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Welcome to Ohio

Wikivoyage:What a great idea and invention. I was born in 1948, live in Ohio, happily divorced since 1976. Two sons, both byteheads (said in a loving way), who attempt to keep me semi-computer literate and I must say, are better fathers than me. Six grandchildren, one great grandchild, some travel with me at times (one at a time).

To Yee who come here in search of perfection.

You have come to the wrong spot. Since they told me what happened to the last perfect soul, I have given up the search.

Moved on.

I started contributing to WikiTravel on April 7, 2007. It was fun and I learned a lot. The site is now up and running very well, and I expect it will get only better. I found another site, in need of a contibutor. You can find me there if you like [1] . I am sure I will continue to check in, but I have contributed all I know, that applies. When I wander around again, I will collect some photos for this site. (WT-en) 2old 13:20, 3 August 2009 (EDT)

Places I have been

Around. (a little)

A few of the favorite places I have been

The destination sign on my bus says


Best travel tips

  • Do not drive in Mexico City, not even on Sunday.
  • It takes lots of photos to get one good one.
  • Go back a different way.
  • Printed photographs darken, distort and fade, like memories.
  • Don't assume that the other person can read the language he/she is speaking.


Photo's - Many photo's that I have submitted are scans of photographs I have taken. Please excuse any gloomy, washed out, or out of focus photo's. If you can use them, replace them, or tweak them - be my guest. They were not intended for public use.

I am pretty sure I have Spanish Dyslexia and speak only English.

Some memorable excerpts from Wikivoyage

  • "In contrast to the United States' image as a melting pot, Canada prefers to consider itself a mosaic of cultures and people."" Canada
  • "As with many European nations, some factions of the UK may harbour anti-American sentiment which has been particularly triggered by the Iraq war, which many of the public oppose; US citizens should be wary of making casual remarks about it. United Kingdom
  • What the....? Americans making such a comment are likely to be gently reminded that their country was still neutral when Quebecers, like other Canadians, had already been fighting Germany for two years) will bring puzzled stares, or at best show that you have no idea which continent you're on. And comparing Quebecois culture and language unfavorably to France's is probably not a path to go down, either. Although Quebec and France have many ties, the Quebecois typically regard themselves as a distinct culture quite separate from the country that "abandoned" them three centuries ago Quebec
  • Walkie-Talkies Be aware that if you're given the chance to try some township food, that a walkie-talkie is often made from the feet and beaks of poultry. Cape Town
  • Count me in! Dishes are usually given unappetizing names, such as "Turkey Gobble Vomit over Maggots", "Squirrel Scrotum Stew" or "Blood, Rocks and Guts over Snails and Maggots" Marlinton
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