city in Gifu prefecture, Japan

Tajimi (多治見) is a city in the Mino area of Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Eihoji Temple

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The Mino area is renowned for its ceramics and Tajimi is no exception. You can see several examples of the famous green pottery of Mino at the many museums and cultural centers around town. This is a smaller city and makes for a nice break from the hectic life of major cities.

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By plane edit

The nearest international airport is Nagoya-Centrair, from which Tajimi can be reached in as little as 1 hour by train. The best place to change between the Meitetsu Line and the JR Chūō Line is Kanayama, where there is a dedicated interchange gate. (Note that most Shinano Limited Expresses do not stop at Kanayama.)

If you have bought a Japan Rail Pass, exchange your voucher at the Central Japan Travel Center in the Arrivals Lobby of the airport: this will save you a detour to Nagoya station (though you will still have to buy a separate ticket for the Meitetsu Line).

In the unlikely event that you use the domestic-only Nagoya-Komaki[dead link] Airport instead, take the bus to Kachigawa Station (25 minutes, ¥300), from where it is between 20 and 30 minutes and ¥410 to Tajimi on the JR Chūō Line.

By train edit

The most obvious way into Tajimi is using the JR Chūō Line. There are five Local and Rapid trains per hour from Nagoya, taking between 35 and 45 minutes and costing ¥670.

Tajimi is also served by all Shinano Limited Express trains, which generally run every hour. From Nagoya, they take 22 minutes and cost ¥2140 (yes, more than triple the price of the normal trains); they are more useful for travel from the other direction, such as Kiso-Fukushima, Shiojiri, Matsumoto, and Nagano (just over 2 hr 30 min and ¥6770 from the latter).

From Tokyo, allow 2 hrs 35 mins and ¥11,510 (slightly longer and cheaper if avoiding Nozomi trains).

Tajimi is also served by the Taita Line, which runs to Mino-Ōta in about 30 minutes (¥320); there you can change for Gero, Takayama and Hida on the Takayama Line (including Hida Limited Express trains), or Seki, Mino and Gujō on the non-JR Nagaragawa Railway. Some Taita Line trains continue to Gifu (about 1 hr 15 min, ¥840), which is cheaper and sometimes faster than going through Nagoya; these trains stop at Unuma (55 minutes, ¥500), which is only 30 minutes walk (over the Inuyama Bridge) from Inuyama Castle.

By bus edit

Long distance buses for much of the country (especially to the west) come into Nagoya, from where you should take the train; however, a few services can get you directly into Tajimi.

Tajimi Station North Exit is served by the Chūō Liner Kani-gō, which runs twice a day to Shinjuku at a price of ¥5140 (¥8750 return, valid for 6 days). The day bus also serves bus stops along the Chūō Expressway in Western Tokyo (Mitaka, Jindaiji, Fuchū, and Hino) and takes 5 hr 50 min; the overnight bus does not, and takes a little over 5 hours (arriving before 06:00 in both directions). Operated by JR Bus Kantō and Tōtetsu Bus[dead link].

The following buses serve Tajimi Bus Stop on the Chūō Expressway:

  • 2 buses a day from Shinjuku, also serving stops on the Chūō Expressway in Tokyo (Mitaka, Jindaiji, Fuchū, Hino, and Hachiōji), taking 5 hr 30 min and costing ¥5700 (cheaper outside peak periods). Operated by Meitetsu Bus and Keiō Bus Higashi.
  • An overnight bus from Shinjuku, taking a little over 6 hours (arriving before 06:00 in both directions) and costing the same as the day buses above. The bus from Shinjuku to Nagoya serves the same stops on the Chūō Expressway as the day buses, but the bus to Shinjuku instead serves Seiseki-Sakuragaoka and Fuchū stations on the Keiō Line. Operated by Meitetsu Bus.
  • 1 bus a day to Iida, taking 1 hr 45 min and costing ¥1810. This bus stops at several places, of which the most useful is Magome (on the Chūō Expressway, about 25 min walk from Magome-juku proper; 50 min and ¥1250). This bus can also be used to go to Meitetsu Bus Center in Nagoya (45 min and ¥1010). Operated by Meitetsu Bus and Shinnan Kōtsu.

Tajimi Station is about 25 min walk away; the nearest local bus stop, Kanaokachō-Yonchōme, is 8 min walk away, but the buses are rather infrequent.

A better option may be to use Mizunami-Tentoku Bus Stop (which is served by all of the buses which serve Tajimi Bus Stop, as well as buses to Minowa (via Komagane and Ina) and Kōfu) and walk 15 min to Mizunami Station, from where it is 15 min and ¥240 on the JR Chūō Line to Tajimi.

