Hey there stranger. I don't know what to say really...

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I don't think anyone would actually read this page, but I'll describe a bit of myself and the reason why i want to edit wikivoyage. I'm a proud Chinese-Indonesian who's always curious and want to travel the world, but don't have the opportunity (or money, haha) to do it. I just want to know what's out there, you know (saying these words may make indonesia sounds awful, but it's actually a relatively free, democratic country so i'm not living in like cages/concentration camps ot something like that).

So, i started reading about the outside world through sites like wikivoyage. At first it was okay until i realize that the articles were, to put it simply, inadequate. As i scrolled through the Indonesia regional articles, it gets worse. Especially those that talk about the less-traveled places or regions. Even cities don't have a guide. Most articles are only labelled as "usable" or simply "outline", meaning the articles isn't even a guide. Like, I know not all place have tourist spots, but come on.

Using my experience as an Indonesian (and the fact that I've been stuck here for as long as i can remember), i decided to edit some of the article about my country. In the future, i'd love to eventually do South East Asia in general because I believe that the region is just amazing and full of cool destinations. There are more to this region than just Singapore or Penang, or some paradise island like Bali, or even the tourist-friendly Thailand. Indonesia (talking as Indonesians) herself has a lot of interesting places to visit, especially for backpackers, and it's just one of 10 states in the region (11 if you include east timor). It may be silly, but I believe S.E.A, with it's friendly people and great culture, can one day be the tourism powerhouse of the world. But, since i can't speak burmese or vietnamese, i will most probably edit things about my country first. It's a beautiful, yet crazy mess i call home.

Currently I'm still a student, so may not have that much time to spend editing wikivoyage.