizhao Shanzihe Airport (日照山字河机场), Shanzihe, Houcun Town, Donggang District (东港区后村镇山字河) (special bus services convey passengers between the airport and the city; if you don't have much luggage, you can also catch public bus no. c106, though that bus only operates between 06:00 and 17:50), +86 633 7999996 (enquiries), +86 633 7999999 (ticket sales).    

By rail edit

Rizhao has two railway stations. The older more centrally-located Rizhao Station serves regular trains while the West Station in the western suburbs serves high-speed trains.

  • 2 Rizhao Railway Station (日照站), 1 Haibin 5th Road, Donggang District (东港区海滨五路1号) (there is a bus stop outside the station, which is served by routes 1, 8, 11, 22, 33, 44, and c307). Serves regular-speed (K-class) trains.
  • 3 Rizhao West Railway Station (日照西站), Tianjin Road, Donggang District (东港区天津路) (bus routes 15, 17, 22, 40, 55, c106, c201, c205, c208, c212, c216, c301, c306, c501, c503, c505路支线 (branch route), c508, c512, c515, c536, k1, k2 and k3). Serves high-speed trains.

Drive a car edit

To get to Rizhao by car you can choose the China Highway to reach Rizhao.

  • Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (G2): Beijing-Shanghai Expressway runs through Shandong Province and passes through Rizhao City, which is an important highway connecting Beijing and Shanghai. It can reach Rizhao City.
  • (Shandong)Qingdao-Rizhao Expressway (G3W): this is the expressway connecting Qingdao and Rizhao, making it easy to travel from Qingdao to Rizhao.
  • (Shandong)Jinan-Rizhao Expressway (G3W2): connects Jinan and Rizhao, a high-speed channel from the provincial capital of Jinan directly to Rizhao.
  • (Shandong)Binzhou-Rizhao Expressway (G2516): This expressway connects Binzhou and Rizhao, providing an expressway from the Binzhou area to the city of Rizhao.

By bus edit

  • 4 Rizhao Bus Terminal (日照汽车总站), Tianjin Road West, Donggang District (东港区天津路西段) (next door to Rizhao West Railway Station). Rizhao's main long-distance bus station.

Public bicycle edit

There are 5,600 public bicycles in Rizhao City. You can use them after registering. It is free to use within one hour. If you use it for more than one hour, you need to pay an additional fee.

Get around edit

The prefecture-level city of Rizhao is highlighted on this map of Shandong province, People's Republic of China.

By taxi edit

Rizhao taxi costs ¥6 for trips less than 3 km, 3 km to up 7 km ¥1.5/km, 7 km and up ¥2.25/km; the return price is at 50% on the operating price. The return mileage is 7 km. An additional fuel surcharge of ¥1/vehicle/time will be charged.

Rizhao Taxi also provides taxi-hailing services. There are a total of 3 taxi calling platforms and 5 calling numbers in Rizhao City, +86-633-8333444, +86-633-8888811, +86-633-3945678, 0633-2222511, +86-633-2179999. Among them, +86-633-2179999 has a GPS system and involves a large number of taxis. It is more convenient to be able to get out of the car in time according to the needs of passengers.

By bus edit

There are more than 555 operating vehicles and 38 operating lines in Rizhao. The bus line network has covered Rizhao City, Shijiu City, New City, Rizhao Development Zone, and Shanhaitian Tourist Resort, which can basically meet the travel needs of the general public. +83 633-8227443 Price: ¥1/person. Rizhao Bus Network operates between 06:10 and 19:00.

Rizhao Railway Station has buses to various attractions:

  • No. 8 can go to Taohua Island and Wangjiazao, turn to No.35 at Wangjiazao, and No. 36 can reach Renjiatai and Forest Park.
  • No. 1 station can go to Rizhao Lighthouse and Donggang District Government;
  • There is a tourist express line at the lighthouse station, covering many scenic spots. The route is: lighthouse—sailing base—Wanpingkou—Wangjiazao Beach—Peach Blossom Island Style Garden—Forest Park.

