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I am a native American who was raised in rural Idaho among farmers, cowboys, and ranchers. Instead of joining that lifestyle, I chose an academic path. After University studies in chemistry, I moved to NY State then the Philadelphia suburbs. From there I traveled throughout the US and Canada. My first international voyage was to London, a trip my spouse and I won from a British Airways contest. From that trip onward, I traveled through North and Central America, the Caribbean, Western and Central Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia. I moved to Paris for work in 2004, loved the Parisian lifestyle and could not resist staying in France permanently. Along my paths, I relish meeting people and discovering cultures and cuisines. More voyages are on the radar.

My background is technical, that is chemistry, computer science and technical writing, working in a global environment. I enjoy creating and maintaining a home network and smart home environment. WikiVoyage is a pleasure in that it is a complex platform with many protocols, in fact an intriguing puzzle. Interacting with contributors and admins is a pleasurable learning experience. Helping readers understand places I know, is rewarding. I am a perfectionist so I am quite open to comments and changes on my WV entries. Making mistakes (hopefully not too many) and correcting them is part of the learning process. We're all in this together to create a usable, understandable platform for travelers.