Our coverage of the world is so uneven. Looking at the number of articles by country and more specifically where the higher quality star and guide articles are located, it is clear we have a lot of work to do. Countries that are Anglophone or developed (if not both) obviously and inevitably have better coverage than countries that are neither. Sometimes obscure, middle-of-nowhere destinations of the former have an article while the destination containing the most prominent attraction of a latter country doesn't yet exist. One exception to the trend is that countries close, allied and familiar to the Five Eyes tend to be well covered. The level of detail within countries also varies widely for similar reasons.

Having said that, I see this gap as an opportunity. Systemic bias isn't unique to Wikivoyage, and by boosting our coverage of underrepresented parts of the world and topics, we will create an advantage over all other sources of travel information out there.

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I primarily worked on Wikipedia but have since expanded my Wiki-addiction. I have contributed to Wiktionary, Wikibooks and various wikis on Wikia as well.

The two cities in the world where I've travelled most extensively are Sydney and Delhi respectively. Having said that, the whole world is beautiful and I'm fascinated by all cultures and lands. I have read about and been to many others parts of our planet.

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