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Scenic areas edit

    Rizhao Wanpingkou Seaside Scenic Area
    1 Binhai Park (滨海公园), North Head of Bihai Road, Donggang District (self-drive or taxi). 24 hr. free.
  • 2 Rizhao Wanpingkou Seaside Scenic Area (日照万平口海滨风景区), No. 398, Haiqu East Road, Donggang District. 24 hr. Wanpingkou Seaside Scenic Area is the largest scenic spot in the city, with a coastline of 5,000 meters and an area of 7.6 million square meters. free.
  • 3 Rizhao Zhudongtian Scenic Area (日照竹洞天风景区), Haiqu West Road, Donggang District (go west along the winding road along the Wanpingkou Scenic Area to Yandunling Gas Station, turn left and continue for 2,500 m to reach the scenic area (17 km)). 08:00-17:00. There are more than 100 bamboo varieties growing in the scenic area, including moso bamboo, light bamboo, spotted bamboo, ruo bamboo, purple bamboo, steel bamboo, and golden inlaid polygonatum. At the same time, there is a special bamboo variety display area. ¥35.
  • 4 Yellow Sea Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area (黄海九寨沟风景区), National Highway 204, 5 km south of Taoluo. 08:00-16:00. The scenic area has a planned area of 20 m². There are 99 mountains, 99 ditches, 72 springs, and 108 scenic spots distributed in the scenic area, including Deng Mountain. ¥60.
  • 5 FuLaiShan scenic spot (浮来山风景区), No. 1001, Fulai West Road, Fulaishan Street (in the west of Ju County, Rizhao City, about 8 km away from the county seat). 08:00-17:00. Fulai Mountain, also known as Fuqiu, has an altitude of 298.9 meters and covers an area of about 10 m². The main attractions are Feilai Peak, Fulai Peak and Fulai Peak. ¥50.
  • 6 Black Tiger Mountain Hunting Tourist Area (黑虎山狩猎旅游区), Wulian County (1.5 km south of the gas station in Shichang Township, Wulian County), +86 633 295 6333. 08:30-20:30. Shandong Heihushan Hunting Ground is a legal and standardized hunting ground in East China. The Hushan Hunting Ground has formed a breeding base integrating the breeding of sika deer, Tibetan pigs, deer, goats, geese, hares, etc. and product development, production and sales. Providing a wide range of hunting products to our customers. ¥1688.
  • 7 Dongyi Town (东夷小镇), Dongyi Town Scenic Spot, Intersection of Pihai Road and Green Boat Road, Donggang District (806 m from Rizhao Ocean Park bus stop, about 10 minutes walk), +86 633 7958906, toll-free: +86 633 3322555. 09:00-22:30. The scenic area is free all year round, but there is a fee for excursions. Open Monday through Sunday. Dongyi Town is filled with ancient Chinese architecture and is a must-see attraction in Rizhao. Dongyi Town can be seen in a boat ride along the landscape, beautiful environment covers a large area, there are also museums and memorials inside! ¥0.
  • 8 Rizhao Ocean Park (日照海洋公园), No. 88, Pihai Road, Donggang District (opposite Gate 4 of Wanpingkou) (856 m from Dongyi Town bus stop, about 10 minutes walk), +86 633 8993666. 09:00-17:00. China's 4A level scenic spot, the scenic spot has many star animals, the pavilion has a Chinese domestic sunshine oceanarium and four seasons bird garden, the pavilion has locker rental, mother and baby room, baby stroller rental, vending machine and other facilities and services. ¥130.

museum edit

  • 9 Rizhao City Planning Exhibition Hall (日照城市规划展览馆), Haiqu East Road, Donggang District. 09:00-16:30. Exhibits historical and cultural information about the city of Rizhao. ¥0.
  • 10 Rizhao Culture and Art Expo Center (日照文化艺术博览中心), Haiqu West Road, Donggang District, +86 633 8788925. 09:00-19:00. It is the largest cultural art exhibition and exchange center in the city. ¥0.
  • 11 Rizhao Science and Technology Museum (日照科技馆), No.536 Qingdao Road, Science and Technology Museum, Donggang District (1.2 km from Rizhao International Expo Center bus stop, about 15 minutes walk), +86 633 8779721. 09:00-16:30. Advance reservations are required and can be made by phone. Free.
  • 12 Rizhao Museum (日照市博物馆), No.200-6, Beijing Road, Donggang District (1.5 km from Donggang District Court Bus Stop, about 18 minutes on foot), +86 633 8788140. 09:00-16:30. A comprehensive museum with exhibitions focusing on artifacts from China's Da Wenkou culture, Longshan culture and Han dynasty period, it was established in 1986. free.
  • 13 Rizhao Xiuwenzhai Print Museum (日照市秀文斋印学博物馆), Building 24, Island B, Dongyi Town, Yuehai Road, Donggang District, +86 633 2289333. 09:00-17:30. Very cultural atmosphere of a museum, ancient color is very worthy of everyone card, hidden in the Dongyi town scenic spot of the thematic museum.However, the opening time is uncertain and you need to contact the viewpoint in advance. Prices are not available. free.
  • 14 Dongyi Folk Culture Museum (东夷民俗文化博物馆), Dongyi Town, No. 77, Pihai Road, Donggang District (495 m from Dongyi Town bus stop, about 6 minutes walk), +86 15606331070. 08:00-17:00. Most of the museum's collection of truly sentimental folk collectors is stunning, with fossilized fish bones and old undersea artifacts. ¥30.
  • 15 Rizhao Coin Museum (日照市钱币博物馆), Inside Dongyi Town, Green Boat Road, Donggang District (1.4-km walk from the first and last bus stop of the swimming pool about 17 minutes). 09:00-16:30. A museum about Chinese coins, with a history of Chinese currency told in the museum. Free.

