city in Ohio, United States

Not to be confused with Bowling Green, a city in Kentucky.

Bowling Green is a small college town in Northwest Ohio about 30 mi (48 km) south of the Michigan border. Surrounded by miles of flat farmland, Bowling Green is best known for its public university, Bowling Green State University (BGSU), and its national tractor pull event. Locals often shorten Bowling Green to BG - pronounced "Bee Gee".

Downtown Bowling Green at the intersection of Wooster and Main. This area is heavily trafficked by pedestrians and motorists.



Bowling Green is primarily a college town. Bowling Green State University is known for its education, music, and aviation programs. As a result, many events have an educational bent, music and the arts are popular in town, and clear days are hallmarked with frequent flybys of propeller-driven airplanes.

The city also functions as the county seat and the largest city of Wood County, Ohio. The only other large city in the county is the Toledo suburb of Perrysburg. It lies on the edge of the Toledo Metropolitan area and caters to locals in nearby towns and farms by offering shopping, education, and entertainment, much like the city of Findlay 30 mi (48 km) to the south. Because of this Bowling Green is a melting pot between college and country culture.


Wood County in the Oil Boom
The Normal School in 1910
The Normal School in 1915. University Hall is pictured, and still stands
A football game in 1921. At the time, the Football team was known as the Normals. They became known as the Falcons shortly later in 1927.

Bowling Green was settled in 1832 near the center of the Great Black Swamp, and was named by its settlers after Bowling Green in Kentucky. It got its start as a city thanks to the oil boom in the 1880s and the resulting clearing of the swamp. The college was established in 1910 as Bowling Green State Normal School to train teachers along side its sister college in Kent. By the 1930s it became a fully fledged university. During World War II the University helped train Navy personnel. After World War II ended, the influx of returning soldiers and their baby boomer children greatly increased the size of the university, as well as the surrounding city. While current events are university focused, many relics of the oil days remain in and around the Bowling Green area.

Since its founding, the university has taught many notable people including Olympians, scientists, captains of industry, and Hollywood actors.



Bowling Green has four distinct seasons. The spring brings plentiful cherry blossoms. The summer can have sweltering and humid heat, but the hydrangea and hibiscus bloom. During the fall the temperatures drop and the trees change the color of their leaves to shades of red, orange, and yellow. Winters in Bowling Green can be highly variable. Some winters are mild with only a few inches of snow accumulation. However sometimes winters can be quite harsh with blizzards and several feet of snow accumulation or ice storms. A constant of all seasons are frequent windy days. A windbreaker is recommended, even in the early summer.

Visitor information

  • 1 Bowling Green Visitor Center (BGVC), 130 S Main St (Four Corners Center), +1 419-372-2336, toll-free: +1-800-866-0046, fax: +1 419-575-9691, . M-F 9AM-5PM, Sa 8AM-noon. Information about the city, maps, as well as BGSU information, coupons on retail and dining in the historic downtown district, travel and overnight packages and a variety of self-guided and guided tour options. Free.
  • 2 BTSU Info Desk (First floor of the union across from Falcon Outfitters), +1 419-372-2741. The Bowen Thompson Student Union Information Desk can provide information specific to the Student Union, and general campus information. Offers car rentals for a fee. This also serves as the general BGSU lost and found. Upstairs on the fourth floor is the LGBTQ+ resource center, which can offer advice specific for LGBT travelers. Free.
  • 3 BGSU Office of Admissions (University Hall on the second floor of the foyer), +1 419-372-2478, toll-free: +1-866-246-6732, . M-F 8AM-5PM. While intended for prospective students, the Office of Admissions is familiar with providing directions on and off campus. The Office of Admissions also offers free tours of the campus for prospective students. Free.
  • BGSU Events Calendar. The official university calendar. Highlights trending upcoming events related to the university campus, and is useful for finding smaller niche events. Usually details ticket prices, locations, parking info, and other details for each event. Free.

Get in

Map of Bowling Green (Ohio)

By plane


The nearest major airport is the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW IATA) at just over an hour north of Bowling Green by car. Some passenger flights may also go to the closer Toledo Express Airport (TOL IATA) which is only a half hour north of Bowling Green by car.

