"I come from under the hill, and under the hills and over the hills my paths led". -The hobbit.

Who am I?

This is the talk page for "Billbarrelrider". Formerly "willthewander", I have been editing for several years but am trying to make less of a mess by not editing anonymously.

I am active on a number of forums and some of you may have met me in the small world we inhabit.

Why I edit?

I support Wikivoyage because I value independent travel and the opportunities it gives people, to understand the world we live in I believe we have to see it with our own eyes. I'm a traveler; not a writer, but I want others to have the opportunities I did.

Frustrated by the Ego-driven blog movement that has fragmented user contributions to the Web and created petty division in the community, as far as I'm concerned we're all in this together. Editing on a broken mobile phone, often in some village with limited power or internet I do my best, but I apologies if my IP jumps around, my edits have formatting errors or seem rushed.

Countries I've visited:Edit

Australia, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, morocco, Spain, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia Romania, Montenegro, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietman, maybe a few others.

In an emergency:

If travelers are in danger and I am in the region contact me here or preferably at firstportcall@mail.com, I'm generally broke but willing to assist if travelers are in a real jam.