Do edit

  • 1 Sunrise over the East Sea (日出东方海之秀), Inside Sun Plaza, Qingdao Road, Donggang District, +86 633 8811557. 19:00-21:00. The drama jointly organized by China and France is very popular among tourists.The performance is inspired by a local legend in Rizhao, telling the love story of a young fisherman and the daughter of the Dragon King who fell in love by chance. The entire performance lasts about 30 minutes. The performance combines colorful, unique and spectacular high-tech means, such as laser, audio, video, 4D animation, fountains, water mist and fireworks. The performance includes elements of Eastern sun worship and sun culture, such as the sun worship in Tiantai Mountain and the ancient custom of worshiping the sun.In addition, the Sunrise Oriental Sea Show performance venue is a large open-air stage that can accommodate more than 2,000 spectators at the same time. ¥165.
  • 2 Third Beach (第三海水浴场), Pihai Road, Wolongshan Street, Shanhaitian Tourism Resort, Donggang District (317 m from Wang Jia Soap bus stop, about 4 minutes walk), +86 532 66577319. 24 hr. Natural bathing beach with crystal clear water and very nice sand, featuring changing rooms and hot water. Good for surfing.This is the beach and there is a safe area in the ocean for visitors to play. free.
  • 3 Qinyuanchun Ski Resort (沁园春滑雪场), 500 meters west of Feijia Guanzhuang Village, Donggang District, +86 15763373751. December 15 - March 28 09:00-21:00. Qinyuanchun Ski Resort has multiple ski trails, including beginner, intermediate trails, and three magic carpets. A magic carpet area is a ski strip designed for beginners to help them learn and practice on gentle slopes. Qinyuanchun Ski Resort is conveniently located and can be reached by public transportation "47 Branch Line", and then you can walk 149 m to reach it. ¥300.
  • 4 Wulian Mountain Ski Resort (五莲山滑雪场), No.1, Lanling Road, Wulian County (self-drive or taxi), +86 13386336726. 08:30-16:30. The ski area is equipped with main and intermediate runs to suit skiers of all skill levels. The main runs offer a more challenging skiing experience and are suitable for experienced skiers, while the intermediate runs are more suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. To encourage family participation, Wulianshan Ski Resort offers free admission to children under 1.4 meters tall. In addition, the ski resort also provides necessary facilities, such as ski equipment rental services and ski instruction. ¥120.
  • 5 Wanpingkou Colorful Vitality Paradise (万平口七彩活力乐园), East of the middle part of Pihai Road, Qinlou Street, Donggang District (self-drive or taxi), +86 633 7911820. 0900-17:00. Very good recreation and entertainment, the park also has go-karts and skateboarding, but you need to climb to the top of the slide 1 by yourself, there is no elevator. ¥29.
  • 6 Rizhao Forest Ferris Wheel (日照森林摩天轮), Rizhao Seaside National Forest Park, Yuju Road, Donggang District (446 m from Forest Park West Gate bus stop, about 5 minutes walk), +86 633 3680066. 09:00-7:00. Located in Rizhao Binhai National Forest Park Gate 2, the Ferris wheel is located on the beach, you can see the sea on the Ferris wheel, a circle about half an hour. ¥48.
    Rizhao Botanical Garden
  • 7 Rizhao Botanical Garden (日照植物园), North of Rizhao Planning Exhibition Hall, Haiqu East Road, Donggang District (self-drive or taxi,free parking available). 24 hr. Flowers can be enjoyed in the garden. Violet flowers bloom from June to September, tulips bloom from March to May, and plum blossoms bloom from February to March. You can visit according to the opening time of your favorite flower. There are also 17 gardens specializing in plants and exhibition greenhouses, including a rose garden, a bamboo garden, a plum garden, a rock garden, a water garden, a peach blossom garden, a blind botanical garden, and a farmer's fruit garden. Free.
  • 8 Modern Marina Golf (现代滨海高尔夫), East side of the water transport base on Luzhou Road, Donggang District. 08:00-17:00. An outdoor golf course near Rizhao Ocean Park.

