A city in Lower Assam, Tezpur (Assamese: তেজপুৰ Tejpur, Hindi: तेजपुर Tejpur) is the largest city in the northern banks of the Brahmaputra River. It houses numerous sites of historical significance of the Ahom Kingdom and is also mentioned in several Hindu Puranic scriptures.

Agnigarh Hill



Tezpur (tehz-poor or tehj-poor - not to be confused with the similar-sounding Dispur) is the administrative headquarters of the Sonitpur district of Assam. The city's existence dates back to the Vedic period. It is a major tourist hotspot with a growing commercial market. It has numerous tea plantations and acts as a gateway to Arunachal Pradesh through Bhalukpong.


Usha telling Chitralekha about Aniruddha whom she saw in her dream.

The name Tezpur means 'town of blood'. According to Hindu Puranic scriptures, the ruler of Sonitpur, Banasura had a daughter named Usha. Banasura locked her up in a fortress called Agnigarh as many young suitors had come to him asking for her hand. Once in a dream, Usha fell in love with Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krishna. Usha's friend Chitralekha who was an artist helped Usha portray Aniruddha. Chitralekha, through her supernatural powers, abducted Aniruddha from the palace of Krishna and brought him to Sonitpur. When Banasura came to know about this, he started a war with Lord Krishna which ended up in bloodshed. This justifies the name of the town. At the end of the war, Banasura was defeated by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna forgave Banasura as he pleaded for his life. Lord Krishna then married his grandson Aniruddha to Bana's daughter Usha and the war ended on a happy note. The city has numerous ruins dating back to 9th and 10th centuries of the Gupta period. Antiquities found at the Da Parbatia are inferred to have been from a temple complex built during the 5th or 6th century, prior to the Bhaskaravarman period.

During World War II, the United States Army Air Forces Tenth Air Force used Tezpur Airport as a B-24 Liberator heavy bomber base for the 7th Bombardment Group.

During the Sino-Indian War in 1962, the People's Liberation Army of China penetrated close to the outskirts of the city. The local government ordered the evacuation of the civilians in Tezpur to the south of the Brahmaputra River, all prisoners were released, and government officials who stayed behind destroyed Tezpur's currency reserves in anticipation of a Chinese advance. Due to this, the Indian Armed Forces have a significant presence in the city till today.

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Tezpur has a moderate climate characterised by heavy rainfall during the monsoons and slight rainfall with isolated thunderstorms from October to March. The city does not experience very high temperatures at any time of the year. The daily maximum temperature is 36 °C (96.8 °F) in August, the hottest month and the daily minimum temperature is 8.9 °C (48 °F) in January, the coldest month.

Get in


Being one of the most developed cities in the region, Tezpur is well connected by airways, railways, roadways as well as waterways.

By plane


Tezpur has a civil enclave airport (TEZ  IATA) with daily regional services from Guwahati and Pasighat. All flights are operated by Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India. The airport is also known as Salonibari Airport, named after its locality, Salonibari. Only ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft operate through here.

By train

Bhairabi Temple
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Dekargaon Railway Station serves the city. It handles daily passenger and goods services. Being at the end of the route, this is the last railway station. The main railway station is Rangapara North Junction. It handles daily passenger and goods traffic to major cities of India.

  • 1 Dekargaon railway station, Rangapukhuri Rd. 24 hours daily. A medium-sized railway station with daily goods and passenger services.    
  • 2 Rangapara North Junction railway station, M.G. Rd. 24 hours daily. The largest railway station in the district, which handles daily passenger and cargo services to and from all major cities of India.    

By car


Tezpur is well connected by national highways and state highways. The city is linked with other towns and districts in the region.

  • Coming from Dhekiajuli, go via NH-15
  • Coming from Biswanath Chariali, go via NH-15
  • Coming from Jakhalabandha, go via NH-715
  • Coming from Nagaon, go via SH-3, then NH-715

By bus

The Mahabhairab Temple

Tezpur is well connected by bus services. Assam State Transport Corporation, a government owned road transport service, operates buses in the city. Buses connect almost all the cities in Assam daily. Tickets can be booked online at ASTC's website or through the RedBus. Timetable is available in the RedBus website. There are air-conditioned buses as well as ordinary buses. Apart from these, private buses are also available. Private buses are crowdy and might be uncomfortable for travellers.

By boat


Tezpur is situated along the National Waterway 2 (NW-2) on the Brahmaputra river. The city handles daily cargo services. There are numerous ferries offering rides at a reasonable rate to nearby river islands.

