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Japanese armchair traveler. Grown up near Osaka and semi-retiring in Tokyo, know both of the metropolitan areas and subtle cultural differences between them. 'ja-5/N' automatically gives me read-only 'zh-2'. Also interested in Visual Arts and Military History. So I love browsing through historical about Wikivoyage Past?

Visited many foreign countries, from far advanced to developing, in my youth as a chess player.

  • Asia: Hong Kong, Philippines (twice), Malaysia (twice), Singapore, Indonesia
  • Europe: Denmark, Switzerland, (Moscow, transit bus tour only)-Yugoslavia-Italy-France, Hungary (twice)-Czechoslovakia-(Wien, one day & night only)

In military history, comparing records from both sides is crucial. Only in this way you can see both sides of the hill. Many of native English speakers believe they can reach the truth through English sources only, without seeing (or even imagining) the other side of the hill. Non-natives, in particular those from non-Western cultures, will get a fairer view of the world after learning English as a second language.

Japan (topics, phrasebook, itineraries,Tokyo), cultural attractions, visual arts, military tourism, historical travel