Buy edit

Shopping malls edit

  • 1 Ribai New Mart Shopping Plaza (Xinshi District Store) (日百新玛特购物广场(新市区店)), No. 179 Tai'an Road, +86 633 8703688. 09:00-21:00. The square brings together well-known domestic and foreign brands, covering everything from fresh food, food, department stores to catering, gold and silver jewelry, cosmetics, watches and glasses, photographic equipment, communication equipment, famous cigarettes and wines, clothing, shoes and hats, home appliances, bedding, and luggage , handicrafts, sporting goods and other business areas.
  • 2 Wanxianghui (Rizhao store) (万象汇(日照店)) (50 m north of the intersection of Yantai Road and Zibo Road east of the road), +86 633 8726667. A comprehensive shopping mall in Rizhao.
  • 3 Wanda Plaza (Qingdao Road Store) (万达广场(青岛路店)), Opposite to Rizhao Swimming Center at the intersection of Shandong East Road and Qingdao Road, Donggang District. 10:00-22:00. Located in a shopping mall in the city center, it enjoys a high reputation among locals.
  • 4 Mango Times Square (芒果时代广场), 160 meters north of the intersection of Yanzhou Road and Haiqu East Road, Donggang District, +86 633 8222123. 09:00-21:00. Comprehensive food center, two floors of underground parking lot, and a lot of food on the fourth floor.
  • 5 Rizhao Suning Plaza (日照苏宁广场), No. 18, Haiqu Middle Road, Donggang District, Rizhao City, +86 633 8788925. 10:00-22:00. This is a comprehensive shopping mall with large furniture stores.

Eat edit

Rizhao Cuisine

Budget edit

  • Eight Great Bowls of Shandong (山东八大碗), 77 Shanhaitian Road, Shanhaitian Shanhaitian Tourism Resort, +86 633 8316077. 10:00-22:00. Dishes featuring seafood, fish soup is delicious and meat is tender. ¥120.
  • Small Jiangnan restaurant (小江南食府), 179 Yantai Road, Donggang District, +86 633 8377588. 10:00-22:00. It is a classical garden style professional catering hotel, the architectural style is clean and elegant. ¥122.
  • Rizhao Xiangyangtun BBQ Seafood Hot Pot (日照向阳屯烧烤海鲜火锅), 50 m southbound and west of the intersection of Weihai Road and Dongying Road (Self-drive or taxi), toll-free: +86 18263383778. Daily 11:30-14:00, 17:30-02:00. Convenient parking, fast food, fresh food, many styles and delicious, indoor and outdoor seating, seafood meat is very much, shabu-shabu is also very tasty, belong to the local specialties. ¥94 per person.
  • Oshang Private Dining - Affordable Seafood (Dongyi Town Branch) (御尚私房菜·平价海鲜(东夷小镇店)), Greenboat Road, Dongyi Town North Street, Island C parking lot, Dongyi Town entrance, +86 15563318022, toll-free: +86 18206338788. Daily 10:00-24:00. The environment is particularly clean, with a wide selection of dishes, the restaurant service is very considerate, the owner is also very friendly, perfect for potluck. ¥92.
  • Must-Steam Seafood (Wanpingkou Restaurant) (必点·蒸汽海鲜(万平口店)), 15 meters north of Haiyou Hotel, Haiqu East Road, +86 18300382038, +86 13734325721. 24 hr. Reservations have to be made in advance but all seafood is fresh. The store is a large area with a very nice environment, affordable prices and a great experience. ¥110.

