city in Skåne County, Sweden

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city with a population of about 352,000 (2021), and the capital of the province of Scania (Skåne) on the southern tip of the country. Malmö is a port city on the Öresund strait, facing Copenhagen on its other bank, with which it is connected by the Öresund bridge. Together, the two cities form a duopolis and a core of a larger Oresund region spanning parts of Denmark and Sweden.

Malmö used to be an industrial city, with a port and a shipyard, but the shipyard was dismantled in the late 20th century. The city has managed to recover and reinvent itself as a modern metropolis, a poster example of sustainable development and a thriving multicultural centre, even though it lacks the recognition as a major tourist destination like Copenhagen or Stockholm.

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Markets at Möllevångstorget

History edit

Founded in 1272 as a fortified port a day's walk from Lund, Malmö was for centuries the second-largest city of Denmark. It served as a Hanseatic port and a very lucrative trade area. Malmö dominated Skåne as the largest market hub, until Copenhagen grew larger during the 16th century. In 1658, as a result of the Great Northern War, Denmark ceded the Scanian lands, including the city of Malmö, to Sweden in the Second Treaty of Roskilde. As Copenhagen experienced a series of devastating fires and bombardments, in particular through the 1700s, Malmö is surprisingly the best place in the world to see Danish Renaissance architecture.

After an industrial revolution, Malmö grew rapidly and served as one of the earliest and most industrialized cities of Scandinavia. Until the turn of the millennium it was regarded more as a dull worker's city in the backdrop of Lund (a university and cathedral town) and Copenhagen. The opening of the Öresund Bridge-tunnel in 2000 reignited the soul of a bustling Hanseatic port that had lain dormant for so many centuries. Since 2011, this new landmark is featured in the acclaimed Swedish-Danish Nordic noir crime series The Bridge.

Today about a third of the Malmö population are from various other countries, making the city the most cosmopolitan in Sweden. This has contributed to a rich cultural life and many exotic and fine food opportunities. The ship building Kockums company used to be the city's biggest employer, but today the industrial city of old has been replaced by vast areas of middle-class suburban housing and modern eco-friendly neighbourhoods.

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Malmö Airport edit

Sturup's terminal in characteristically yellow

Malmö Airport is mostly served by low-fare, charter and regional carriers. There are three connections from Stockholm – with SAS (Arlanda), Norwegian (Arlanda) and BRA (Bromma) – and regional airlines fly from other destinations within Sweden. International flights are covered by many charter and scheduled flights from vacation destinations in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The only carrier operating scheduled international flights to Malmö Airport is WizzAir, connecting Malmö to the largest cities in central, eastern and southeastern Europe.

1 Malmö Airport (MMX  IATA, until 2007 known as Sturup Airport) (30 km by road from central Malmö).    

From Malmö Airport you can take the Flygbussarna coach[dead link] to Malmö centre (40 min). On Saturdays, however, there are only a limited number of buses, so please check the bus-schedule at Flygbussarna's webpage. Another option is taking a taxi, but this is far more expensive.

Copenhagen Airport edit

Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup is one of the major aviation hubs in Europe and offers a multitude of European and intercontinental connections by most European flag carriers, as well as other major international airlines.

Kastrup is right at the other end of the Öresund bridge from Malmö. There are frequent Øresundståg trains departing from a station inside the airport terminal that stop in stations in Malmö (Centralstation, Triangeln and Hyllie). The journey from the airport across the bridge to Malmö takes about 20 minutes. You can also take a bus across the Oresund, which is often cheaper than the trains. You can also take a taxi across the bridge. Signs in the arrivals hall of Kastrup Terminal 3 direct you outside to two separate queues of Danish and Swedish taxis. Taxi fare to Malmö city centre should be about 650–750 kr. As always with Swedish taxis, check the window sticker on the taxi to check the fare before boarding to avoid inadvertently selecting an overly expensive option (there is no limitation of taxi fares in Sweden and all taxis can charge anything they want as long as it is clearly indicated), or better yet, discuss the fare to Malmö with the driver before deciding – you can expect them to speak good English.

By train edit

Malmö is well served by trains, including frequent regional and commuter services within Scania as well as long-distance trains from Gothenburg and Stockholm. There are trains running across the Öresund bridge from Copenhagen at least every 30 minutes. In Copenhagen, there are further connections from most Danish cities as well as from Hamburg.