  • 1 Wood County Regional Airport (Bricker Field), 1261 E Poe Rd, +1 419-354-2908. Private pilots may land at this general aviation airport, and non pilots may charter flights here. This airport is on campus and offers a lounge, fuel, and an airport shuttle. The airport has some historic significance - During World War II the airfield was used to train pilots for the Navy. There is also a Korean War-era Lockheed T-33 jet on display near the lounge. While many organizations take pictures of their members on the wings of that jet, you should ask permission before attempting it yourself.    

By car

See also: Driving

Bowling Green is on I-75 at exit 181, and it is a quick 25 mi (40 km) drive south from Toledo, a 130 mi (210 km) drive north from Dayton, and a 80 mi (130 km) drive south from Detroit. Regional car services include: a city subsidized van service with low rates, B.G. Transit[dead link] Reliable Taxi, Supercab, BG Airport Shuttle, and Bill's Limousine.

By bicycle

See also: Cycling in the United States

A community group Bike BG[dead link] offers slow bike rides throughout the city once a month.

  • 2 Slippery Elm Trail (trail entrances at Montessori school and the black swamp nature preserve). Dawn to dusk. Goes 13 mi (21 km) south to North Baltimore, passing through the villages of Portage and Rudolph. If you are a pump cyclist, the village of Rudolph contains a pump track that is among the largest in the world. The trail is asphalt and features several rest stops and water fountains. At the entrance at the Bowling Green Black Swamp Preserve, there is a free bicycle repair station. Van Buren is 5 mi (8.0 km) south from the end of the trail on flat country roads. Free.    

Get around


By car


Electric Cars

A few of the City and the BGSU campus parking lots have an electric car charger. These lots include

  • City Public Parking lots 1, 2, & 3 (Downtown)
  • BGSU Lot E (Near the Student Union)
  • BGSU Lot 13 (Near the Football Stadium)
  • BGSU Lot 8 (Residential)

Bowling Green is next to Interstate 75, and its Main Street is also an important local highway (Old US 25). Outside of the downtown area and campus, it may be time consuming to go without a car.

Free parking is available along both sides of Main Street in the downtown area. However getting a spot can be difficult during business hours and late at night from Thursdays to Saturdays.

The city operates public parking lots in the downtown area. The university also offers public parking in many of its parking lots. These are both available for small fees, and may be free during certain hours, especially during the weekend.

BGSU and the city both have parking enforcement units! BGSU uses automated plate readers and human patrols to quickly catch parking violations. Those parked illegally will almost certainly get caught, and the small fee at the kiosk is much better than a moderate fine. Most public parking lots that charge a fee have replaced their coin operated meters with an automated kiosk that lets you register your licence plate number, eliminating the need to go back to your car to place a permit on it.

There are a few car rental agencies in town, and one on campus.

By bus


BGSU Bus Routes

Each of the BGSU Bus Routes are color-coded.

  • Orange Main - Covers almost the whole university campus.
  • Yellow Express - Covers only the academic core, but does so quickly.
  • Green East - Goes from BGSU campus across the Interstate to the BGSU Enterprise Park, and Carter Park.
  • Blue South - Goes from the BGSU campus to Napoleon Road.
  • Red Downtown - Thursday through Saturday nights only from 7PM to 2:30AM. Goes from campus to downtown. Can be lively. The bus route color does not always match the actual bus color.
The Orange Bus. Buses are not colored the same as the line they serve.
  • 3 BGSU Shuttle Services, +1 419-372-0236, . M-F during the school year. The shuttle service does not operate during breaks. The university provides a shuttle service, with some routes going off campus. The central hub of the bus service is the Centrex building. Shuttles are wheelchair accessible. Current shuttle locations and ETAs can be viewed with the live shuttle tracker or via an app. SMS "BGSU" to 41411 for route info on all cell phones. Free.

Some residential areas will charter a private bus to make regular stops between their neighborhood and campus. The city also sometimes runs buses between parking and major events downtown, such as the Black Swamp Arts Festival.

By taxi

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Taxicabs are very inexpensive at $3-4 per fare (as of January 2019).

