Hi there! I'm James from Melbourne, Australia. I have been editing wikis in some shape or form since 2005, so have a plethora of experience. These wikis range a variety of topics, and I have administrated many of them. I originally joined Wikitravel on 7 May 2012, and whole-heartedly supported the merging of the communities into this great new project: Wikivoyage. I became an administrator on 15 February 2013 and will use these extra tools for the continued improvement and maintenance of the site. Please let me know if you have any specific enquiries and requests.

Being young, I'm still a rookie at travelling, but am inspired to one day go out and see every corner of the globe. Those unique countries off the beaten track often pique my curiosity, such as Togo, Qatar and Iraq. As I have little real-world experience, most of my edits will revolve around organising and re-sorting information, along with contributing to policy and site discussions.

If I do add content, it is usually scavenged off the internet, and will fit into the Understand, Get in/around, See or Do sections. By editing Wikivoyage, I find I learn more about different countries and cultures without even having to go there! A key area of interest is UNESCO World Heritage sites; a goal of mine is to make every article about the sites informative and useful with at least one photo. My primary focusses right now are Qatar, Melbourne and Bangladesh.

I have nominated myself as a docent for Melbourne and Dhaka, and their respective subpages/districts. For more information about docents, please see Project:What is a docent? If you would like to contact me, I can occasionally be found on the #Wikivoyage connect IRC channel, or else please send me an email or leave a message on my talk page.

Happy travels and happy editing!

James Atalk

travel wishlist



  • Reorganising and district-sorting Dhaka to star level
  • Reorganising and district-sorting Melbourne to star level
  • Bringing the articles about Qatar and Eritrea to a high standard
  • Working through UNESCO World Heritage sites and ensuring ever site has a listing within a destination article, with useful info and a photo
  • Updating all the Indian articles to reflect the new Rupee symbol, ₹
  • Modifying the edit toolbar to include a new special characters page with all accepted currency symbols (discussion)
  • Deciding on how we will obtain travel news in cooperation with Wikinews
  • Adding relevant Wikivoyage sister links on Wikipedia's articles
  • Asking copyright holders on Flickr to release their images under Creative Commons for their use on Wikivoyage (sample request)

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lives in Melbourne, Australia
joined 2012
speaks Australian English, basic Italian and Bengali

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New Caledonia

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