Culver City [1] is on the West Side of Los Angeles County, and was given the moniker the "Heart of Screenland" during the 1930s and 1940s when it was responsible for half of America's motion picture production. The city remains home to Sony Studios (formerly MGM Studios) and Culver Studios, and is a great destination for foodies looking to take advantage of the growing number of unique restaurants in the city's re-invigorated downtown.

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  • Pro Football Hall of Fame, 221 George Halas Dr. NW (Exit 107A (Fulton Road) of I-77), +1 330 456-8207. Memorial Day - Labor Day, 9AM-8PM; Labor Day - Memorial Day 9AM-5PM; Closed Christmas. Worlds largest collection of pro-football memorabilia. Also features the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery and Super Bowl Theater. $21/17/15 (Adults/Seniors/Children 6-14).
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  • lat/long: 34°1'26.29"N, 118°23'38.54"W
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[dead link] Dive tours Yoda, the best island, . Dive with our best instructors!

Culver CityBus operates buses in and around Culver City.

Be aware that red light cameras are present throughout Culver City, and at $490 per violation the fines are some of the highest in the country.

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While construction of the Metro Rail Expo Line extension to Santa Monica is ongoing and expected to be complete by 2016, at present Culver City is the western terminus of the line that extends to Downtown LA. The station is at the northern end of downtown Culver City, off National Blvd between Washington and Venice Blvds, approximately a five-minute walk from downtown Culver City.

Culver CityBus Line 6 connects directly to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX IATA) Transit Center. There are services every 15 minutes peak, 30-60 min off-peak.

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Be aware that red light cameras are present throughout Culver City, and at $490 per violation the fines are some of the highest in the country.

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Except for Greyhound Lines, there is no designated long-distance bus terminal in Seattle, so all bus services have their own stops scattered around the city. A number of them do have stops at the Greyhound Terminal (503 S Royal Brougham Way), in front of the King Street Station at 303 S King St and/or at Door 00 (south end at lower level of the terminal) at the Sea-Tac airport. See below:

  • 1 BellAir Airporter, (bus stops) Washington State Convention Center, Convention Place (prior reservations only) (Enter tunnel under the upper floors of the Convention Center building from 9th & Pike.), +1 866 235-5247. Goes up to Stanwood, Burlington/Mt Vernon, Bellingham & Blaine on one route, a separate route to Anacortes in the San Juan Islands, and from Sea-Tac to Cle Elum, Ellensburg & Yakima on another route.
  • 3 Greyhound, (Depot) 503 S Royal Brougham Way, SoDo (Next to the Stadium Station of the Link Light Rail.), toll-free: +1 800 231-2222. Greyhound travels primarily on Interstate 5 (Seattle-Vancouver & Seattle-Portland on two separate routes. Some southbound buses continue from Portland to Sacramento contiguously), 90/82 (Ellensburg-Yakima-Pasco-Stanfield, OR) & 90 (Seattle-Spokane-Missoula). Passengers transfer to other buses in Portland, Missoula, Pasco, Spokane, Ellensburg, and/or Stanfield to get to other cities & towns in the U.S. and in Vancouver, BC to get to other cities in Canada. Prices are various depending on your destination.
  • Dungeness Line operated by Olympic Bus Lines, (bus stops) Greyhound bus depot (see above), King Street Station, selected hospitals (by reservation only), SeaTac Airport. Operates a route called the Dungeness Line connecting Seattle to Port Townsend, Sequim and Port Angeles. The bus goes across the Puget Sound on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. This is all true. One way: $39 from downtown, $49 from airport; Round trip: $69 from downtown, $79 from airport..
  • 4 Quick Shuttle, (bus stops) downtown: outside the Best Western at 200 Taylor Ave N; Pier 66 & 91, SeaTac Airport: At the main terminal near south end of baggage claim, outside door 00, bays 11-16. Runs between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Vancouver to Downtown Seattle: $36 one-way, $65 round-trip; Vancouver to SeaTac airport: $49 one-way, $87 round-trip.
  • Wheatland Express, (bus stops) Southcenter, NW corner; Novilhos Brazilian Steak House, 12405 SE 38th Street, Bellevue, toll-free: +1 800 334 2207. Every Friday, the Weekend Express travels from Pullman (where Washington State University is at) and Moscow to Seattle, and the other way round every Sunday. A special service is also deployed during the holiday season. Journeys take more than 6 hours. $99.00 one way (weekend express), $210.00 one way (vacation service).


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  • Provincetown Repertory Theatre, +1 508 487-0600. This acclaimed company presents a mix of classic and modern productions.
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  • 1 Cars on the Route, 119 N. Main Street, Galena, +1 620 783-1366. 11AM-5PM April-Oct. Small Route 66 souvenir shop and 12-seat lunch counter in a restored Kan-O-Tex service station, opened in 2007. Home of "Tow Tater", an old 1951 International mining boom truck.  

US66 turns south at Riverton (K-66 and US 69 alternate) to go through Baxter Springs.