Malmö Central station is located at a canal right across from the old town

Regional Øresundståg leave all day from Helsingør, traversing the east coast of Sjælland, before crossing through Copenhagen and then across the Öresund bridge to Malmö, also connecting Kastrup airport to the city. In the opposite direction trains run from Gothenburg (with connections from Oslo) via Varberg, Halmstad, Helsingborg and Lund. Trains from Copenhagen's central station to Malmö Central take approximately 40 minutes (including border checks at Hyllie), costing 123 kr when purchased from Skånetrafiken or 91 DKK if using a Danish Rejsekort (as of October 2022). However, using the Skånetrafiken app to purchase tickets will provide passengers a 24-hour ticket option for unlimited use in Copenhagen and Malmö’s public transport systems (including Oresundstag stations covered in the zone which the ticket is valid) from 246 kr (the cost of two one-way tickets between Copenhagen H and Malmö Central). Additionally, frequent and regular commuter trains, called Pågatåg and operated by Skånetrafiken, run from destinations throughout the province of Scania such as Lund, Helsingborg, Höör and Ystad.

From Stockholm, there are hourly high-speed trains taking 4½ hours, operated by SJ. A low cost alternative on the same route is the twice or thrice daily Snälltåget, taking around five hours (depending on number of stops).

Limited night train services are available too. During summer, Snälltåget runs a train from Berlin thrice a week. In winter season, the same company runs a service to and from the ski resort Åre.

The main stations on the line running through Malmö are:

Triangeln. One of two glass-covered entrances to the underground station.
  • 2 Malmö Centralstation (Malmö Central Station), Skeppsbron 1. Malmö's main train station, with a refurbished historic terminal building housing a small shopping centre, gastronomic options and other facilities. It is directly to the north of the Old Town and to the east of the Västra Hamnen and the Turning Torso. There are bus connections to every part of the city, but to most points of interest you can easily walk – or rent a bike right in front of the station.    
  • 3 Triangeln. Triangeln is an entirely underground station in the middle of the City Tunnel, in the southern part of Malmö's centre. It is also a very convenient option to those visiting Malmö, especially those who would like to explore the shopping options and the gastronomic variety of Möllevångstorget.    
  • 4 Hyllie. Hyllie Station is in the middle of the namesake new part of Malmö, developed from scratch over the southern end of City Tunnel. This part of Malmö is quite removed from the city centre, but includes many important destinations, such as the Malmö Arena, the Malmömässan fairgrounds and the Emporia shopping centre, all right next to the train station. All Swedish-bound trains from Denmark will stop here as border police need to conduct passport checks (no such checks happen on the opposite direction).    

The above three stations are served by regional trains to and from Copenhagen, direct trains from Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as regional trains. Other train stations in Malmö include Persborg, Svågertorp, Oxie, and Burlöv, which are only served by a limited number of regional trains and are of little interest to tourists, as they are in residential locations far from major points of interest.

The central station also includes a small supermarket, food stalls, coffees, ATMs as well as lockers, toilets and showers.

By car edit

The Öresund Bridge, connecting Sweden with the rest of Europe. This 8-km-long bridge was inaugurated in the year 2000, built for car and rail traffic.

Another way of crossing the Øresund Bridge[dead link] (both bridge and tunnel) is to drive for yourself. It is a toll bridge, with tolls charged in both directions (entering and leaving Sweden). Since the road is a motorway (one-way passage only), it is not possible to change direction after passing the last exit in Denmark. The prices for an ordinary car shorter than 6 m begin at €48 per single trip[dead link]. With a BroPas subscription it is possible to reduce the cost substantially. easyGo customers qualifies for a 5% discount on cash payments. Credit cards are also accepted.

The view is much less obstructed if you choose to go by car as compared to train. Keep in mind, though, that the road over the Øresund Bridge is a motorway, hence it is prohibited to stop for other reasons than if your car should break down. There is no public access to Peberholm Island, where the tunnel and the bridge connect.

By bus edit

Gråhundbus[dead link], FlixBus and NettBuss have routes from Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and other places. From Copenhagen the buses take longer (about an hour) but are cheaper than the train, from 60 kr (as of 2017).

Autoprevoz, +387 51 317 333, has buses from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25 hr, twice weekly, ~ €150. Whereas Toptourist[dead link], +45 48 25 38 37, offers connection from Sarajevo via Salzburg, twice weekly, €140 return, tickets can be paid on the bus, but advance booking and payment is recommended.

By boat edit

Finnlines runs a ferry line between Travemünde in northern Germany and Malmö. The ferry line is mostly directed towards trucks and car drivers, but it is possible to book tickets for pedestrians. Departures that do not need a compulsory cabin booking are Tu–F at 10:00, Sa at 11:00 from Travemünde. The trip takes nine hours, the fares for a one-way trip for an adult begin at €30. The fare for a car shorter than 6 m (20 ft) begins at €49 in the low season, €67 in the high season. Motorcycles can be taken on board for free during the low season, bicycles can be taken on board for free all year round. A booked return trip will grant a 20% discount on the return part of the trip.

