neighborhood of Benin City in Egor, Edo State, Nigeria

Uselu is a district of Benin City in Edo State, in Nigeria.



Uselu is a densely populated district of Benin City. It is the home of the local government of Egor. Yuzuru is the location of a traditional complex of Edaiken N'Uselu (Duke of Uselu) and Iyoba Palace in Benin.

Uselu has a high percentage of gangster activity, pesticides, and armed robbery. In many cases, police response times are inconveniently slow and are generally publicly criticized.

Get in


By plane


Travelers that want to go to Uselu by air have to make use of Benin airport which serves Benin city the capital of Edo state. All things being equal (average speed of your car will be standard for this route ,and road conditions will be as usual) you will need 1 hour to arrive from A 121, Benin City, Nigeria to Uselu Market Bus Stop, Benin city, Nigeria.

There are buses readily available to transport people from the Airport to Uselu.

By train


As of 2022, there are no train services operating on the line. However, in the 1990s there was a continuous provision of rail transport in Benin.

By bus


There are many reliable bus transport companies that come to Uselu from other cities and states. You can either take a bus going to Edo state or take a bus going to the capital city (Benin city).The average cost of travelling to Uselu by bus from the South-South and South-East is ₦1,700 while the average cost of travelling to Uselu from the other parts of Nigeria is ₦5,000. Reliable transport companies such as the Young Shall Grow, Abia line, God is Good Motors, Faith Motors Peace Mass Transit, Imo Transort Company (ITC), and Iyare motors are readily available to convey people from different parts of the country to Benin city, after which travellers can navigate their way to Uselu.

Get around

Map of Uselu

Travelling in Uselu is not that difficult. The roads are fairly well maintained and the city is well connected and networked. If you're arriving by plane, there's a taxi at the airport that's affordable and you can get anywhere. And when you arrive on the road and are taken to a transportation service terminal, you will also find a taxi that will take you everywhere.You can also book a Bolt that will take you to and fro. Taxi and bus should be painted red or burgundy on the body and yellow on the roof. You can also get a cab that is ridden mostly by men from the north called Aboki. However, there are some buses and taxis that do not follow this norm.

Most roads lead to the ring roads. Therefore, to get to some places, you actually have to take the ring road and take another bus or taxi to your destination. There is no standard bus stop in the city which makes it hard for bus drivers to stop passengers on the road. Therefore, if you are in a utility vehicle that arrives at your destination, you will usually warn the driver of a "stop" or "drop" and then stop. If you don't, the driver will always show you past your destination, so don't hesitate to say this.

In addition to buses and taxis, you can also travel around the city by motorbike or tricycle also known as keke. However, the state has a law prohibiting the transportation of commercial motorcycles from 7PM to 6AM but allow buses and taxi to ride since the roads have good solar lighting on the major roads

  • God is good Mobility (GIGM), 118 Akpakpava Road, Benin City, . One can get into Oredo by getting in through a mobility bus like God is Good Motors and one can find his/her way to Oredo. The bus comes with an air conditioner for maximum enjoyment throughout the trip.
  • 1 New Benin Market, New Lagos Rd, Use. 6AM - 9PM.
  • 2 Vegetable Market, Airport Rd, Oka. 8AM - 8PM.
  • 3 Santana Market, Off Benin Sapele Rd, Oka, +234 708 987 7123. 8AM - 6PM.
  • Market Square & Kilimanjaro, Uselu. M-Th 9AM-9PM, F Sa 8AM-9PM. This is a place any tourist would really love in Oredo. They sell basically everything, they even have a grill centre where you can buy all sort of sharwama and grills.
  • 4 Buy More Than You Can, Ekhoruntomwen Road at Ekosodin Newton Street Shop Layout, +234 913 043 8333. 8AM - 8PM. Grocery store.
  • 5 Aka store, 8 Ekhguere street, Uselu. 8AM - 9PM. Grocery store
  • 6 Grace Collection, Street At Ekosodin, Ekhoruntomwen Off Newton, +234 706 957 1345. 8AM - 5PM. Grocery store
  • 7 Shopmore Supermarket, 3A, Old Lagos Road, After S&T Barracks Isiohor, Uselu, +234 807 359 3147. In-store shopping
  • 8 EZ Supermarket, 24 Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Uselu. 8AM - 8PM. In-store shopping
  • 9 Fega wheelhouse and supermarket, Along, Country Home Rd. 8AM - 8PM. In-store shopping.
  • 10 Eso Collection, 16,Edo Street, Before Jb Junction, Ekosodin, +234 818 277 0062. 8AM - 8PM. In-store shopping.
  • 11 Otonick, Edudje St, Uselu. 8AM - 8PM. In-store shopping.
  • 12 Agbado Market Benin City, Akpakpava Rd, Avbiama. 6AM - 7:55PM.
  • Uselu Market, Uselu road, Ugbowo. Sale of general market merchandise
  • 13 Oregbeni Market, Benin-Agbor Hwy. Open 24 hours.
  • 1 Foodhouse logistics, 19th St, Uselu, +234 806 227 0098. 8AM - 6PM. Takeaway.
  • 2 Mama Aisosa pepper rice, 2 Idemudia street, off Edo Technical School Road, Uselu. Takeaway.
  • 3 GULP Street Kitchen, Ekosodin Rd, Uselu, +234 814 668 4666. 8AM - 4PM. Dine-in. Drive-through. Delivery.
  • 4 Mc Pius Delight Restaurant, Uselu, +234 805 792 0951. 8AM - 9PM. Dine-in. Takeaway. Delivery.
  • 5 Crystal Food Spot, Newton street, Ekosodin. 8AM - 8PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 6 Molinz Restaurant, 20th St, Uselu. 8AM - 6PM. Dine-in. Takeaway. Delivery.
  • 7 Express Plaza Restaurant & Bar, 240 Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Uselu, +234 703 744 1381. 8AM - 10PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 8 Affordable Kitchen, Uselu. 8AM - 9PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 9 S&T Officers Mess. 8AM - 9PM. Dine-in.
  • 10 Mama Ada Restaurant, Sapele Road, by Agip bus stop. 9AM - 10PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 11 Chicken Fry, +234 906 685 0363. 10AM - 10PM. Dine-in. Takeaway. Delivery.
  • 12 Mama Arnold'S Kitchen, 29, Emovoen Street Ekosodin, +234 807 120 6127. 8AM - 5PM. Takeaway.
  • 13 Fabs tasty, Ekosodin Rd, Uselu, +234 702 661 5880. 8AM - 10PM. Takeaway.
  • 14 Daily Chow, Edo St, ekosodin, +234 704 125 9889. 8AM - midnight. Drive-through. No-contact delivery.