  • 3 Eisler Brothers Country Store, 7109 SE Oriole Lane, Riverton, +1 620 848-3330. 1925 country store with groceries, produce, flowers, deli sandwiches, souvenirs and memorabilia where Route 66 Association president Dean Walker showed the film's makers his ability to twist his feet around 180° and walk backwards. (The character, a rusty tow truck, teaches how to drive backwards.) According to "Sheriff" Michael Wallis, "As luck would have it, we had just eaten a sandwich at the Eisler Brothers when we met Dean, He was proud as punch to show them his exorcist feet and regale them with stories of the Ghost Light."

US66 continues southward through Miami (Oklahoma) and Tulsa. Between Tulsa and OKC, Oklahoma Route 66 remains as a free alternate to I-44 (Turner Turnpike, a toll road), passing through the tiny town of Stroud (Oklahoma).

  • 2 [dead link] Rock Café, 114 W Main St, Stroud, +1 918 968-3990. 6AM-9PM. Historic 1939 fieldstone route 66 diner built during the Great Depression, operated 24/7 in the route's heyday. The restaurant's neon signage was damaged by a 1999 tornado which wiped out much of the town's commerce and industry. Pixar visited in 2001 and were inspired by proprietor Dawn Welch and her stubborn efforts to rebuild. While Dawn was the inspiration for "Sally", the town's lawyer who operates a "newly refurbished Cosy Cone Motel" with a bright neon sign, the design of the motel is based on the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook AZ. $7-9/dinner.  
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  • Petrified Forest. The park has a petrified forest that is one of the largest in the U.S. and extensive paleontological deposits from the Paleocene era. Fossils of several plants and freshwater snail species, vertebrate fossils including crocodile-like creatures called champsosaurs, crocodiles and alligators, turtles and fish.
  • Maltese Cross Cabin (Near the South Unit Visitor Center.). It was here in the North Dakota badlands in 1883 that Roosevelt first arrived to hunt bison. Before he left, he had acquired primary interests in the Maltese Cross or Chimney Butte Ranch. Roosevelt thrived on the vigorous outdoor lifestyle, and at the Maltese Cross, actively participated in the life of a working cowboy.

    The Maltese Cross Ranch cabin was originally located about seven miles south of Medora in the wooded bottom-lands of the Little Missouri River. At Roosevelt's request ranch managers Sylvane Ferris and Bill Merrifield built a one and one-half story cabin complete with a shingle roof and cellar. Constructed of durable ponderosa pine logs that had been cut and floated down the Little Missouri River, the cabin was considered somewhat of a "mansion" in its day, with wooden floors and three separate rooms (kitchen, living room and Roosevelt's bedroom). The steeply pitched roof, an oddity on the northern plains, created an upstairs sleeping loft for the ranch hands.

    A number of items in the cabin today belonged to Theodore Roosevelt. Those that did not are from the same time period and would be typical furnishings of the day.

    During Roosevelt's presidency, the Maltese Cross cabin was exhibited in Portland, Oregon and St. Louis. It was then moved to the state capitol grounds in Bismarck. In 1959, the cabin was relocated to its present site and renovated. The most recent preservation work occurred in 2000. His second ranch, the Elkhorn, was located about 35 miles north of Medora.

  • 4 Elkhorn Ranch. In 1884 Roosevelt selected the location for a second ranch, naming it the Elkhorn. He purchased the rights to the site, located thirty-five miles north of Medora, from the previous occupant for $400.

    Roosevelt's last known visit to the Elkhorn was in 1892. He sold the ranch and buildings to Sylvane Ferris in 1898. Gradually the buildings were stripped of their furnishings and, according to a local stockman, by 1901 "every scrap of the Elkhorn Ranch had disappeared with the exception of a couple of half rotted foundations."

    In his writings Theodore Roosevelt often referred to the Elkhorn as his "home ranch". His vivid descriptions of it, and of ranch life, enable his readers to imagine how things must have been.