Get around

The Harihara war depicted on the Agnigarh Hill.

Getting around Tezpur can be quite hectic. There are e-rickshaws, public transportation like buses, and rental cars. E- Rickshaw operators can charge huge fares on seeing a tourist. Usually e-rickshaw rides are short and cost ₹10-20 per person (as of 2022). It is recommended to use e-rickshaws instead of public transport to go around in the city as public transport vehicles are packed with people, at least most of the times. Walkarounds are usually safe and can be done easily. Cycling is a good option but don't expect anything like Copenhagen.

Going to villages and nearby towns is surely a good idea but e-rickshaws and other private vehicles are a bit overpriced. Public transportation like bus or train is recommended.

The Gateway of Ganesh Mandir.
  • 1 Agnigarh, . Daily 9AM to 7PM. This is the legendary hill where Banasura locked his daughter. The access to this place is quite interesting to reach the top of the hill one should take a circular staircase and is a good option for trekking. On your way to the top of the hillock, you will see lot of images relating to the legend behind the construction of the fort. ₹20-40.
  • 2 Bamuni Hills, . Daily 6AM to 4PM. The ruins of Bamuni hill is famous for its artistic beauty. The structural remains present here date back to the 9th and 10th century and attract historians and art lovers from all over the world. Free.
  • 3 Bhairabi Temple, Mantridi village. Daily 9AM to 7PM. The Goddess Bhairavi is worshipped here. The stones of the temple is adorned by intricate carvings and images that date back to 9th century. The backdrop of the temple is a view looking towards the Kolia Bhomora Setu (bridge) across the Brahmaputra River. Free.    
  • 4 Mahabhairab Temple, Mahabhairab-Paruwa Rd, +91 37122 0005. Daily 9AM to 7PM. This temple is believed to have been established by king Banasura with a Shiva lingam. It is thought to be from the 8th century. It was rebuilt with concrete and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the most popular sites to visit in the city Free.    
  • 5 Ketakeshwar Dewalay, Da-Ati Gaon, Ketekibari Rd. Daily 9AM to 6PM. It is reputed to have one of the largest Shivalingas in the world. This shrine is open to all visitors and there is a local committee which oversees the development of the area around the site. Legend has it that during a severe earthquake, in the past the lingam was uprooted from its base and deposited where it now stands. Free.    
  • 6 Kolia Bhomora Setu, Bhomoraguri. 24hrs Daily. Kolia Bhomora Setu is a bridge connecting Nagaon with Tezpur. About two centuries ago, a massive stone inscription was made by the Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan, who had initially planned to construct the bridge. In 1987, the bridge was constructed, 3.05 km long and dedicated to this great Ahom general. Free.    
  • 7 Da Parbatia Gate, Bhomoraguri. Daily 9AM to 6PM. This is the ruins of a door frame from the Gupta-era which shows an exquisitely carved door. On either side of the door are carvings of the Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna, with garlands in their hands. The entire door frame is covered with elaborate carvings of flowers and foliage. Free.    
  • 8 Padum Pukhuri (Kekorapool Park), Chowk Bazar Rd. Daily 9AM to 6PM. This park is the perfect place for the peace lovers. It has two bridges over its lakes taking you to the island between the lake. It also offers boating services. You can take some stunning photographs in here. ₹20-30.
  • 9 Chitralekha Udyan (Cole Park), Cole Park Rd. Daily 9AM to 6PM. It is a very picturesque park. It is named after Chitralekha, the artist in the Aniruddha-Usha love story. A replica of the famous Bhomoraguri inscription which recorded the ancient plans to build a bridge exists here. It is the largest park in the city. Many activities like bumper cars, paddle boating are available here. Other elements of attraction are a concrete map of India and a model of the jet-fighter MiG-21 of the Indian Air Force. ₹30-40.    

The city is full of historical wonders. Visit the archaeological sites and temples to relish the history of the city. The city's market, Chowk Bazaar is always active with stores fore everything. Roam all around, hang out with friends, get out for dinner, enjoy with family in the parks.

The Kolia Bhomora Bridge


  • 1 River rafting at Eco Camp, Nameri Eco Camp Rd, . Sunrise–sunset daily. Angling and water rafting on the Kameng River is popular among tourists. ₹2000-2700.
  • 2 Koliabhomora Water and Recreation Park, Near Koliabhomora Bridge, National Highway 37A. Daily 9AM-6PM. A basic water park with other recreational activities. ₹200-1000.
  • 3 Trip to Tawang. Hire a jeep at the bus terminal and take a trip to Northern Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang, Dirang and Sela Pass are the most popular destinations. A full tour takes about 3-4 days. Tourists with altitude sickness must consult with their doctors or reconsider their travel as these places are located at an altitude of 5,000-13,000 ft ₹2000-3000.

