Extra region pages are pages that run parallel to the accepted hierarchy. They reference articles of cities and regions that belong to other regions. These pages are useful when overlapping regions are known by a number of different names.

They may just be a list of other locations but can also contain specific text for that region that does not fit well into any other region or city.

Examples include:

Pages are tagged at the bottom with the {{extraregion}} template. Displaying:

This region article is an extra-hierarchical region, describing a region that does not fit into the hierarchy Wikivoyage uses to organise most articles. These extra articles usually provide only basic information and links to articles in the hierarchy. This article can be expanded if the information is specific to the page; otherwise new text should generally go in the appropriate region or city article.

Articles are added to Category:Extra regions.

Note that an extraregion should typically not have any subregions or destinations which use it in their {{IsPartOf}} template. When changing an existing region article to an extraregion, it's a good idea to check the destinations listed and change them to the appropriate hierarchical parent, as appropriate. Rare exceptions can be made when the child article is itself a valid extraregion, such as the case where the Great Lakes includes Lake Ontario.

In some cases a region is better described as a travel topic than as an extraregion.

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