  • 1 Princess Bar, Osagiede street Off Uwaya street, Ben Imade, Upper Mission Ext, Uselu. Bar.
  • 2 Blizz Bar, Covenant Road keke bus stop, Upper Mission Ext. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 3 Sky Bar, Uselu (PentHouse Club). 9AM - 10PM. Takeaway.
  • 4 Sam's Penthouse Africa Lounge and Bar, 1 Sam Guobadia Street, off Ugbowo-Lagos Rd, +234703 988 4838. 9AM - 11PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 5 Irex Sport Bar & Lounge, N 19th Street Junction. 9AM - 10PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 6 Destiny Bar & Palm Wine Joint, 87 Benin Auchi Rd, Uselu. Takeaway.
  • 7 Mama Jessica peppersoup spot, Uselu. Takeaway.
  • 8 Fab sam, 207 Ugbowo Lagos Rd. 9AM - 10PM. Takeaway.
  • 9 Mama J restaurant and bar, 25 Adesuwa Grammar School Road, Sapele Rd. Dine-in. Takeaway. Bar & grill.
  • 10 Suyi Place Casino, 78 Kingsley Aikhionbare, Uselu, +234 807 461 6835. Bar.
  • 11 Efosa Omoariagbon And Blessing Ekhator, Akure Benin Rd. Takeaway.
  • 12 Nations Sea Choice (City Bar), Km 11, Lagos, Sagamu-Benin Expy, opposite Ine Oil, Isiohor, +234 816 535 3289. 9AM - 10PM. Bar.
  • 13 Top Value Car Wash & Bar Benin City, Street 2, Uselu, +234815 752 5565. 8AM - 10PM. Bar.
  • 14 En Barbecue n Bar, 245b Siluko Rd, Okhokhugbo, +234 805 421 0993. Takeaway.
  • 15 Angle 90 bar, Siluko Rd, Okhokhugbo, +234 803 085 0525. Bar.
  • 16 PAGE1 Restaurant & Bar, Km 8 Benin/Lagos Expressway, Isiohor Road, +234 816 684 3333. 9AM - 10PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 17 Madam Florence bar, 10 Adesuwa St, Use. Takeaway.
  • 18 Express Plaza Restaurant & Bar, 240 Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Uselu, +234703 744 1381. 9AM - 10PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.


  • 1 Osdy Hotels, Ugbowo Lagos Rd, Uselu. ₦4,500.
  • 2 Deutschmann Hotel, 60 19Th St, behind BDPA, opposite Uniben main gate, Uselu, +234 906 877 7218. ₦4,000.
  • 3 Lawsons Residence And Suites, 7 Akure Benin Rd, +234 815 320 0300. Wi-Fi Free breakfast Free parking Laundry service Room service Bar.
  • 4 Waterphase Standard Hotel, 12, 1st Bello Street, Isihor. ₦4,000.
  • 5 Terminal Resort & Park, By Pass Junction, Sagamu-Benin Expy, +234 803 439 3975. ₦6,050.



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