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Hi, I'm a UK student who has done a reasonable amount of travelling, but hopes to do a lot more in the future! My personal favourite destination is Germany.

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What do I like in travelling?

Places visited

Planned Trips

Dresden July 2010

Budapest September 2010

Saarland Spring 2011


Stuff I'm working on

  • Chemnitz - A city in eastern Germany I've been fascinated by for several years
  • Kettering - A town with roots
  • Tennant Creek - A true outback town in the middle of nowhere. An experience to visit!
  • Milton Keynes - Somewhere I've worked

Travel Wishlist

  • South Africa
  • Norway
  • Japan & Korea (would also like to see the north)
  • East Germany (again) especially Leipzig, Chemnitz & Dresden
  • Russia Moscow & St Petersburg as well as some of the ut of the way places like Valdivostok & Petropavlovsk
  • Iceland Stunning scenery!