5 Finnlines ferry terminal, Lappögatan 1A (in the northern part of Malmö Harbour, 10 km (6 mi) from the city centre). There is a bus from the ferry terminal to Malmö Centralstation. Tickets can be purchased on the bus with a contactless (NFC) card.

As an alternative, Trelleborg and Ystad offer ferry connections from other ports in Germany and Poland. The travel time of these ferries are usually between five and ten hours, and Malmö Central Station can be reached from Trelleborg by regional bus #146 in about 50 min, or by Pågatåg train line 9 in 32 minutes.

Get around edit

Bicycle edit

Malmö is best experienced by bicycle, the city is interlaced with lots of bicycle roads. Malmö is known as a very bike-friendly city (and indeed, biking is the preferred method of transportation here). The official bike map can be found on bike rentals and the tourist office. There are guided bike tours in Malmö during the summer.

Public transport edit

Skånetrafiken is responsible for public transport in Malmö and all of Scania. The green buses (stadsbuss) all have routes within Malmö city, and the yellow buses are regional buses to other cities in Scania.

VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards can be used as payment for tickets in both yellow and green buses. It is not possible to use cash as payment in buses and trains. Tickets or cards can also be purchased in advance, either in vending machines, at Skånetrafiken customer centres (kundcenter), at service partners (serviceombud or ombud) or via a smartphone app. The smartphone app also supports an English language version. The old JoJo-card system has been replaced by a "Reskort" which can only be purchased at Skånetrafiken customer centres and service partners, and can not be topped up with a cash balance, only loaded with tickets at a customer centre, service partner, or ticket machine. Generally speaking, prices with Reskort and the app are the same, so Reskort can only be recommended for those unable to use the app.

Both the physical ticket (from vending machines) and the electronic ticket (Reskort and smartphone app) is valid for one hour as single fare (enkelbiljett), which begins immediately when the ticket is printed, scanned or activated. Transfer between rides is unlimited within this one hour. Public transport fares in Malmö also include train rides between the three stations: Malmö Central, Triangeln and Hyllie Station. The violet-coloured Pågatågen and the silver-coloured Øresundstågen normally stop at all three stations. Additional train stations can be included if specified when purchasing a ticket.

Note that if you have arrived from Denmark, within Malmö a Danish Rejsekort can only be used for travel between Malmö Central, Triangeln and Hyllie Station. Journeys between these stations cost 19 DKK for one hour of unlimited travel, but you must have a sufficient balance to cover all expected travel (as well as the required prepayment – 25 DKK for registered Rejsekort or 70 DKK for anonymous Rejsekort) before arriving as there are no Rejsekort top-up machines in Malmö. As in Denmark, you must check in and out at the Rejsekort check-in/out machines located at the entrances to each station.

Taxi edit

Taxi is also an option, fixed rates begin at 49/59/79 kr for trips within Malmö city.

The taxi market is unregulated, and some independent drivers charge high prices. Check the price tag in the window, prefer well known companies such as 171717, 232323, Taxi Skåne, Taxi Kurir etc, and always ask for the price of your trip before getting in.

  • Cabonline. Offers TaxiKurir, Taxi 020, Sverigetaxi and TOPCAB taxis. Fixed price on all trips.
  • Uber Malmö.
  • Bolt Malmö.

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Main squares and streets edit

The historic central parts of Malmö is called Gamla Staden ("Old Town"), and this area has three squares; Gustav Adolfs torg (Gustav Adolf's Square), Stortorget (Great Square) and Lilla torg (Little Square). Stortorget and Lilla Torg are directly connected at one corner, and a pedestrian-only shopping street connects them with Gustav Adolfs torg.

Stortorget (The Great Square)
Typical street in the historic centre (Isak Slaktaregatan)
  • 1 Davidshallstorg. A square with design shops, clothes stores and restaurants. The atmosphere here is posh, so the vibe is very different from Möllevångstorget's. There are similar shops on the nearby parts of Davidshallsgatan.
  • 2 Gamla Väster. Between Lilla Torget and Malmöhus. It is a quiet and sophisticated neighbourhood with lots of galleries, design shops and restaurants.  
  • 3 Gustav Adolfs torg. Surrounded on three sides by buildings containing shops and a McDonald's. At the centre of the square is a bus platform. A cemetery lies at the south side of the square, through which one can reach Slottsparken, a beautiful park that surrounds Malmöhus.    
  • 4 Lilla torg. The place for socializing and dining, with various restaurants having outdoor tables around the edge of the square.    
  • 5 Möllevångstorget. South of the city centre, has a bustling open-air market on weekends. The surrounding neighbourhood is full of inexpensive Asian and Middle Eastern shops, restaurants and grocery stores catering to the alternative side of the city, the immigrant population and people who are tired of mainstream commerce. The place to go to for inexpensive to moderate prices of beer.  
  • 6 Stortorget. The central plaza of Malmö. At the centre of Stortorget ("The Great Square") is a statue of King Karl X Gustav of Sweden, who took the city from Danish dominion. The ornate Malmö City Hall (built in 1546) is on the east side, and in the north-west corner is Kockska Huset, the house of Jörgen Kock, a German immigrant who became mayor of the city and achieved wealth simply and directly: by taking control of the city mint. In the winter, the square used to be used as a skating rink, but this has rarely happened in the early 2020s.    

