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Bob Marley, a Jamaican legend

Well, hello there! My name is Jay, native citizen of Jamaica, who is of Portuguese descent. So, you pop up here at my userpage, and you want to know who this 'Jay Jay Marcus Keize13' is? Seeing that this is a travel guide, I will just deal with my travels and stuff.

  • I have never left my country. I'm an inland tourist, but you don't have to travel to know. You have the world in your hands.
  • In Jamaica, I've been to quite a lot of places. It's my country, so, I have some knowledge to bring to Wikivoyage.
  • My contributions mainly focus on Jamaican articles, and stubs. I try my best to improve these stubs to outlines.
  • This is not related to travel, but a little fact/facts: I'm very nerdy, like a nery-nerd? And I love to write books. Nice meeting you all!



These are countries I would love to go:



See my ToDo subpage at: User:Jay Jay Marcus Keize13/ToDo.

What I Do at Wikivoyage?

  • I edit pages related to Jamaica, the Caribbean, or any coutry/region that I have a knowledge of.
  • I edit typos.
  • I upload pagebanners. See my Uploads
  • I recently started welcoming new users.

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Leave me a message: [1]