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  • 5 Culver Studios, 9336 W Washington Blvd (at Ince Blvd and Lindblade Street). Located in downtown Culver City, Culver Studios was founded in 1919. Fans of classic motion pictures will immediately recognize the studio's colonial mansion from the opening credits of the David O. Selznick International productions such as Gone With the Wind and Duel in the Sun. Unfortunately public tours are not available. $3.    
  • 6 Museum of Jurassic Technology, 9341 Venice Blvd (four blocks west of Robertson Blvd), +1 310 836-6131, . Th 2PM-8PM, F-Su noon-6PM. This museum is an artistic mixture of fact and fiction, featuring weird and wonderful displays of things that never happened, next to strange but true practices of bygone years. It can be hard to distinguish between the two, and it's best not to try. An enjoyable afternoon's visit and a tribute to the weirdness of the world. The Tula Tea Room is located upstairs and serves complimentary tea and cookies, while the Borzoi Kabinet Theater has free movie screenings hourly; both open one hour after the museum, closing one hour before the museum. Photography and cell phone use (calls, texts, photography) are not allowed in the museum. This attraction is actually in the Palms district of Los Angeles, although it has a Culver City address. $8 for adults. $5 for students, retired persons, unemployed individuals, or those age 13-21. $1.50 for disabled persons or military personnel in uniform.
  • 7 Star Eco Station, 10101 Jefferson Blvd (near the intersection of Jefferson & Overland), +1 310 842-8060. Sa-Su 10AM-3PM. An exotic environmental science & wildlife rescue center that is in a nondescript building, the Eco Station is a hidden attraction offering hands-on experiences with rescued tropical birds, mammals, reptiles and other critters. Most of the facility's animals are illegal shipments seized by US customs that needed a home. Hands-on tours lasting 45-60 minutes leave every hour on the hour from 10AM-3PM on weekends. Hands-on opportunities as part of the tour. Special community events throughout the year. If you are in the area for Earth Day they hold a massive celebration including hands-on experiences and special events. $8 for adults, $7 seniors, $6 for children, infants under 2 years free.
  • 8 The Wende Museum, 5741 Buckingham Parkway, Suite E (Culver City bus 3 and MTA 108 and 358 drop off at Slauson and Buckingham), +1 310-216-1600, . Friday 10AM-5PM. Also by appointment Mon-Thur 10AM-5PM. The mission of the Wende Museum is to preserve Cold War history. The museum's exhibits and artifacts include artwork, films and personal histories from the fall of Communist Europe in the late 1980s. Much of the collection is about the German Democratic Republic (DDR). Also has materials from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Free.
  • 9 Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum, 4130 Overland Ave, +1 310-202-1647, . Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10:30AM – 4PM. African-American history and culture, with a collection of over 2 million items. Initially the solo effort of Dr. Clayton in 1975, housed in her garage, by 2007 there was a foundation and the collection moved to its present home. Guided public tours at 11AM and 2PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • 10 Culver City Historical Society, 4117 Overland Ave (Veterans Memorial Building), +1 310 253-6941, fax: +1 310 253-6942, . 1-3PM on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, and by appointment. An Archives and Resource Center preserves local history, and aims to serve everyone from young children to senior citizens.

Public artworkEdit

  • 11 Game Show Building, 10185 Culver Blvd. From the sidewalk, you can see Terry Allen's sculpture "Golden Time", a humorous comment on work after overtime. Michael Hayden's sculpture uses cutting edge materials (holographs) producing a rainbow spectrum on the sidewalk and surrounding areas of the Game Show Building. Hayden collaborated with Game Show Building architect, Steven Ehrlich, AIA, who won a National AIA Design Award for the project.
  • 12 Hobbit House, 3819-3827 Dunn Dr. The Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments have been aptly called the "Hobbit House," and people actually live in these unusual apartments. Los Angeles city historic-cultural landmark No. 624.
  • 13 Jim Heimann's sculptures, 9336 Washington Blvd (near Ince Boulevard at The Culver Studios). Jim Heimann's sculptures "Studio Pass I", "Studio Pass II", and "King Kong Gone" (1995-6), celebrate the history of Culver Studios and Sony Pictures
  • 14 Plato's Cup, 9412 Washington Blvd. Jim Heimann's sculpture "Plato's Cup" (1995) is a riff on a weathervane, which pays homage to the film industry, a former cafe at the location, and the initials of the building's owner.
  • 15 Primordial Reflections, 9050 Washington Blvd. Albert Paley's entrance gates "Primordial Reflections" (1996) provide a monumental entry to architect Jaquelin T. Robertson's Media Building.
  • 16 Scan, 9050 Washington Blvd. Jud Fine's courtyard installation "Scan" traces the history of television.
  • 17 Sony Pictures Child Care Center, 3861 Clarington Ave. From the sidewalk, you can see sculptural gates and fencing, created by artist John Okulick, using the colors of "My First Sony" (red, yellow, blue). Also, Margaret Nielsen designed a mural maquette .
  • 18 Wading Pool, 10202 Washington Blvd. R. M. Fisher designed "Wading Pool" (2000), the plaza fountain, which celebrates Sony's history of filmmaking and references the set of "Lost Horizon."