Historic buildings and modern architecture edit

Malmö City Hall from 1547
Malmöhus Castle from the 1530s
  • 7 Katrinetorp, Katrinetorps Alle 1 (intersection of E20 and E6). Country manor with beautiful garden. Nice cafe and antique store.  
  • 8 Malmöhus Castle (Malmö Castle).    
  • 9 S:t Johannes kyrka.    
  • 10 S:t Petri kyrka. The city's oldest church (from the 14th century).    
  • 11 Turning Torso. Completed in 2005, it is at 190 m the tallest building in Scandinavia. Mostly apartments with some offices, it's in a new zone near the waterfront and has no observation tower or other sightseeing facilities, so it's probably best to admire it from afar (visible from almost anywhere in the city). If you are visiting in the summer there is a nice waterfront promenade and an open-sea bath nearby the Turning Torso. There is also a state of the art skateboarding park in the area.    

Museums and cultural institutions edit

Malmö Live, a new multi-purpose complex, including a concert hall
  • 12 Form/Design Center, Lilla Torg 9. Free.
  • 13 Malmö Konsthall (Malmö Art Hall), S:t Johannesgatan 7 (in the city centre). Large art exhibition. Malmö Konsthall has specialised in contemporary art since it opened in 1975. Free.
  • 14 Malmö Live, Dag Hammarskjölds Torg 4. A concert hall opened in August 2015.
  • 15 Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet), Ola Billgrens plats 2–4. Tu–Su 11:00–18:00. One of the major Swedish art museums. Free.    
  • 16 Malmö Stadsbibliotek (Malmö's public library), Kung Oscars väg. Browsing the shelves and admiring the building itself is a must for all architecture buffs and intellectuals.
  • 17 Teknikens och sjöfartens hus (Technology and Maritime Museum), Malmöhusvägen 7A, +46 40 34 44 38. Located west of the castle. The largest section of the museum is devoted to transport, in particular aviation, and there are lots of cut-away models, including the entire front end and cockpit of a Vickers Viscount. Visitors can walk (crawl, actually in places) through a 1943 Swedish U3 submarine. The displays are only labelled in Swedish, but is well worth a visit, nonetheless. Adults 40 kr.

Do edit

Guided tours and sightseeing edit

  • Bike tour with a guide at Malmö Bike Tours. About 2 hour tour with some 7 stops. Runs one or several days a week during summer.
  • Open boat sightseeing Rundan. About 40–50 people per boat. 50 min. Runs several times per day from spring to fall.
  • Malmö Museum Tram (Museispårvägen Malmö), Banérskajen (City bus 7 or 8 to the stop at Tekniska Museet (Technical Museum)). 12:00-16:24 every Sa and Su between May 28 and October 2 (except for June 25). Adults 20 kr, children (6–16 years) 10 kr, small children (less than 6 years) free.

Parks edit

Folkets Park, ferris wheel
  • 1 Pildammsparken. Central park with woodlands, a lake, gardens, sculptures, and playgrounds. The park was part of the Baltic exhibition in 1914, and several of the buildings from this exhibition is still around, including an outdoor theatre. In the south, Pildammsparken connects to Stadionparken and The Stadium Area, filled with sports facilities.
  • Kungsparken. Historic central park, connecting to the smaller Slottsträdgården park and Malmöhus Castle to the north. The park was constructed around 1870, on former castle grounds. It is named after the Swedish King Oscar II who inaugurated a park restaurant here in 1881. Kungsparken was designed by the Danish landscape architect Ove Høegh Hansen, inspired by the English garden culture.
  • 2 Slottsträdgården (Castle Garden). Located north of Kungsparken and south of Malmöhus Castle. This is one of the city's newest amenities and is an organic community garden, open throughout the year. There are eight themed gardens and a potager. Freshly picked flowers and vegetables are available for purchase in the summer months. There is also a small cafe, run entirely by volunteers.
  • 3 Folkets park (People's Park). Park and entertainment venue in the central parts of Malmö. See the terrarium. Ride a pony. Sunbathe. Eat and drink. Free entrance.
  • Bulltoftaparken. Relatively large park in the eastern outskirts of Malmö. Bulltoftsparken is from the late 1970s, built on a former airfield, and includes a park zone, a sports zone, and a nature zone. The sports zone offers playing fields, tennis courts, a fitness centre, a mini golf facility, and a disc golf field.
  • 4 Ribersborgsstranden. There are several options for outdoor swimming in Malmö. This includes beachparks and seabath facilities with small piers. The largest and most popular venue is Ribersborgstranden beachpark, right in the central parts. Swim, sunbathe or promenade at the 2-km sandy beach in Ribersborgstranden. The beach is child-friendly with sandy stretches, just a short walk from the inner city. In the winter you can enjoy ice swimming. Be sure to visit the Ribersborgs Kallbadshus, an old seabath structure from 1902.

