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[[Image:Paulinamsterdam.jpg|right|470px|thumb|This is me in Amsterdam.]]


Name - Paul

Home - Vancouver, Canada

Age - 21

My Last Trip

In May and June of 2006 year I went back to Europe. This time I went to Zurich and met up with a couple friends and we travel around for about a month. I went to Amsterdam, Naples, Rome, Paris, Geneva and Munich for the World Cup!. It was an awsome trip.

Check out my photos here at My Photo Page

Where I've Been










Future Plans

I'm going to Cuba in a week!, Havana and Varadero.

I would like to go to Asia, Australia, India, Egypt, Brazil, the UAE.

This fall I will be back in Collage so for now I would like to go on weekend trips to more American cities, I also want to go down to a Caribbean resort on my winter break for a week. I have to go back to Europe, in particular Eastern Europe but I have no timeline for that.