"The Mansion" at Culver Studios.
  • 1 ArcLight Culver City, 9500 Culver Blvd, +1 310 559-2416. The Culver City ArcLight is the fifth LA location of the popular movie chain that first opened its doors in Hollywood in 2002. The chain has made a name for itself with excellent service, clean theaters, reserved seating in comfortable chairs, excellent picture and sound quality, onsite bar and cafe, no advertising before the movie, and a distraction-free theater in which cell phone use and late arrivals are strictly forbidden once a movie has started (seriously, don't be late). The chain is also famous for special presentations, some of which include Q&As with actors, writers and directors (sign up on their email list for notifications). Prices are a bit higher than at other venues, but if you want to be able to choose your seat in advance and be certain that your movie experience will be pleasant, the extra couple of dollars will be worth it.
  • 2 Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, 6300 Hetzler Rd (off of Jefferson past Duquesne). overlook open 8AM-sunset daily, visitor center open weekdays 10AM-6PM, weekends 8AM-7PM, closed Tu. Over three hundred feet above the surrounding neighborhoods, this overlook provides tremendous views of the LA basin, as well as some short nature trails for those interested in native plants and animals. A self-pay parking lot is available at the top of the hill, but hearty souls can park for free along Jefferson Blvd and then walk up 315 vertical feet of switchbacks and steps (note: no dogs allowed on the trails). The visitor center features exhibits on area history and nature. Special events including twilight walks, junior ranger programs, and bird-watching are scheduled regularly. $6 for self-parking.
  • 3 [dead link] Culver City Plunge, 4175 Overland Ave, +1 310-253-6680. Open daily, hours and schedules vary. The Culver City Municipal Pool, affectionately known as "The Plunge", is a heated, olympic-sized swimming pool that was first opened in 1949. It is open to the public (resident and non-resident) for recreation swimming, lap swimming, water aerobics, swimming lessons, and diving (1m and 3m springboards). Lockers and showers are available on-site. Schedules vary, so call or check the web site before visiting to ensure that the pool is available for your desired activity. $4 for adults, $2.50 for youths; passes good for fifteen visits provide significant discounts.
  • 4 Kirk Douglas Theater, 9820 West Washington Blvd, +1 213-628-2772. This performing arts center was originally built in 1947 as a movie theater with over 1,000 seats, and today the original marquee and tower are still in place, creating a striking presence in downtown Culver City. It underwent an $8 million renovation in the 1990s that created two playhouse stages, one with 350 seats and the other with 100 seats. The theater is owned by the Center Theatre Group, which also operates the Ahmanson Theatre and the Mark Taper Forum in downtown LA. There are regular performances several nights a week. Tickets $25-$50 for most performances.
  • 5 Sony Pictures Studio Tour, 10202 West Washington Blvd, +1 310 244-8687. Formerly the MGM studios, the two-hour guided tour leads through stages that have seen the filming of such productions as the Wizard of Oz, Men in Black, and Spider-Man. Visitors may also see the homes of the game shows Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. Tours are offered M-F at 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 1:30PM and 2:30PM. Reservations are recommended, and the tour is only available for visitors age twelve years and older. $40 per person.


  • 6 Cruisin' Back to Culver City Car Show (downtown Culver City), +1 310-499-4840, toll-free: +1 888-888-8888, . Held annually in May|June. This car show features hundreds of classic cars, food, and entertainment, with proceeds benefiting local charities. The streets of downtown are closed and filled with stalls and classic cars, with owners competing for awards in dozens of categories such as "Best of the 20s", "Best of the 70s", "Best Paint", "Most Different", "Best Hearse", etc. The first car show was held in 2005, and it has since become a yearly event. here is an embedded template just to mess with the parser: {{mapframe}}.
  • 7 [dead link] Culver City Farmer's Market, Main St (downtown between Venice and Culver Blvds). Tu 2PM-7PM. Held every Tuesday, rain or shine. The market offers fresh foods, flowers, crafts, and other fare. Two hours of free parking are available in downtown garages. When you walk across the alley, you are actually moving from Los Angeles to Culver City (or vice versa).
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Culver City offers a bit of everything when it comes to shopping. The Westfield Malls, located just off of I-405 at Sepulveda, is a 200 store mega-mall. The district near the intersection of Washington Blvd and La Cienaga Blvd is a major art destination, featuring dozens of galleries. The downtown area is home to several smaller and more upscale shops, as well as the old Helms Bakery complex, now home to a variety of furniture stores. And for those looking for familiar shopping establishments, major chain stores such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and Toys 'R Us are also represented within the city limits.

Shopping centersEdit

  • 1 [dead link] Culver Center (Venice & Overland). Culver Center was one of Southern California's first shopping centers when it opened in 1950. Today it is anchored by a Best Buy electronics store, a Ralph's Grocery store, and an LA Fitness club. Numerous dining options as well as a Rite-Aid drug store, several boutiques, and numerous smaller stores make this is a useful destination for those that need to pick up basic necessities. Parking can be difficult, so be aware that spaces that are often overlooked can be found by following the ramp onto the Best Buy roof.
  • 2 Fox Hills Shopping Center, 294 Fox Hills Mall (at the intersection of Slauson and Sepulveda), +1 310 390-5073, . M-F 10AM-9PM, Sa 10AM-8PM, Su 11AM-6PM. With nearly 200 stores, The Fox Hills Mall is a major shopping center located close to the 405 and 90 freeways. The complex underwent a major expansion in 2010 and now features a Target, Best Buy, Gold's Gym and BJ's Restaurant in addition to the many smaller stores.

