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bik-N This user has a native understanding of Bikol.
tl-4 Mala-katutubo na ang kaalaman ng tagagamit na ito sa Tagalog.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
hil-1 Ini nga naga-usar ay may-ara simpli ka-alam sang Hiligaynon.
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Ralffralff came from the Bicol Region, Philippines, and is currently based in Metro Manila, Philippines. One of his hobbies is to explore less known places and events via commuting, walking, biking, or mountain hiking.

Geographically, he is knowledgeable with the areas covered by the Greater Manila Area to Bicol Region corridor especially with Pili (Camarines Sur), Naga City, Manila City, CAMANAVA Area, Pasay City, Quezon City, Obando (Bulacan), etc.


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