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About me edit

Hello. I'm yet another Wikivoyager with a love for travel. I'm an admin on this wiki and on and off spend quite some time adding content to our guides. Back on that other travel wiki, I used to be active as User:Justme.

I'm happy to discuss anything and everything, but I'm not into the map making business and I run no bots.

Occasionally, I focus on a single destination or region and expand it to guide status. In general however, I consider lots of basic content on lots of destinations more important than style. In my efforts of adding information to outline or usable articles, I'm sometimes a bit sloppy in terms of language and consistent use of style and listings - sorry! :-)

Travels edit

I've travelled a good lot over the years. I've seen virtually every country in Europe and I've travelled to Asia again and again. My all time favourite destination remains southern India. And northern India, actually. No, it's the whole of India I love, and I've travelled around there repeatedly and extensively. Some of my other best loved travel experiences include multiple day boat trips in the Amazon rainforest, winter sports in France, getting lost in the souqs of Morocco's ancient cities and being stuck in a tiny hill-top village in China due to heavy snow. I also have fond memories of places like Montenegro, Laos, Russia and Italy - oh well, I suppose I do have good memories of all the places I've been.

High on my wish list are New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Iran and Myanmar. My next stop is Indonesia, a major omission in my Asia travels so far.

Pages not to forget edit

Don't worry, that's pages I myself shouldn't forget :-)