Notable storesEdit

  • 3 Choco Vivo, 12469 W Washington Blvd, +1 310 845-6259, . Fr & Sa: 9AM-11PM, Su: 9AM-9PM, Mo-Th: 11AM-9PM. Choco Vivo is a unique chocolate shop that makes chocolate from scratch, starting with beans imported from a grower in Mexico and using a stone grinding technique dating back to the Mayans and Aztecs. Their chocolate contains no dairy, so the end result is a dark chocolate that is very different from what most people are used to. Bars are sold at $6 each that include different amounts of cacao and flavorings such as sea salt or almond. A "tasting" option is also available in the store, as well as flavored chocolate drinks, organic tamales, and chocolate-inspired gifts. Events are held frequently that range from chocolate & tequila pairings to speed dating.
  • 4 Copenhagen Pastry, 11113 Washington Blvd, +1 310-839-8900. Tu-Fr 7AM-5PM, Sa-Sun 8AM-4PM, closed Mon. Don't be fooled by the relatively small selection - if you show up to a party with a box of flaky Danish pastries from this bakery, you're going home a hero. The pastries are made fresh throughout the day using traditional Danish recipes, and samples are available if you are unsure of what to buy. The Kringle lines and Copenhagen lines - flaky pastries made with almond paste or custard - are the specialties. They also have wholegrain rye bread, small cakes, and other items that are worth the visit to the gym that it will take to burn off the extra calories.
  • 5 Sorrento Italian Market, 5518 Sepulveda Blvd, +1 310 391-7654. Established by the former mayor (and councilman) of Culver City, this market has a reputation as the place to go for authentic Italian grocery items on the West Side. The deli offers amazing sandwiches and the friendly family owners are more than willing to help with everything from selecting a wine to choosing a dessert.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under $10
Mid-range $10 - $20
Splurge Over $20

During the past decade Culver City has been undergoing a transformation with a huge number of excellent restaurants setting up shop in the city, particularly in the downtown area. Other restaurants are spread throughout the city in areas such as Helm's Bakery or along Washington Boulevard. For those who just need a quick bite, the standard chains are well-represented including Pei Wei, Denny's, Coco's, Chipotle, and dozens of fast food restaurants.


  • 3 Annapurna Cuisine, 10200 Venice Blvd, +1 310 204-5500, . Su-Th 11AM-9PM, F-Sa 11AM-10PM, closed M. This Indian vegetarian restaurant serves up tasty South Indian dishes including a large selection of masala dosas. It's usually full of Indian families. Mains $6-10.
  • 4 Grand Casino Bakery, 3820 Main St, +1 310 202-6969. 6AM-8PM daily. This is a simple, quaint little Argentine bakery. The Empanadas are delicious, and you can always find the big screen in the dining area tuned to a soccer match.
  • 5 S&W Country Diner, 9748 Washington Blvd (at Hughes Ave), +1 310 204-5136. Affordable, home-cooked style breakfast and lunch in a cozy, neighborhood diner. Food is good and portions are reasonably large, but be prepared for long lines in the mornings, especially on weekends. Cash only. $5-$10.
  • 6 Tito's Tacos, 11222 Washington Pl (west of Sepulveda), +1 310 391-5780. 9AM-11:30PM daily. Cheap (a full meal for under $5) and authentic Mexican food, individually prepared while you watch. You stand in line to order, then move aside to wait. Delicious and unusual. Noisy; you hear Spanish and English spoken here in equal amounts. Family-friendly. Park in the lot or under the freeway (feed the meters with dimes or quarters), not in the red cul-de-sac.