Sports edit

The Stadium Area[dead link] (Stadionområdet) is a landmark area in Malmö in the central parts of the city next to Pildammsparken. With a total of four stadiums, a stadium park, including a Walk of Fame and other sports facilities, this is a must see for sport fanatics.

  • Malmö stadion (Eleda Stadion). This is the home ground of Malmö FF, who play soccer in Allsvenskan, Sweden's top league tier. They usually do well and qualify for European tournaments. With a capacity of 22,500, the stadium is also used for athletics and occasional concerts.
  • Baltiska Hallen. Covered stadium hosting large sports and cultural events, and occasional concerts with room for about 4,000 people.
  • Baltiska Bowlinghallen. A bowling hall with room for up to 450 guests.
  • Swedbank Stadion. Another half-covered stadium. Mostly soccer matches.
  • Malmö isstadion. Indoor ice rink with room for up to 6,000 people.

The flat landscape of Skåne is ideal for golf. Around Malmö there are quite a few good courses.

  • Malmö Burlöv Golfklubb. Large golf course with 27 holes, just outside the central city. There is a restaurant on site.
  • Malmö Golfhall, Fosievägen 4. Indoor golf arena in the southern parts of town.

Malmö has six skateboarding venues. The first dedicated venue Bryggeriet Malmö Skatepark was built in 1998 as an indoor venue, and it is still the largest skatepark in the city. The other five parks are outdoor spots in concrete, all of world-class quality. The last addition to the Malmö skateboarding scene came in 2016, when Kroksbäck Skatepark was inaugurated.

Stapelbäddsparken. Malmö has a total of six skateparks.
  • Bryggeriet Malmö Skatepark. September - May. The largest and first skatepark in Malmö, opened in 1998. This park is an indoor venue with wooden bowls and ramps, but also facilities for street skating.
  • Stapelbäddsparken. Skatepark in the harbour district of Västra Hamnen, north of the inner city.

Swim in the sea or in one of Malmö's bathhouses. There is also a total of three outdoor pools around town, open for the public in the summer months of June through August. Four city parks offer paddling pools for the public, and they can be great fun if you are with small kids. The water quality is regularly surveyed.

  • Sibbarbs Saltsjöbad, Strandgatan 85, +46 40 15 17 78. Seabath in the southern parts of town. Take a dip in the sea and soak some sun in the summer. There is an on-site café. Open year round. 65 kr.
  • Hylliebadet, Hyllievångsvägen 20, +46 40 34 26 50. Year round. Public bathhouse with a focus on wellness and relaxation in the southern parts of town, next to the Kroksbäck Park. The exclusive wellness area is for adults only. Sometimes special evening events. Hylliebadet includes a bathshop with various accessories and an on-site café. It is important that you wash yourself with soap before entering the pools! 85 kr. With access to the wellness area: 125 kr.
  • Four Gardens Spa, Kalkstensvägen 13. Large luxurious wellness centre in Limhamn in south Malmö. Professional wellness treatments and programs. The center includes lifestyle accommodation, an outdoor pool, restaurant, cinema, fitness machines, pools and saunas. Book a stay on-line.
  • Vattenlekplatsen, Adlerfelts Väg. June through August. Water-themed playground for kids. Free.

In the winter, outdoor ice skating is a popular pastime. Skating rinks can be found at Stortorget, and when the lake in Pildammsparken freezes over, it is also a popular venue.

Music, theatre and film edit

Malmö Opera
  • Victoriateatern, Södra Förstadsgatan 18, +46 40 97 66 02. This fine art nouveau building was erected in 1912 as a movie theatre, but is now used for theatre and occasional concerts and operas.
  • Malmö Opera. Opera house from 1944, clad in grey marble. Nowadays the cultural palette has broadened, and includes concerts, musicals and dance performances. Enjoy the architecture and specially designed interior, it is considered an icon for the Nordic Funkis style. Dine and drink in the associated opera restaurant.
  • Malmö Stadsteater. Malmö City Theatre.

Events edit

  • Eurovision Song Contest is next hosted by Malmö, with live shows on 7, 9 and 11 May 2024.
  • Malmö Pride is organised by the city's LGBT community. The next is probably 3-6 July 2024, tbc.
  • Malmöfestivalen is a free 8-day festival, with lots of cultural and culinary experiences. The next is 9-16 Aug 2024.

