hello! i am currently learning german and spanish, so expect some edits in the phrasebooks :))


Flag of Ohio.svgOhio, Flag of New York.svgNew York, Flag of Ontario.svgOntario, Flag of Quebec.svgQuebec, Flag of Florida.svgFlorida, Flag of Maine.svgMaine, Flag of Maryland.svgMaryland, Flag of South Dakota.svgSouth Dakota, Flag of North Carolina.svgNorth Carolina, Flag of Arizona.svgArizona, Flag of Illinois.svgIllinois, Flag of Pennsylvania.svgPennsylvania, Flag of West Virginia.svgWest Virginia, Washington DC


Flag of Hawaii.svgHawaii, Flag of Europe.svgEurope

Places I'd like to go

Flag of Alaska.svgAlaska, Flag of Andalusia.svgAndalusia, Proposed flag of Antarctica (Graham Bartram).svgAntarctica, Flag of the Basque Country.svgBasque Country, Flag of Brittany.svgBrittany,

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