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Hometown By law I must not say. That's confidential
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Other homes (Places I have lived before) Scottsbluff NE, Chadron NE
Have visited Casper, Laramie, Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland CO, Longmont] CO, Scottsbluff NE, Gering NE, Kimball NE, Kearney NE, Lincoln NE, St. Joseph, Branson, Rapid City, Omaha Boys Town (Nebraska)
Wishlist Gillette, WY High Priority Grand Island (Nebraska), Template:High priority Salt Lake City UT Template:High priorityColorado Springs, OmahaYes Done, LA, NYC, Toronto (Canada), Tokyo (Japan),

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Greetings! I am Zanygenius (known as Zacho outside the Wiki-space), and I have been on Wikivoyage since February 2016, and a member since October 2016. I couldn't have done it without AndreCarrotflower, Andrewssi2, Ibaman, Iken Kekek, Traveler100, Ypsilon, and COUNTLESS OTHERS, because I could've very easily gotten lost here, but now I'm a prime editor.

I live in Cheyenne and would love to become a Donsueir (Local Guide) for it on the English Wikivoyage, but I also have knolwedge from traveling between Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado.

The furthest I've gone is Branson (Missouri), and the most states I've visited (all time) is 6.

On my off time, I love outdoor activities, as long as the wind doesn't get nasty, then my thing is run a city on my tablet per Simcity Buildit.

I'm always ready to help, just ask! If I make a mistake, which I do often, calmly correct me, and I'll likely understand. Regretfully, but yes.


A 3 day Trip to the city of the 16th president!
 , Lincoln (Nebraska) – 6-8/10/2017
Has concluded

Halloween (USA)
 , USA – 31/10/2018
Has concluded
Thanksgiving (USA)
  USA – 23/11/2018
Has concluded
Christmas (most of the western world)
 , – 25/12/2018
Has concluded
2nd Anniversary of my being on Wikivoyage
 , WikiVoyage – 8/2/2018
Has concluded

PRELOGUE Before I came here, I was on Wikipedia, with less than satisfactory results. I made some fatal mistakes on there, which I still painfully regret to this day. After I took a break from Wikipedia, I csme and discovered, WikiVoyage!



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Here is where I have earned things, good and bad.


NOTE: If you see any barnstars here, you are hallucinating. Please refrain form the screen slowly and take a walk around the block or something light then come back. IF you still see barnstars, then maybe I'm not dumb after all.


A Self-Block was preformed in June 2017, as I was embarrassed and wanted to recollect before I got blocked by somebody else. I'm better now.

None others have happened.


  1. This was a paraphrased quote from an unknown author, who was most likely Robert Frost, but I'm not sure.


Have a nice day :)