  • 7 [dead link] Cafe Surfas, 8824 National Blvd (corner of Washington & National), +1 310 558-1548, fax: +1 310 558-1549. M-Sa 8:30AM-3PM, Su 10AM-3PM. Located within Surfas Restaurant Supply, the cafe offers absolutely amazing (although small) Italian sandwiches for $6-8. In addition, Italian drinks, pastries, cheeses, and salads are available for those looking for top-quality food to go.
  • 8 Gaby's Mediterranean Grill, 10445 Venice Blvd (at the intersection with Motor Ave), +1 310 559-1808. Open until 1AM on weekdays and 2AM on weekends. Reasonably priced and very tasty Lebanese restaurant. Seating is in an outdoor patio complete with hookahs, heat lamps, candles, and a bustling crowd that mixes young hipsters with Lebanese locals. Service is friendly and the place stays busy until closing. Meals are between $8 and $13.
  • 9 Giovanni's Trattoria and Pizzeria, 10026 Venice Blvd (at the intersection with Clarington Ave), +1 310-839-1757. M-F 11:30AM-3PM and 5:30PM-10PM, Sa-Su 5:30PM-10PM. Neighborhood Italian restaurant. Meals are between $8 and $17.
  • 10 Govinda's, 3764 Watseka Ave, . The unusual vegetarian restaurant operated as part of the hospitable and charitable tradition of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. A buffet luncheon or sandwiches will cost you less than ten bucks. Above the restaurant you will find a boutique filled with fine garments and unusual handicrafts and art objects from India, the spiritual home of the Krishna devotees.
  • 11 J R's Bar-B-Que, 3055 La Cienega Blvd, +1 310 837-6838. The industrial location is appropriate for a barbeque place that's "Tender as Mother's Love." Real pit barbecue beef ribs, pork ribs, "rib tips", great sides, and if you have room left, peach cobbler or 7-up cake! Three choices of sauce - they're serious when they say it's hot. The proprietor, "Robert Johnson", may or may not be the famous bluesman.
  • 12 Kay & Dave's, 9341 Culver Blvd (downtown Culver City across from the Ince Parking Structure), +1 310 558-8100. Tasty fresh Mex food made without lard or trans fats. The vibe is easy-going with plenty of outdoor seating (including a firepit) and a friendly, slightly quirky staff. Happy hour specials include 2-for-one margaritas and appetizer specials. $10-$20 per person.
  • 13 La Dijonnaise, 8703 Washington Blvd (in the Helms Bakery complex), +1 310 287-2770. Worth a visit if only to be served by waiters with authentic French accents, the cafe also offers excellent French cafe fare at reasonable prices. A few blocks from downtown on a corner of the old Helms Bakery complex; expect large crowds, with both indoor and outdoor seating.
  • 14 Novecento Pasta & Grill, 3837 Main St (between Venice Blvd and Culver Blvd), +1 310-842-3838. M-Th 11:30AM-2:30PM and 5PM-9PM, F 11:30AM-2:30PM and 5PM-10PM, Sa 5PM-10PM, closed Su. Northern Italian cuisine on Main St. Try the homemade gnocchi.
  • 15 Pho Show, 4349 Sepulveda Blvd, +1 310-398-5200. M-SA 11AM–3PM, 5PM-2AM. Su 11AM-3PM, 5PM-10PM. Founded by three techies who wanted to be able to eat pho at a local restaurant, Pho Show serves the Vietnamese rice noodle soup to a crowded house. The soup that gives the restaurant its name is delicious, with a particularly aromatic broth that is different from other pho restaurants, and portions are generous. For those who chose this restaurant but for some reason decided against the soup, there are numerous rice, noodle and curry dishes on the menu. Beer and wine is available for dine-in customers. $7-$15.
  • 16 Tender Greens, 9523 Culver Blvd (downtown), +1 310 842-8300. Su-Th 11:30AM-9PM, F-Sa 11:30AM-10PM. As you might guess, the emphasis here is on the fresh salads of all types, but you can get them small, meal-sized or pair them with steak, chicken or fish. This popular eatery uses local, organic produce to assemble fresh and healthy salads and soups, as well as delectable hot dishes from the grill, such as free-range chicken, Angus flatiron steak, and line-caught tuna. This eco-conscious restaurant also uses biodegradable to-go containers, reclaimed timber, and non-toxic cleaners. The atmosphere is relaxed and beautiful, with a spacious patio for outdoor dining. Portions are large, and a wide array of boutique wines and microbrews will please any palate. Friendly service. $5 and up.
  • 17 Ugo, 3865 Cardiff Ave (downtown Culver City across the street from the movie theatre), +1 310 204-1222. Mo-Th 11AM-11PM, Fr 11AM-midnight, Sa 10AM-midnight, Su 10AM-11PM. A cozy Italian cafe with extensive outdoor seating and a reasonably-authentic Italian menu. This establishment specializes in Italian cafe food, so expect sandwiches, carpacchio, insalata, pasta, and gelato rather than the standard "spaghetti and steaks" fare common at most Italian restaurants. $10-$30.


  • 18 Akasha Restaurant, 9543 Culver Blvd (Corner of Culver and Watseka), +1 310 845-1700. Opened in 2008, Akasha features New American food, meaning that everything is delicious, organic, seasonal and local. You'll never feel trendier but welcomed. Good for dates and business meetings. There is also a well-stocked bar. Happy hour is daily from 2:30-7PM and features significant discounts on drinks and appetizers. Bonus trivia: the owner, Akasha Richmond, was formerly the personal chef to pop star Michael Jackson and actors Barbara Streisand and Billy Bob Thorton. $15-$35.
  • 19 K-Zo, 9240 Culver Blvd (downtown), +1 310 202-8890. Another restaurant born of Culver City's downtown renaissance, K-Zo is a sushi bar and "Japanese tapas" restaurant, offering various hot and cold bites in addition to the more standard Japanese fare. Prices are a bit higher than some other restaurants, but the food is generally excellent, service is friendly, and the atmosphere is great. For those seeking to maximize their eating dollar, the popcorn shrimp nuggets ($8.50) and eel avocado roll ($6) are particularly tasty and filling. $6-$15 for most sushi rolls and tapas items.



