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It seems that no matter where you go in Australia, big things are bound to be found eventually. However, there is a certain type of big thing that seems to be unique to small tourist towns no matter where you travel. These are, of course, the everyday objects that have been built at enormous scales as novelty architecture and dutifully filled with overpriced snack bars and trinkets to remind you of your journey to visit the big thing.

Australian Capital TerritoryEdit

New South WalesEdit

The Big Ant in Broken Hill
The Big Merino, Goulburn, NSW

Northern TerritoryEdit

  • Big Boxing Croc, Humpty Doo.
  • Big Stockwhip, Noonamah.
  • Big Pink Buffalo, Darwin.


Big Gun, Underwood
The Big Mango, near Bowen, Queensland

South AustraliaEdit

The Big Lobster' in Kingston



Western AustraliaEdit

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