Watch movies

The Da-Parbatia Site

There are numerous movie theatres in the city. All of the theatres have eateries. Here are the most popular ones-

  • 4 Anwar Cinema Hall, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, +91 75780 08005. Daily 10AM-5PM. A popular movie theatre with a cafeteria. All popular movies, mostly Hindi are screened here.
  • 5 SVF Cinemas, G Square Mall, 5th Floor, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, +91 88221 46357, . Daily 10AM-5PM. One of the popular theatres. There are 2 screens and offers movies in 3D. Screens Hindi, Assamese and English movies.
  • 6 Gold Digital Cinema, Barikachubri, Mahabhairab, . Daily 10AM-5PM. A reasonably priced movie theatre.


The Bamuni Hills ruins.

There are various clubs around the city that regularly organise musical events and fairs. Tezpur, being a city in Assam, the festival of Bihu is celebrated here too with great joy. People are filled with joy and enjoy the occasion to the fullest. People distribute sweets and pithas (similar to pancakes, dumplings or fritters). Painting sessions are also organised in Chitralekha Udayan.


The Tezpur University.

Tezpur has a university which is accredited to the NAAC with A grade. It offers all types of courses ranging from B.Tech, Ph.D and M.Tech among others. The city also has a college and many other institutions.

  • 3 Tezpur University, Napaam, +91 37122 73149, . Daily 10AM-5PM. Located about 15km from the city centre, the university is a modern educational hub of about 262 acres (1.06 km2). It is linked by a PWD road from the National Highway No. 37A    
  • 4 Darrang College, Mahabhairab Paruwa Rd, +91 37122 20014, . Daily 10AM-5PM. This is one of the most popular colleges in the city. Located within a sprawling commercial area, this college offers bachelor's degrees in Arts, Commerce & Science. It is affiliated to the prestigious Gauhati University.    
  • 5 Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Punioni, Solmara, +91 95311 01050, . Daily 10AM-5PM. It is a part of the much larger network of International Statistical Institute units all over the world. India has six ISI institutions offering areas of expertise in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematical Economics, Operations Research and Information Science.    
The Chitralekha Udyan



Due to rapid modernisation in the city in the recent years, many companies have established locations in the city and most of them have numerous vacancies for job positions. There is not much work opportunities for foreign travelers but both international and domestic visitors can help out NGOs and educational institutions.

The Rudrapath Stones
Tea Plantation in the outskirts of Tezpur.
Old cannons from the 16th-17th century

There are many agglomerated markets in the city. The major ones are 7 Mission Chariali, 8 Paruwa Chariali and 9 Chowk Bazaar. Stores offering almost all kinds of necessities are available in both the markets.

  • 1 MP Jewellers, Friendz Plaza, 1st Floor, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, +91 37122 22444. M-Sa 11AM-8PM, Su closed. A well furnished quality jeweller's store.
  • 2 KayBee's, Main Rd. Daily 10AM-8PM. A departmental store where everything ranging from food to toiletries, clothes to cosmetics are available.
  • 3 Sohum Shoppe, MG Rd, +91 36124 66336, . Daily 10AM-9PM. A popular shopping mall. Known for having top luxury brands.
  • 4 Reebok, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, +91 94350 80162, . Daily 10AM-8PM. Retail chain supplying athletic shoes, apparel & accessories for men, women & children.
  • 5 W For Woman, Ishaan, Main Road (Next to Reebok store), +91 79425 67059. Daily 10AM-10PM. A luxury clothing store offering ethnic Indian clothing for women.
  • 6 Khadims, Tezpur Main Rd, . Daily 9AM-9PM. An Indian chain shoe store offering quality formal and casual footwear.
  • 7 Delight Bakery, 15, Mahatma Gandhi Rd. Daily 8AM-10PM. A variety of grocery items can be found here. Also has a cafeteria within it.
  • 8 Sur Bhaban, M.C.Road (Near Kedarmal Ayurvedic Hospital). Daily 8AM-8PM. A musical instrument store for the music-lovers.
  • 9 Patanjali Chikitshalaya, NT Road (Near Kanaklata Civil Hospital Chariali), +91 70020 27407, . M-Sa 10AM-9PM, Su closed. An official Patanjali outlet offering variety of ayurvedic medicines.
  • 10 Bazar India, The Lords Paradise, Murha Teteli (Near Tribeni Point,), +91 91015 32425, . Daily 9AM-10PM. A clothing complex with varieties ranging from garments to accessories.
  • 11 Pantaloons, Vijaya Heritage, J N Road, +91 88767 09004, . Daily 10:30AM-9PM. A popular shopping mall with all types of clothing from numerous brands.
  • 12 Vishal Mega Mart, JN Road (above the entrance of Hotel KRC Palace), +91 98640 43859, . Daily 10AM-10PM. A popular clothing mall.
The Nag shankar temple