  • B.G. Transit, toll-free: +1-800-579-4299. M-F 6AM-8PM, Sa 10AM-4PM, closed on public holidays and Sundays. A city-subsidized public transportation service whose route is determined by scheduled rides. Vans are accessible to the disabled. Since it is not a traditional taxi service, schedule your ride at least an hour in advance, but accommodations may be made for short-notice trips if capacity is available. It does not go beyond more than 1 mi (1.6 km) from the city limits. $3.50-$4.00.
  • Reliable Taxi, +1 419-352-8294. A private taxi company.
  • Supercab, 326 Industrial Pkwy Suite 2 (Office), +1 419-494-3380. 24/7. A private taxi company. Offers a flat rate for service to the Toledo Amtrak or Greyhound station ($45), Toledo Express Airport ($50), and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport ($110) $4 flat within city limits, $2 for each mile outside the city limits.

By foot


Most of Bowling Green is about as walkable as any American city, with a few exceptions.

BGSU is even more walkable then the rest of Bowling Green. Almost every major building is within 1 mi (1.6 km) of another.

The Downtown area too is similarly extra walkable, as it is less then 1 mi (1.6 km) long. Walkability is helped by shaded building passages, ample crossings, and frequent benches.

Wooster Street opposite of the university is unpleasant to walk due to a lack of shade and close proximity to vehicle traffic. Many locals choose to cross the street to the University Sidewalk, or walk down Clough Street (Pleasant shaded residential street parallel with Wooster).

By bicycle

See also: Cycling in the United States, Cycling

Bowling Green tends to be cyclist friendly. Most destinations have ample bike parking.

On-campus bike parking is widely available outside each building. Some buildings, such as the Art Building and the Student Recreation Center have newer green roofed racks that can keep your bike dry in light rain. Watch out for small delivery robots with low profiles when cycling on campus.

The downtown core of BG should be bypassed by cyclists who are passing through. Because of heavy traffic and low visibility around corners biking on the street is less easy here, and biking on the sidewalk is illegal downtown. For cyclists visiting downtown as a destination there are some anchored stands for bicycle parking.

Bowling Green State University

  • 1 BGSU Planetarium. Tu 8PM, F 8PM, Sa 2PM, Su 7:30PM during the school year. An planetarium open to the public. Has regular educational showings for all ages, and holiday features. Most shows feature a regular star talk, then proceed with the show. Upstairs there is an observatory where public stargazing sessions are offered after weekend showings at the planetarium, or separately when events such as eclipses are ongoing. $1 (suggested donation).  
  • 2 Biology Greenhouse, +1 419-372-2375. Contains a tropical plant collection, and a desert plant collection. Also houses a student projects room and an aquaponics lab. Tours are available if scheduled in advance. Free.
  • 3 Fine Arts Galleries, +1-419-372-2786, . Several galleries dedicated to showcasing student artwork. The Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery and Willard Wankelman Gallery are conventional art galleries.The Hiroko Nakamoto Gallery, created by an interior design alumna who survived the Hiroshima atomic bombing, is stylized as a traditional Japanese tea room, and is a work of art on its own. Outside the galleries, the Fine Arts Building houses many smaller displays down its corridors which are typically accessible even if the main galleries are closed. Free.
  • 4 The BGSU Film Theater (Formerly Gish Film Theatre), Bowen Thompson Student Union (on the 2nd floor of the Student Union). A movie theater that often showcases classic and modern movies, as well as the occasional guest speaker. Free public screenings are usually held during the spring or fall semester on Tuesday nights at 7:30PM, or Thursday nights at 7:30PM for international films. Free.  
  • 5 Life Sciences Building (Herpetarium is on the first floor, Marine Lab is on the second). The first floor houses the BGSU Herpetarium, a lab for the care and observation of over 30 species of reptiles and amphibians. Open to the public with an escort. The second floor houses the BGSU Marine Lab, which also offers public tours if planned in advanced. The Marine lab offers a variety of fish, as well as a touch tank where fish can be touched. The upper floors contain Professor Moseley's taxidermied animals on display in the hallways, as well as more modern specimens. Free.