Buy edit

Highstreet shopping in Södra Förstadsgatan

Street shopping edit

The main shopping streets are Södergatan and Södra Förstadsgatan, where you can find all kinds of shops. Look out for Village, well designed homeware, at reasonable prices.

Experience the multicultural area around Möllevångstorget. Here you can find exotic shops selling Asian and Middle Eastern foods and a wide selection of pubs and bars. In the mornings there is also an open market where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

Shopping centres edit

Malmö has four shopping plazas in the centre, offering the usual mixture of town shopping with clothes, cameras, jewelry, electronics, books, movies etc. blended with eateries, both international fast food chains and local ones, as well as world famous Swedish glassware:

  • 1 Caroli, Östergatan 12.
  • 2 Entré, Fredsgatan 14.
  • 3 Hansa, Stora Nygatan.
  • 4 Triangeln, Södra Förstadsgatan 41.

There are also some shopping plazas outside the city centre, like:

  • 5 Emporia, Hyllie Boulevard 19. Daily 10:00-20:00, except for Midsommar, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. A huge, very modern shopping centre with over 200 shops plus restaurants, in a quite unusually pleasing setting. The centre is right across the entrance to the Hyllie train station and even features a roof terrace with some nice views in good weather.
  • 6 Jägersro Center, Jägersrovägen 151 (next to the Jägersro Hippodrome). This shopping centre is the very oldest of its kind in Sweden. Lots of parking lots and good bus connections.
  • 7 Mobilia, Per Albin Hanssons väg 40.

Eat edit

Budget edit

City centre edit

  • 1 Vegegården, Rörsjögatan 23, +46 40 611 38 88. Lovely Asian vegetarian restaurant. A la carte and buffet-style. Serves lunch on weekdays and barbecue on weekends. From 68 kr; eat as much as you like.
  • 2 Korvhuset, Västra Kanalgatan 1. Super delicious bratwurst and mashed potatoes. Very nice service.
  • 3 Malmö City Pizzeria, Västra Kanalgatan 1. Classic Swedish pizzeria. Amazing delicious pizza. Good value. Friendly service.
  • 4 Nguyen's Sandwiches, Engelbrektsgatan 19. Good place to get a spicy Vietnamese sandwich or a bowl of pho, the signature soup of Vietnamese cuisine. Authentic.

Around Triangeln edit

  • 5 Davidshall, Davidshallsgatan 23. Really good pizzas. Fantastic value for money, professional and efficient service, and delicious food.
  • 6 Jalla Jalla, Bergsgatan 16. Well-known and popular falafel place. A normal falafel wrap costs 30 kr (Aug 2017)
  • 7 Burritofriends, Fersens väg 14B. Supremely delicious, vegan-friendly, and highly customizable. The menu is just great, the ingredients are fresh. The service is friendly.
  • 8 Tamnack Thai, Spångatan 4. The presentation is simple, the restaurant is a cute hole in the wall. Great service.

Around Möllevångstorget edit

Many kitchen venues here cater to the budget option. Get a falafel (30-45 kr), Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern or Chinese meal from 60 kr. Plenty to choose from.

  • 9 The Vegan Bar, Södra Skolgatan 45. Nice location, nice food, nice people. They have a wide variety of vegan food. Very good vegan burgers. Food comes fast and quantities are great.
  • 10 Krua Thai, Möllevångstorget 12. A great, inexpensive Thai place.
  • 11 Restaurang Asien, Ystadsgatan 17, +46 40-92 94 37. An unpretentious looking restaurant that serves delicious Vietnamese food. You'll find it a short walk from Möllevångstorget, down Ystadsgatan. On the menu you will find food like Pho or Vietnamese springrolls. Tasty and reasonably priced.
  • 12 Ganesha, Södra Förstadsgatan 82. Does tasty and cheap Indian fast food for 80 kr and up.

South Malmö edit

  • 13 Özen Allfrukt, Lantmannagatan 59. Balkan-style cuisine offering fast food dishes such as Burek, Ćevapčići and Pljeskavica. The Pljeskavica will satiate you for the rest of the day. It's also a grocery store with low prices. 25 to 40 kr per serving.
  • 14 Aras, Lönngatan 24, +46 40 832 73. Persian restaurant that serves authentic and succulent Persian kebabs on fluffy steamed basmati rice with butter, grilled tomato and raw onion on the side. Don't miss the salade Olivier, Russian salad-Persian style. Around 60–100 kr.

Mid-range edit

There are a lot of restaurants in the Little Square with outdoor seating (with heating year-round).