Get around edit

Map of Tajimi

Tajimi doesn't have a very good public transportation system. There are buses, but they can be inconvenient. The best way around this city is by car or taxi.

An interesting quirk is that during daytime hours, Tōtetsu Bus reduce some local bus fares to ¥200.

On weekends and holidays, the Kikyō Bus Oribe Kankō Route runs six times a day from Tajimi Station South Exit to Eihoji Temple, Tajimi Shudoin, Ceramics Park and the Ceramic Art Museum, at a price of ¥100. If you don't want to bother with normal buses, taxis, or too much walking, this is probably the best option.

See edit

Mino ware kiln
  • 1 Eihōji Temple (永保寺), 1-42 Kokeizan-cho (7 minutes and ¥200 on the Tōtetsu Bus Onada Line from Tajimi Station North Exit to Kokeizan, then 10 minutes walk), +81 572 22-0351. 05:00-17:00. This temple is a hidden gem. A very good place to see the fall colors and the cherry blossoms. The main attraction is the small bridge over a pond. It makes for some very picturesque views.
  • 2 Tajimi Shūdōin (多治見修道院) (25 minutes walk from Tajimi Station), +81 572 22-1583. Tu-Th 09:30-15:30, Su 11:00-15:30. This nice old monastery built in the early 20th century makes for a nice visit before or after Eihōji Temple and a nice break from temples. You can also buy wine and other Christian related items at the gift shop.
  • Mino Ceramic Art Museum, 1-9-27 Higashimachi (10 minutes and ¥260 on the Tōtetsu Bus Dachi Line from Tajimi Station Stop 3 to Higashimachi, then 8 minutes walk), +81 572 23-1191. 09:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30), closed Mondays. See beautiful Mino style ceramics or stroll through the peaceful grounds of the museum. ¥310.
Ceramics Park Mino
  • 3 Ceramics Park Mino, 4-2-5 Higashimachi (12 minutes and ¥270 on the Tōtetsu Bus Tsumagi and Dachi-Mizunami Lines from Tajimi Station Stop 3 to Cera-Park, then 15 minutes walk), +81 572-28-3200. 08:00-21:00. Home to the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, another venue dedicated to ceramics. There is also a lookout platform near the park which gives a nice view of Tajimi.

Do edit

  • 1 Tenkō no Yu (天光の湯), 6-105-1 Ōbatachō (7 minutes and ¥200 on the Tōtetsu Bus Shimohandagawa Line from Tajimi Station Stop 2 to Sōgō-Taiikukan-mae, then 5 minutes walk), +81 572 24-4126. 10:00-23:00 (last admission 22:00). Take a dip in a nice relaxing onsen. This hot springs has several different baths all of which helps soothe the stresses of travelling away. ¥800.
  • Zen Meditation, +81 572 22-0351. Experience an authentic Zen Buddhist morning service at Eihoji Temple. Available every third Sunday of each month.

Buy edit

  • Oribe Street (15 minute walk from Tajimi Station South Exit, just over the Tajimi Bridge). A very nice shopping area, where you can buy many types of ceramics and other hand made items.
  • Utsuwatei Open from 08:00 until 17:00 everyday. A great handicrafts shop about a one- or two-minute walk from the Tajimi Sōzōkan (Creative Center). This store has tons of ceramics for both decoration and daily use, such as utensils. You can also find a number of lacquer ware and apparel.

Eat edit

  • 1 Shinanoya (信濃屋). The place where Tajimi's koro udon, a cold udon with ginger and green onions, was first created.
  • Naniwa (浪花), Sakaemachi 1-46. Lunch 11:00-14:00, Dinner 17:00-23:30. Serves a variety of dishes on the local Minoyaki pottery.

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Sleep edit

  • 1 Oustat Kokusai Hotel (オースタット国際ホテル多治見), 4-14-1 Hakusan-cho. Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 10:00. A comfortable hotel with its own onsen. Singles from ¥6000.
  • 2 Hotel Riverside Coat, 岐阜県多治見市市之倉13-35 (10 minutes by car from Tajima IC'), +81 572 24-1030. Robust room service, with tasty food. Most dishes are ¥300-600. About 8,000 per night for two people, or slightly less on a weekday. Typical love hotel style, check-in and check-out times 21:00-10:00. The hotel is completely automated, with minimal direct contact between guests and hotel staff. Parking available, but spaces are a little tight.

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  • Tajimi Souzoukan (多治見創造間), Oribe street, +81 572 23-5444. You can get pamphlets and maps here. You can also buy ceramics, various Tajimi souvenirs and ceramics making tools. This is a good place to get your orientation of the city and to pick up information on other sites in Tajimi.

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