Tezpur has a number of restaurants all around the city. With street side vendors to luxurious restaurants, you can find food from all ranges here. Here are the ones worth mentioning:


  • 1 Pizza Hut, toll-free: 1800 202 2022, . Daily 9AM-10PM. A quick stop for a Pizza bite.
  • 2 Spring Valley, NC Rd, Mahabhairab, +91 37122 36265, . Daily 9AM-11:30PM. A chain of specialty restaurants in the city offering snacks and meals at an affordable price. It is the go to place for good quality snacks.
  • 3 Salt & Pepper (Food Zone), Chowk Bazaar (Opposite to UCO Bank), +91 88769 19151. Daily 9AM-11:30PM. A vegetarian restaurant serving full meals and snacks. Known for its availability of wide variety of Indian cuisine.
  • 4 Urban Pork, Ketikibari. Daily 10AM-8PM. Serves pork delicacies.
  • 5 Singpho Shat Gawk, Ketikibari, +91 70027 00546. Daily noon-11PM. Serves authentic Singpho cuisine.
  • 6 Laziz Pizza, Ketekibari. Daily 11AM-10PM. A pizzeria with exotic combinations.
  • 7 Madhuban Sweets & Bakery, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, +91 37122 21180. Daily 7AM-10PM. A popular bakery store proving sweets and often snacks. Part of a chain of sweet stores around the city.


  • 8 Jyothi's Kitchen, J. N. Road, Kacharigaon, +91 81349 49757, . Open 24 hours. A 24X7 pure vegetarian restaurant offering Oriental, Continental and Indian delicacy for vegans.
  • 9 Heritage Tezpur, Majgaon, +91 84860 34951. Daily 9AM-11:30PM. A restaurant cum hotel offering Assamese and Indian cuisine. Tall visitors beware, the ceiling of this restaurant is a bit low.
  • 10 Hotel Susuma, NH52, Mission Chariali. Daily 8AM-9PM. A popular meal serving restaurant at the Mission Chariali Highway Intersection
  • 11 Red Chilli Restaurant, Mission Chariali, +91 88761 69424. Daily 9AM-11PM. A decorated restaurant with good service.
  • 12 KFC, Mission Chariali (beside Domino's Pizza), +91 80427 54444. Daily 11AM-10PM. Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides.
  • 13 Domino's Pizza, Mission Chariali, toll-free: 1800 208 1234, . Daily 10AM-11PM. A restaurant chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.
  • 14 KF Restaurant, Mission Chariali, +91 97060 32404, . Daily 10AM-10PM. A multi-cuisine restaurant serving mostly Indian and Asian cuisine.
  • 15 Kalash Restaurant, Mission Charali (Opposite Gajraj Auditorium), +91 99574 46987, . Open 24 hours. A multi-cuisine restaurant of a 2-star hotel.


The fighter jet model at the Chitralekha Udyan.



You can have some beer and other drinks at most of the bars. There are numerous wine shops around the city. The one legal and socially accepted way to consume cannabis is as bhang, a low-grade preparation sold at government-licensed shops. You can get bhang in shops near temples. Note that drinking in public is normally frowned upon. For refreshments, a cup of tea or coffee is the best. You can visit cafés for some espresso and soft drinks are available almost everywhere. The Zoral bar in Hotel KRC Palace is considered the best bar in the city.



There are numerous hotels, lodges and motels in and around the city offering stays at reasonable prices. Here are the some of the most popular ones:


  • 1 Hotel Angel, Mission Chariali, Dekargaon (opposite Nezon Biscuit), +91 93650 10849, . Check-in: noon, check-out: noon. A beautiful, spacious hotel located at the Mission Chariali intersection. ₹700 per night for a single room, and up.
  • 2 Hotel Mak, Mission Chariali, +91 69004 97473. Check-in: noon, check-out: noon. A popular cheap hotel.
  • 3 Hotel Rainbow, NC Rd, +91 12462 01318, . Check-in: noon, check-out: 11AM. A descent hotel in the main market of the city.
  • 4 Hotel Pine Yard, NB Rd, +91 37122 22018. Check-in: noon, check-out: noon. A hotel with great views of the street.