The Wood County Courthouse. A war memorial is visible in the bottom left.
The historic Boom Town neighborhood
  • 6 BG Wind Farm. One of the first commercial wind farms in Ohio, it started in 2003, and recouped its costs in 2015. The site consists of four turbines that stand at over 250 ft (76 m) tall that can generate over 7 megawatts. On clear days they can be seen from Wooster Street. Has an info board on site. Free.  
  • 7 Bridge Over Troubled Waters (The Elephant/The Dinosaur) (between the Education building and Kohl Hall). 24/7. A 14 ft (4.3 m) tall memorial to the events of May 4th, 1970 that took place at BGSU's sister school, Kent State University during the Vietnam war. This is a sister sculpture of a piece that was pierced by a bullet at Kent State during the shooting, made by the same artist with the same metal. Free.  
  • 8 Clough Street (Clough Windmill). A residential street with many interesting houses built in a fanciful style. Notably, one house is a traditional style windmill. The inside is not open to the public, but it serves as a local landmark.
  • 9 Education Memorabilia Center (Little Red Schoolhouse / District #6 School) (between the Education building and Kohl Hall). Sa Su 2-5PM, contact College of Education to confirm. A preserved schoolhouse from the frontier era. It was built in 1875 in the Norwalk area, and was moved to its current location in 1976. Free.  
  • 10 Wood County Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Square, +1-419-354-9000, toll-free: +1-866-860-4140. Built in the oil boom era, the courthouse is castlelike and the exterior is lined with turrets and stone carvings. On the courthouse grounds there are many war memorials. The courthouse is topped with a giant clocktower which is visible across the city, and has a nest for peregrine falcons. The grand staircase of the original courthouse is lavish, with giant painted murals. The law library is cozy and a relaxing environment to take a breather. The grounds outside feature a fountain and war memorials. This is an active courthouse, so you will have to pass through a security checkpoint to enter. Free.    


  • 11 National Construction Equipment Museum (NCEM), 16623 Liberty Hi Rd (Northwest edge of town.), +1 419-352-5616, . M-F 1-5PM. Showcases historic construction machinery including trucks, excavators, paving equipment, drills, scrapers, rollers, graders, cranes, excavators, and tractors. $7 adult, free for kids 12 or under.    
  • 12 Snook's Dream Cars, 13920 County Home Rd, +1 419-353-8338. M-F 9AM-4PM, Sa Su by appointment. Classic car museum features a recreated 1940s-era Texaco gas station with authentic antique signage, a showroom of extensive automobile memorabilia, coin operated antique machines and classic cars that are all in excellent working order and are even driven on a regular basis. Within the museum painted murals and background scenes recreate the looks of a 1930s general store to a racetrack from the 1960s. The car collection features models from the 1930s to the 1960s. The facility also houses a complete four-bay shop for maintaining collector cars and a special area for events. Adults $6, seniors $5, children $4.  
  • 13 Wood County Museum (Wood County Historical Society), 13660 County Home Rd, +1 419-352-0967, . M-F 9:30AM-4:30PM, Sa Su 1-4PM. The Wood County Historical Center and Museum is the original site of the Wood County Infirmary, which was in operation from 1869 to 1971. The site re-opened as an Historical Center & Museum in 1975, and has rotating exhibits and self-guided tours inside, plus a public park outside with trails, picnic tables, herb garden, and original out-buildings. The Historical Center also hosts a variety of educational experiences and public events throughout the year. $5 adult, $1 child (10 or under).    