  • 15 Elysée (Malmborgen), Malmborgsgatan 7, +46 40 12 91 20. M–Th 17:00–22:30, F 17:00–23:30, Sa 16:00–23:30, Su 15:00–22:00. The main attraction is the all-you-can-eat bouillon fondue (259 kr per person, min. two persons). Choose between beef, pork or chicken with either potatoes or rice on the side. The salad bar is included to the price, but you may also just order the salad bar for 135 kr, all-you-can-eat (all prices as of May 2023). You may also order the reindeer filet.
  • 16 Mello Yello, Lilla torg 1, +46 40 30 45 25. A delicious mix of Swedish and European food. The best view and service is in the one located close to the Turning Torso and the beach (150 kr each).
  • 17 Ses På Paddy's, Kalendergatan, +46 40 786 00. Excellent Swedish food, don't let the idea of eating in an Irish bar put you off! Booking is essential in this busy restaurant.
  • 18 Steak House, Lilla torg 7, +46 40 97 34 97. Very nice food for a reasonable price by Scandinavian standards.

There are also lots of mid-range restaurants in other parts of town.

  • 19 Atmosfär, Fersens väg 4, +46 40 12 50 77. A splurge restaurant gone mid-range without compromising the food or service.
  • 20 Di Penco, Roskildevägen 3, +46 40 39 66 55. An Italian lunch restaurant a short walk from "Triangeln". They serve delicious home made pasta with freshly baked ciabatta bread for only 65 kr.
  • 21 Lemongrass, Grynbodgatan 9. A sophisticated place serving Asian crossover food to a well-to-do crowd. Mains 134–208 kr.
  • 22 Maguro Sushibar, Östra Förstadsgatan 15. Great sushi place.
  • 23 Metro, Ängelholmsgatan 14, +46 40 23 00 63. Another restaurant and bar for the local hipsters. They also have club nights. Mains 115–230 kr.
  • 24 Restaurang Möllan, Bergsgatan 37c, +46 40 12 10 15. Tasty and juicy steaks plus some seasonal dishes can be found at this laid-back and cozy place.
  • 25 Två Krögare - Bullen, Storgatan 35, +46 40 12 12 41. One of few restaurants that still serve traditional Swedish food (husmanskost).
  • 26 Yukai, Bergsgatan 35. A calm place with great atmosphere, great sushi and great service. Probably the best Japanese restaurant in town. Mains 64-175 kr.
  • 27 Restaurang Ribersborg, Limhamsvägen 27 (next to the Ribersborg beach), +46 40 26 03 54, . 11:00–22:00 daily, except 20 December to 4 January. Serving indoors and outdoors. Dagens rätt (daily meal) 95 kr, between 11:00 and 15:00. À la carte 165 to 235 kr.
  • Restaurang Tryck Krusegatan 19. Great daily lunch M–F 95 kr.
  • Malmö Saluhall, Gibraltargatan 6. Lively food hall with various restaurants and shops.

Splurge edit

  • 28 Bloom, Pildammsvägen 2. Five-course menu 695 kr.

Sweet edit

Around Christmas time, look out for 'pepparkakor' (literally pepper-cakes), spicy crispy cookies flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, molasses and cloves. Traditional accompaniment to 'glögg' (mulled wine).

Drink edit

Most people drink at home prior to going out, as alcohol at licensed premises is expensive. Finding a Systembolaget is the best way of getting what you need, open usually M–F 10:00–19:00, Sa Su 11:00–15:00.

Malmö has a vibrant night life, but prices are for the most part substantially higher than they are across the bridge in Copenhagen. Lilla Torg is the epicentre but prices are high, you could also try Möllevångstorget where any of the many bars, cafés and restaurants in this bustling part of town is good value. Like in Copenhagen, and indeed most of Scandinavia, expect most of the drinking to be limited to Friday and Saturday except at the height of summer where many Swedes have vacation. You can pick up the free Nöjesguiden and Dygnet Runt magazines in various stores to read more about Malmö's nightlife. They are only available in Swedish though.

  • 1 Étage, Stortorget 6, +46 40 23 20 60. M Th 23:00–04:00; F Sa 23:00–05:00. Popular nightclub in the Big Square. Entrance is usually free before midnight, afterwards it's 50–100 kr.
  • 2 Fagans, Per Weijersgatan 4, +46 40 970 990. Generally 16:00–23:00, on weekends open as late as 02:00. Great Irish pub just off Gustav Adolf's Square.
  • 3 Izakaya Koi, Lilla torg 5, +46 40 757 00. Not quite like a Tokyo tavern, but it still manages to attract visiting Japanese businessmen.
  • 4 Slagthuset, Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A. The city's biggest and best-known nightclub, housed in a former slaughterhouse (hence the name). The facility also includes a performance theatre and restaurants during the day.
  • Babel, Spångatan 38. Concerts and clubs.
  • Inkonst, Bergsgatan 29. Performing arts, music and talks.
  • 5 1998 Coffee Shop, Davidshallsgatan 25B. F-Su 11:30-16:00. Has good coffee. Also sells speciality coffee beans, t-shirts, jeans, and other items of clothing. Offers take-away and has a 1990s-inspired seating area. Friendly staff.