  • Bargos Grill and Tap, 1151 Brown St, +1 937 449-0971. A UD bar with a ton of TVs, pool table, patio, and the best chicken tenders in the area. There is also another location in Centerville.
  • Boston's Bistro, 7500 N Main St, +1 937 461-1002. Fifteen minutes north of downtown, this specialty microbrew bar offers unique hard to find beers from Stone, Bell's, etc. which can be found nowhere else in the region.
  • Canal Street Tavern, 308 E First St, +1 937 461-9343. Hole-in-the-wall bar that hosts bands and concerts. The place does not accept credit cards nor does it have an ATM so be prepared.
  • The Crowne Plaza View 162, 33 E Fifth St (One block W of the Oregon District in the Crowne Plaza Hotel), +1 937 224-7822. Located on the 14th floor of the Crowne Plaza, offers wonderful city view of Dayton. Features live jazz on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and cocktails.
  • The Fieldhouse, 1126 Brown St, +1 937 461-2111. A classic college bar popular with University of Dayton. Specialty is the Fishbowl, a large concoction of assorted liquors in many flavors for sharing. Collectible pint glass refill specials on Thursday nights feature catchy slogans.
  • Flanagan's, 101 E Stewart, +1 937 228-5776. 11AM-2:30AM. A UD bar with a more mature atmosphere frequented by students, alumni, and locals. Well known for their St. Patrick's Day party.
  • South Park Tavern, 1301 Wayne Ave, +1 937 586-9526. A friendly neighborhood bar & pizza place (serving Pizza Factory pizzas & calzones). The staff of SPT have been expanding their service over the past year to include a large bar featuring 18 taps, many craft beers & micro-brews, a great outdoor patio space, and live music. A popular location for Historic South Park neighbors to gather on the weekends.
  • Tank's Bar & Grill, 2033 Wayne Ave, +1 937 252-45410. Solid place to grab a drink and get a nice lunch. Excellent Over-Stuff Sandwiches, Burgers and Hot Dogs. Popular with locals. Also a great idea if you are headed to a University of Dayton basketball game, they have a shuttle bus that will take you from the bar to the game. $-$$.
  • The Trolley Stop, 530 E Fifth St, +1 937 461-1101. Also on the far eastern end of the Oregon District. A relaxed bar featuring live local music most days of the week, with a comfortable patio outdoors and a party house available for rental.
  • The Century Bar, A Bourbon House, 10 S. Jefferson St. (2 blocks north of the Convention Center), +1 937 223-3822. This classic but casual downtown after-dinner nightspot features 60+ bourbon whiskeys (think Kentucky), complimented by a variety of American and Canadian whiskeys. The expert bar staff will educate even the most timid palate and enlighten connoisseurs. Draft and bottle beers round out the choices to make you feel at home with the 1862 back bar.


Most of the downtown restaurants also have a lively bar scene. Other bars located throughout the city include:

  • 1 The Alibi Room, 12236 Washington Blvd (1 block East of Centinela), +1 310-390-9300. Open nightly 5:30PM-2AM. Food served M-Sa 5:30PM-midnight, food truck Sundays 5:30PM-midnight. Happy hour Sa-W 11PM-2AM. This lounge is most famous for chef Roy Choi's Kogi Korean barbecue tacos ($7 for three), but also offers a unique selection of cocktails including the Cuban Mistress (rum, hibiscus, strawberry, rhubarb bitters, lemon, ginger beer) or the Breaking Bad (tequila, Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, pear, fresh lemon, serrano chile infused agave). All food is ordered directly from the bar and brought to you based on the oversized playing card you'll receive after paying. The vibe is upscale hipster, with a younger, affluent crowd. It gets extremely full and very noisy as the evening goes on, so consider an early arrival if you want a cushy lounge seat and the chance to talk to your dining companions without yelling.
  • 2 Backstage, 10400 Culver Blvd (near Culver and Overland at the intersection with Motor), +1 310 839-3892. Proudly advertising itself as "the best dive bar in the world" Backstage offers a high-energy atmosphere with a really fun crowd. Expect a packed house on weekends and call ahead to reserve a table if you don't want to be standing. Drinks are reasonably priced ($4 for a draft beer), the staff is extraordinarily friendly, and there is karaoke (Thursday - Saturday), pool, darts, and decent bar food to help keep the evening entertaining.
  • 3 Blind Barber, 10797 West Washington Blvd (on Washington Blvd behind Best Buy), +1 310 841-6679. Bar: Mon-Sat: 6PM-2AM, Sun: Closed, Barbershop: Mon-Sat noon-9PM, Sun noon-6PM. If you didn't know it was here, you'd never find this great hangout. The front is a working barbershop with a nondescript door in the middle of the back wall. Walk through that door and you're in a bar with a roaring-twenties theme. The cigarette dispenser by the bathroom sells hair product, the fans are operated on pulley systems, and a free drink is offered with every barber service. Cocktails are fancy and made by bar tenders who double as waitstaff. Snacks include numerous varieties of grilled cheese and upscale bar munchies like sloppy joe sliders or imported olives. Cocktails $10+, Beers $5+.
  • 4 Bottlerock, 3847 Main St (downtown Culver City), +1 310 836-9463. Su-Th noon-11PM, F-Sa noon-midnight. Located downtown, this unique establishment is a combination wine bar, wine retailer, and cafe. Over 800 wines are sold, with prices ranging from $5 to over $600 per bottle, but most people come either for wine tasting or simply to enjoy a glass of wine with an appetizer. Happy hour is Monday - Thursday from 4PM to 6PM.
  • 5 Corner Door, 12477 W. Washington Blvd, +1 310-313-5810. Su-Th 5PM-midnight, Fr-Sa 5PM-2AM. When it first opened in 2012 Corner Door made fried brussel sprouts famous, but their other food items are equally well done if a bit on the pricey side. What they are best known for, however, are the upscale cocktails - Beau du Bois, the bartender who has been at Corner Door since its opening, was named "2014 LA Bartender of the Year" by Eater LA and can fashion a drink for any taste. Be warned that the interior gets LOUD when it fills up, so arrive early or sit on the patio if you want to be able to hear the person next to you. Daily happy hour from 5PM-7PM features $7 cocktails, $3-$5 beers, and $5 wine, as well as $5-$9 snacks. Sunday night is "Burger R&D" night, featuring the weekly burger, fries and beer for $15, and $5 old fashioned cocktails.
  • 6 Duke's Hideaway, 9400 Culver Blvd (in the Culver Hotel downtown), +1 310 838-7963. Named after John Wayne (the hotel's former owner and resident), Duke's Hideaway attracts mainly local residents and employees from the nearby Sony and Culver Studios looking for a laid-back spot to enjoy a few drinks. Chairs are comfortable and plentiful, prices are reasonable, the bartenders tend to be chatty, it's usually not overly crowded, and the close proximity to the rest of downtown makes it a good spot to begin or end an evening. Happy hour 5 to 7PM M-Th.
  • 7 Father's Office 2.0, 3229 Helms Ave (in the Helm's Bakery complex). This upscale pub is famous for its burger, just don't try to make any substitutions - they don't allow them, and they really mean it. There are also over 70 beers on tap.
  • 8 Tattle Tale Room, 5401 Sepulveda Blvd (at the intersection of Sepulveda and Sawtelle). The crowd at this bar combines students from Loyola Marymount with middle-aged regulars. Karaoke every night but Thursday, pool tables, and an atmosphere that borders on dive-bar without actually crossing the line.