Traditional food edit

  • 1 Chocolate Fisherman (巧克力渔家), 138, Donggang District (40 m due west), +86 15314014779. 10:30-22:30. This store specializes in seafood, and it also has a unique seafood soup. ¥80.
  • 2 Just right rice balls (正好饭团), Westbound at the intersection of Wanxianghui Jiaonan Road and Taixing Road, +86 15314014779. 10:30-19:30. An old shop that specializes in rice balls, its main specialty is salted egg yolk rice balls. ¥14.
  • 3 Wang's Chicken Sliced Noodles (王氏鸡西刀削面), No. 203, Unit 3, Building 001, Jingang Jiayuan, Huanghai 1st Road, toll-free: +86 18706334516. 10:00-21:00. An old shop that has been around for many years, it specializes in noodles and cold noodles, among which the fried noodles are the most praised. ¥18.
  • 4 Clay Pot Yellow Beef Hot Pot (泥锅黄牛肉火锅), No. 14, Haibin 4th Road, Donggang District, +86 15866337477. 10:00-22:00. The No. 1 time-honored hot pot restaurant in Rizhao, with exclusive seasonings. ¥82.

Splurge edit

  • 5 Honest steak and seafood private chef (厚道牛排海鲜私厨), 20 m 2nd Floor, Yanyang Road, Donggang District, +86 15606332880. 10:30-22:00. A high-end western restaurant that offers M9 steak and 700 g set menu for two people. ¥465.
  • 6 Hongtai·Exquisite Fusion Cuisine (鸿泰·精致融合菜), About 200 m east of Rizhao Swimming Pool, Luzhou Road, Donggang District, Rizhao City, +86 19963313232. 09:00-22:00. Mainly seafood, and the Cantonese dish Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is also a specialty of this restaurant. ¥258.

Drink edit

Milk Tea edit

  • 1 COCO (coco都可), No. 4075, 4/F, Indoor Walking Street, Wanda Plaza, No. 999 Shandong East Road, Qinlou St (self-drive or taxi), +86 18596338887, toll-free: +86 18596338887. 10:00-21:00. Free wifi, drinks can be purchased through the popular Dianping volume discount, the recommended drink "百香果双响炮". ¥14.
  • 2 Tea Baidao (茶百道), No. 7, Yuxiuyuan, Wenhu University Town, Xuehai Road, Donggang District (from Rizhao West Station, take bus K13 and take 13 stops to get there), +86 18663339180. 09:00-23:30. Beverages available for purchase. ¥20.
  • 3 Blossom Several Leaves New Country Fresh Tea (花开几叶花香鲜奶茶), Room 106, Building 2, Andong Commercial Street, Lanshan District (self-drive or taxi), +86 18063365050, toll-free: +86 18063365050. 10:00-22:00. The main focus is on drinks made from Chinese tea, ranging in price, as well as the more distinctive Blind Box Milk Tea. It is a place to relax and have fun. ¥15.
  • 4 Xi Cha (喜茶), Store 102, L1 (self-drive or taxi), toll-free: +86 633 7656289. 10:00-22:00. Xi Cha is one of the more famous milk tea brands in China, and this store is strategically located inside a shopping mall so that you can shop in the mall after purchasing your drink. ¥19.
  • 5 Ba Wang Cha Ji (霸王茶姬), Outdoor Plaza, L1, Wanxianghui, No.176 Yantai Rd (self-drive or taxi), +86 17569158007, toll-free: +86 17569158007. 10:00-22:00. The drinks are mainly milk tea made with fresh milk from the original leaves and are highly recommended for those who love Chinese tea. ¥19.

Coffee edit

  • 6 luckin coffee (瑞幸咖啡), North side of the street along the west side of CR Vanguard, Yantai Rd (self-drive or taxi), +86 4000100100. 09:30-21:30. Freshly ground coffee, recommended drink: Raw Coconut Latte. ¥30.
  • 7 Shang Shui Coffee (上水咖啡), Northeast of Holland New Town (self-drive or taxi), +86 18963335320, toll-free: +86 18963335320. 09:00-21:00. Located in Rizhao Ocean Aesthetics Museum, the artistic atmosphere is very good, you can drink coffee while looking at the sea. ¥40.

Club edit

Rizhao’s clubs include pubs that are not noisy for drinking and playing cards, as well as noisy clubs. Rizhao’s club culture is a good choice for tourists.