Sleep edit

This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget less than 500 kr
Mid-range around 700-900 kr
Splurge over 1000 kr

While prices in Malmö may seem high, especially in the summer, and there is little variance in prices across properties, staying in the city may be your best option in the region, as hotels are generally expensive in Sweden (and even more so across the bridge in Copenhagen), while Malmö boasts a wide selection of properties unusual for other Swedish cities.

As in the rest of Sweden, breakfast is generally included in room price, as is Wi-Fi. Do make sure to double-check the rates at different dates, as they may vary greatly depending on local events and time of year. The highest season is around the end of May and in June, when the days are the longest and the weather the best.

Budget edit

Mid-range edit

Comfort Hotel Malmö
  • 8 Elite Plaza Hotel Malmö, Gustav Adolfs torg 49, +46 40 664 48 70.
  • 9 Elite Hotel Residens, Adelgatan 7, +46 40 664 48 90.
  • 10 Elite Hotel Savoy, Norra Vallgatan 62, +46 40 664 48 00. Central location opposite train station. Comfortable traditional hotel. Breakfast is a very relaxed affair.
  • 11 First Hotel Jörgen Kock, Jörgen Kocksgatan 3 (250 m from Central Station), +46 40 10 18 00. Advertised as 'the hotel with the big rooms', and they are indeed unusually large by the standards of Scandinavian hotels. The decor is simple but comfortable, in a modern building within an easy walk of the central area. Includes breakfast (with tea and coffee remaining available later in the day) and fast wireless internet. Superior and deluxe rooms have tea/coffee maker. From 572 kr.
  • 12 Good Morning+ Malmö, Stadiongatan 21, +46 40 672 85 70. The former Ibis was upgraded to Mercure, but the building was clearly designed to Ibis standards. It was built to serve as an accommodation base for the nearby sports and conference venues, and is thus quite removed from the centre.
  • 13 Grand Hotel Garden, Baltzarsgatan 20, +46 40 665 60 00. Central location, with a unique rooftop garden.
  • 14 Mayfair Hotel Tunneln - Sweden Hotels, Adelgatan 4, +46 40 10 16 20.
  • 15 Moment Hotels, Adelgatan 54, +46 40 23 50 40. A boutique hotel close to Malmö Central station.
  • 16 Park Inn by Radisson, Sjömansgatan 2, +46 40 628 60 00, . The only hotel in Västra Hamnen, in the midst of an office/industrial area. The immediate surroundings might not be the most touristy, but the hotel is reasonably close to Malmö Central Station. If you prefer to cycle there, the hotel has bikes for rent.
  • 17 Scandic Segevång, Segesvängen, +46 40 693 45 00. This is a suburban hotel situated amidst the meadows of Segevång. Slightly dated, but offers a large outside pool and a smaller one inside. It is also close to a golf course and markets itself as a sports/leisure hotel.
  • 18 Teaterhotellet, Fersens väg 20 (across the street of the Opera building), +46 40 665 58 00. Centrally situated.

Splurge edit

Scandic Triangeln.

Malmö is relatively low-rise on average, so the 20-storey Hotell Triangeln can serve as an orientation point.

Connect edit

As of Sept 2021, Malmö has 4G from Net4Mobility/Tele2, and 5G from 3 Tre and Telia. Wi-Fi is widely available in public places.

Stay safe edit

Malmö has had some issues with gang crime, but the overall crime rate is moderate compared to other European cities of similar size. Visitors who do not actively seek trouble are unlikely to be confronted by gangs.

Anti-Semitic hate crimes have been an issue in Malmö.

As in other Swedish cities, drunk brawls, bicycle thefts and pickpocketing are among the most common risk factors for visitors.

In the traffic, keep an eye out for bicycles, as cyclists automatically expect others to yield.

Cope edit

Consulates edit

Copenhagen, with many embassies, is a short train trip away.

The Öresundsbron between Malmö and Copenhagen

Go next edit

  • Skånetrafiken's Around the Sound[dead link] (Öresund Runt) ticket is a great way to see the surrounding region of Scania as well as North Zealand, Denmark (including Copenhagen). For 299 kr, you get unlimited train travel and one ferry trip, for two days.
  • 18 Foteviken Museum. In Höllviken, Vellinge municipality. A reconstruction of a Viking or early medieval village. This is a living museum, which means a number of people live as Vikings on site throughout the summer.    
  • Catch a ferry and head to Travemünde, Germany.
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