Coffee & TeasEdit

  • 9 Conservatory for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, 10117 Washington Blvd (across from Sony Studios), +1 310 558-0436. Family-run coffee shop that roasts their own beans daily and makes one of the best macchiato's this side of the Big Pond. They are known for their "latte art" - you have to order one in a china cup to appreciate it. A local favorite, they also have a huge variety of teas from around the world and make a wonderful Mexican hot chocolate.


Culver City has a handful of large hotels located near the intersection of I-405 and Sepulveda Blvd, with several cheaper but more rundown options located on Sepulveda near the intersection with Venice Blvd, and also along Washington Blvd. The historic Culver Hotel is located downtown and offers a more unique lodging option. Neighboring cities such as Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey and El Segundo have numerous options within a 10-15 minute drive of Culver City.

  • 1 Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles Westside, 6333 Bristol Pkwy (3 miles north of LAX, visible from the 405), +1 310 484-7000, toll-free: +1 800 321-2211, fax: +1 310 590-2593, . Opened April 2008, this hotel features 260 spacious rooms and suites in addition to 10,000 square feet of flexible meeting space and a full catering department. Rates range from $139 for a room with two queen beds to $299 for a one-bedroom suite.
  • 2 Culver Hotel, 9400 Culver Blvd (downtown), +1 310 838-7963, toll-free: +1 888 328-5837. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and located in the heart of downtown Culver City, this hotel opened in 1924 and offers a unique lodging option with rooms featuring antique furniture. The hotel was once owned by John Wayne and served as accommodation for most of the cast of the Wizard of Oz during its filming. $89 for a room with queen beds to $299 for the John Wayne Suite.    
  • 3 DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Westside, 6161 West Centinela Ave, +1-310-649-1776. Renovated in May 2014, rooms in this hotel are 350 ft2 and offer 37-inch flat-screen TVs, complimentary wired and wi-fi internet, cotton bathrobes, and turndown service. There are also three suites available. Hotel amenities include a business center, restaurant, lounge, 24-hour market, meeting space, coin laundry, gift shop, fitness center, and outdoor pool. Rates start around $125 per night.
  • 4 Travelodge, 11180 Washington Pl (intersection of Sepulveda Blvd and Washington Pl), +1-310-839-1111. Rooms include free wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, a microwave, refrigerator and free parking. The property is a bit run-down, and would be much improved by renovations. The Metro Cafe, located downstairs, is a surprisingly good dining option, serving sandwiches and excellent breakfasts and attracting mostly non-hotel guests. This hotel is located at the intersection of two busy streets, so request a room that doesn't face the road if available. Rates start around $120 per night.


Culver City offers free internet access in several areas.

  • [dead link] Culver City WiFi (downtown). Free wireless internet access is provided in downtown Culver City, but connectivity varies greatly depending on your location. Login is required using any web browser to activate access.
  • 7 Culver City Julian Dixon Library, 4975 Overland Ave (near Overland and Culver), +1 310 559-1676. Tu-Fr 2PM-6PM, Sa 11AM-3PM, closed Su & Mo. The Culver City library offers free internet connections (wired and wireless) as well as an extensive book collection. It will be closed for renovation for 2015, but will reopen in 2016.

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The cities and neighborhoods that border Culver City include the following:

  • Venice - Culver City's western neighbor offers miles of sand, an eclectic nightlife, and the infamous Muscle Beach.
  • Marina del Rey - Located west of Culver City, the "marina of the king" is home to a vast number of restaurants and hotels, and while not as touristy as some of the neighboring beach cities is nonetheless a fun spot to spend an evening.
  • Westchester - Culver City's southwestern neighbor is home to Los Angeles International Airport and a number of lodging options.
  • South Central LA - Located east of Culver City, South Central has its rough parts but is definitely worth a visit to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center, as well as the campus of USC and the sights of Exposition Park.
  • West LA - The west side of the sprawling city of LA forms Culver City's northern neighbor, and is home to UCLA and the Getty Museum.
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