Hello, El Grafo! Welcome to Wikivoyage.

To help get you started contributing, we've created a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about policies and guidelines and style, as well as some important information on copyleft and basic stuff like how to edit a page. If you need help, check out Help, or post a message in the travellers' pub. If you are familiar with Wikipedia, take a look over some of the differences here. sats (talk) 10:49, 1 March 2014 (UTC)Reply

Nice going! edit

Great job on Puerto de la Cruz!

All the best,

Ikan Kekek (talk) 09:35, 13 April 2016 (UTC)Reply

Thanks, still learning all the conventions though. Please don't hesitate to let me know it I mess something up … Cheers, --El Grafo (talk) 09:40, 13 April 2016 (UTC)Reply
Sure thing. And if I don't, someone else will. :-)
Ikan Kekek (talk) 09:55, 13 April 2016 (UTC)Reply