  • 5 Heritage Tezpur, Majgaon (Opposite to 155 Army Base Hospital), +91 84860 34951. Check-in: noon, check-out: 11AM. A popular hotel with a restaurant.
  • 6 Hotel Kalash, N.H. 37A, Mission Chariali, +91 99574 46987, . Check-in: noon, check-out: 11AM. A hotel with a lot of facilities like free Wi-Fi, entertainment and restaurant.
  • 7 Hotel KF, Mission Chariali, +91 37122 55203, . Check-in: noon, check-out: 11AM. An offbeat hotel with a popular snack area and a restaurant. Also has a departmental store in the ground floor.
  • 8 Hotel Amber, NC Rd, +91 94350 80297. Check-in: noon, check-out: 11AM. A hotel in a busy street.


  • 9 Hotel KRC Palace, J. N. Road, Kacharigaon, +91 81349 49757, . Check-in: 1PM, check-out: noon. Undoubtedly, the best hotel in the city. With exceptional service and breath-taking interior designs, this 3-star hotel will provide you with luxury. ₹ 5,000 per night for a single room, and up.
  • 10 KRC Homestay (KRC Annexe), J. N. Road, Kacharigaon, +91 81349 49757, . Check-in: noon, check-out: noon. Part of Hotel KRC Palace. Provides apartment-like rooms for longer stays with the same top-class service. ₹ 2,000 per night for a single room, and up.
  • 11 The Greenwood Hotel, Baruachuburi, Dekargaon, +91 37122 55503, . Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. A reputed luxurious hotel with impeccable service and alluring scenic beauty with unbeatable customer service, ₹4,000 per night for a single room, and up.


Ganesh Ghat

Cell phone coverage in the city is excellent. There are three major service providers offering a wide variety of plans. Among them are Airtel, VI (formerly Vodafone) and Jio.

To call Tezpur from abroad you will need to dial the international prefix for your country, followed by India's country code +91. If you want to dial a landline no. from a mobile, then you have to add the area code of Tezpur, 03712 before the number.

Internet services are unreliable in some parts of the city. Most stores have broadband connections. Dekargaon railway station has free high-speed Wi-fi services but you need an Indian mobile number to register and receive the one-time password.

Postal services


The PIN code for Tezpur is 784001. The PIN code is necessary for sending and receiving shipments to and from any city in India. India Post has a wide coverage in Tezpur, providing both domestic and international services. Apart from this, private courier services are also available which also offer fast domestic and international services. Some of the popular ones are DTDC, Gati-KWE and Blue Dart (part of DHL). Services of FedEx can also be availed at a slightly higher cost, as its nearest hub is located in Guwahati.

Emergency numbers


Here are some emergency numbers in case you need any help.

  • Emergency Number, 112.
  • Police, 100.
  • Fire Department, 101.
  • Ambulance, 102. or dial the nearest local hospital
  • Women's Helpline, 1091.
  • Child distress Helpline, 1098.

Stay safe




Sonitpur Police will always help you. The police regularly patrols the city ensuring safety of the citizens.

For immediate police assistance, dial 100 or 112. To report a crime, visit the nearest police station.



Power in the city is managed by Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL). For power related issues you can contact +91 37122 95180, .. All commercial complexes and markets have power backup facilities. You can navigate around the city using Google Maps.

The greenery in Nameri National Park.

Animal hospital




There are many medical and grooming stores for animals around the city.

Diagnostic Centres


Go next

  • Guwahati, the commercial capital of Assam, is 180 km from Tezpur.
  • Nameri National Park is a national park 35 km from Tezpur on the Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila route. It has more than 600 floral species with habitats for numerous animal and bird species.
  • Kaziranga National Park located about 50 km from Tezpur. Known for its forests, wetlands and grasslands which are home to tigers, elephants and the world’s largest population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses.
  • Pakke Tiger Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary in near Bhalukpong which is known for hornbill watching. It also houses tigers and elephants.

Routes through Tezpur (National Highway routes)
Panigaon ← Balipara ←  N   W  → Bihuguri → Dhekiajuli
Merges with NH15 ← End ←  N   S  → Jakhalabandha → Kaziranga National Park

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