Hi! I'm a guy from Massachusetts Massachusetts who likes to go places. Wikivoyage has helped me a lot while traveling, and I wanted to give back a little. So, I'm trying to flesh out some articles in need back home.

I've been passively learning Russian Russia so I can more easily visit Eastern European and Central Asian countries, but it's been difficult to keep motivated. I am hoping that once international travel is possible again, that will be the catalyst to get more serious about studying.

Projects I'm working on on WikiVoyageEdit

Right now, my mission is to upgrade and polish articles pertaining to Southeastern Massachusetts and its surrounding communities.

Countries I've visitedEdit

Pre-2017: USA  

2017: Iceland  , United Kingdom  , Scotland  , Germany  , Luxembourg  , Belgium  , Slovakia  , Czech Republic  , Bulgaria  , Hungary  , Denmark  , Switzerland  , Liechtenstein  , Austria  , England  , Croatia  , Montenegro  

2018: France  , Romania  , Moldova  , Transnistria  , Ukraine  , Poland  , Northern Ireland  / , Ireland  

2019: Canada  , Quebec  

2020: Lol

2021: ?

Travel Bucket ListEdit

Within the USA, I'm dying to see Glacier National Park.

I pretty much want to go everywhere, but these are the trips I think about the most.

Caucasus: Georgia  , Armenia  , Azerbaijan  

Trans-Siberian/Mongolian Railway: (Belarus?  ), Russia  , Mongolia  , China  

"Post-Soviet -stans": Kazakhstan  , Uzbekistan  , Turkmenistan  , Kyrgyzstan  , Tajikistan  

Other cool places I want to see: Greenland  , Japan  , Morocco