  • 8 Penicillin (盘尼西林酒吧), No. 6, Dongyan Street, Mingwangtai West District, Jiaonan Road, Qinlou Street, Donggang District, +86 19963313232. 18:00-04:00. This is a bar that combines a club and a tavern. It has a small variety of drinks and there will be singers here on weekends. ¥95.
  • 9 Miami (迈阿密酒吧), About 90 m east of Zhongsheng Happy Coast, Haibin 4th Road, Donggang District, +86 633 5473456. 20:00-03:00. This is a noisy club with a wide selection of drinks and light meals. ¥94.

Sleep edit

Donggang District edit

  • 1 Suning Novotel Hotel Rizhao (日照苏宁诺富特酒店), 18 Haiqu Middle Road, +86 633 852 1111. The hotel is equipped with a variety of room types, including executive rooms, deluxe rooms and suites, ranging in size from 36 m² to 72 m², and some rooms have city views. Hotel facilities include an indoor heated swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant and bar. There are shopping malls and cinemas around the hotel, and it is close to the train station, making transportation convenient. ¥360.
  • 2 Rizhao Sheraton Hotel (日照喜来登酒店), 58, Lvzhou Road, Donggang District, +86 633 768 6666. 338 rooms, each of which is equipped with a wide sea-view balcony. Three specialty restaurants and two bars. Among them, Feast Restaurant combines modern gourmet market style and creative cuisine; Yue Chinese Restaurant focuses on Shandong cuisine; and Smoki MOTO A lively Korean BBQ restaurant. In addition, there is a Secret Bar on the lobby level. 24-hour fitness center, specialty spa, indoor heated swimming pool and children's playground. ¥700.
  • 3 Rizhao East Lake New Century Grand Hotel (日照东湖开元名都大酒店), No. 565, Bihai Road, Qinlou Street, Donggang District, +86 633 8098888. The hotel has restaurants such as Mediterranean Cafe, Sijixuan Chinese Restaurant, Guofengtang Box Group, as well as facilities such as gym and billiards.
  • 4 Rizhao Montage Sky Hotel (日照蒙太奇天空酒店), Donggang District, Building 1, Antai Plaza, Qinlou Street, +86 633 8897999. A highlight of the hotel is the infinity swimming pool on the 57th floor, where guests can overlook the entire city.
  • 5 ShanWai WenYuan Hotel (山外文元酒店), No. 99 Shanhai Road, Donggang District (self-drive or taxi), +86 633 6699999. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. The hotel is adjacent to the campus of Shandong Vocational and Technical University of Foreign Studies and offers free Wi-Fi. In addition, the hotel also provides recreational facilities such as a gym, swimming pool and spa center. ¥400.
    Rizhao Sheraton Hotel
    6 Rizhao Hyatt Hotel (日照凯悦酒店), No.13, Taigong 1st Road, Donggang District (self-drive or taxi), +86 633 8018666. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. There are Chinese-style guest rooms. The hotel has a Chinese and Western buffet restaurant. ¥300.

Lanshan District edit

  • 7 Huamei Beauty Hotel (Rizhao Lanshan Government Store) (花美时美景酒店(日照岚山政府店)), No. 22, middle section of Jiaodingshan Road, Lanshan District, +86 633 2231999. This hotel is only open to mainland Chinese tourists. There is a free parking lot near the hotel. The hotel has a unique design and an elegant environment. This is a garden hotel with traditional Chinese characteristics. ¥210.
  • 8 Orange Hotel (Rizhao Lanshan District Government Store) (桔子酒店(日照岚山区政府店)), F1, Lanshan Xintiandi, No. 124, Lanshan Middle Road, Lanshan District, +86 633 6196669. This is a chain hotel with a gym on site and affordable prices. ¥269.

Stay healthy edit

1 Rizhao People's Hospital (日照市人民医院), No. 126, Tai'an Road, Donggang District, +86 633 3365206. A public hospital with an emergency room open 24 hours a day.

Connect edit

  • 2 Rizhao Municipal People's Government (日照市人民政府), No. 198, Beijing Road, Donggang District (from Rizhao West Station, take bus C318 and take 5 stops to get there), +86 633 8781002. 08:30-12:00, 14:30-18:00. .
  • 3 Rizhao Public Security Bureau (日照市公安局), No. 339, Wulian Road, Donggang District, toll-free: +86 633 8781706. 08:30-12:00,14:30-17:30.
  • 4 Rizhao Tourism Bureau (日照市旅游局), Jiaodingshan Road, Lanshan District, toll-free: +86 633 8781193. 08:30-12:00,14:30-17:30.

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