Tractor Pulling at the Wood County Fairgrounds. The national tractor pull can be heard throughout town.
  • 1 Black Swamp Arts Festival (BSAF) (Downtown), +1 419-354-2723. F 5PM-midnight, Sa 10AM-midnight, Su 11AM-5PM. Bowling Green's local artists come and share their work with the community to help celebrate the arts. Fine arts and crafts throughout the Downtown area. Children's activities, live music, demonstrations, and various art events all weekend. Free.  
  • 2 Winterfest, +1 419-353-9445. Winterfest is the third weekend in February annually and has more than 30 fun winter-themed events for all ages. Visit the sparkling ice chalet, ice skating competition, the ice sculpture exhibits with an interactive photo area and artist-created snowflakes decorating the whole downtown. Be part of the fun with a chili & soup cook-off, BG Parks & Rec Frostbite Run, ice skating, snow games and downtown retail open house Sparkle Night. Free.
  • 3 Art Walk (Downtown), +1 419-354-4332. Annual event held the last Saturday in April. Stroll through the historic downtown and visit the many galleries and exhibitions featuring visual and performing arts from all ages. Artists' demonstrations, family activities and performances continue throughout the day. Has a raffle with prizes. Free.
  • 4 Heritage Days, 13660 County Home Rd (Wood County Historical Center & Museum), +1 419-352-0967. Annual event held the second full weekend in June. Step back in time and get your hands on history with soap making, rope making, fresh butter churning, free blacksmith and farm demonstrations, farm-themed activities, farm animals, historic games, swap meet, kiddie pedal pull, Power of Yesteryear antique tractor show, BBQ and live music. All set amid the rustic historical museum grounds.
  • 5 Wood County Fair, 13800 W Poe Rd (Wood County Fairgrounds), +1 419-352-0441, . Annual event held the last weekend in July until the end of the first week in August. The fair typically includes concerts, a car show, a demolition derby, tractor, truck and semi pulls, championship horse and pony pulls, dances, a cheerleading competition, live music, food, games, rides, industrial arts, woodworking and carving demonstrations, cookie decorating, balloon artists, livestock, flower show, quilts, needlework, karaoke, 4H projects, baked and canned goods, ice cream, wine competition and a parade of floats. $7, children under 9 are free.  
  • 6 National Tractor Pull Championships (Pulltown), 13800 W Poe Rd (Wood County Fairgrounds), +1 419-354-1434, . Annual three-day event in late August. One of the three National Tractor Pullers Association Super National Events. This has all kinds of tractor pulling, from two-wheel drive to Super Semis. Part of the fairground is turned into a temporary campground with 2,107 campsites, making it the fourth-largest campsite for motorsport events in the USA, highlighting the sheer size of the tractor pull. $20-100.    
  • 7 Firefly Nights (Downtown), +1-419-354-2323. Jun-Aug third Friday of the month in the evening. Mini summer festivals held downtown featuring live music, local crafts, and food. Occasionally hosted in the fall as well.

On-campus events

The Bowen Thompson Student Union lobby. The union hosts a number of events, a food court, a theater, and an information desk.
The Stroh Center. Besides being a basketball arena, it's also a venue for large events.
  • 8 Animarathon (Anime Marathon) (Bowen Thompson Student Union), . Sa 9AM-midnight, Su 9AM-6PM. Animarathon is an annual two-day student-run spring Japanese anime convention. Animarathon has taiko, cosplay competitions, a maid cafe, special guests, and panels related to anime and Japanese popular culture. The Student Union ballroom is used to host artists and vendors of Anime merchandise. $10 at door, $20 pre-registration.  
  • 9 Cherry Blossom Festival (O-hanami) (Bowen Thompson Student Union Ballroom). The Cherry Blossom Festival is held annually in April by the Japanese Club at BGSU. The Cherry Blossom festival hosts Japanese cultural programming, origami and shodo brush writing workshops, a Taiko drum performance, Martial Arts demonstrations, a bon-odori dance, kimono try ons, Japanese game tables, and free Japanese snacks including sushi and green tea. The event started as a small gathering of 75 people in 2001 to thank the support of Tokyo Alumni, and hosts over 800 people as of 2018. Free.
  • 10 Dance Marathon (DM / Ziggython) (Perry Field House). Annual 24-hour-long event in April. A charity dancing event in support of the Children's Miracle Network. The largest student-run event on the BGSU campus.
  • 11 STEM in the Park (Wood County Air Fair) (Perry Field House), . late September. Annual event to promote science, technology, engineering, and math to youth. Exhibits include robotics, food science, digital media, water science, and demos from Toledo institutions such as the Toledo Zoo and Imagination Station. Features live music with local bands. Operates jointly with the Wood County Air Fair, which showcases and flies current and historical aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons, and rockets. Free.
  • 12 Falcon BEST Robotics Competition (Stroh Center). Early November. Annual robotics competition at BGSU featuring teams from Ohio and Indiana middle schools and high schools.
  • 13 The Hatch (Stroh Center). Annually in the Spring. Annual spring entrepreneurship competition at BGSU operated by the College of Business. Each participating student, referred to as Hatchlings, work on a project over the course of several months with local business mentors. This culminates in a gameshow style event held in the basketball stadium where the Hatchlings compete to try to get investors to take a stake in their entrepreneurial projects. Free.
  • 14 Oktoberfest (Bowen Thompson Student Union Ballroom). late October. BGSU's German club hosts an annual Oktoberfest celebration featuring polka music, and merryment. There is a buffet as well as a cash bar with beer. Free admission, buffet costs $5 for students,$10 for general public in advance, and $15 for the general public at the door.
  • 15 ArtsX (the Wolfe Center and the Art Building). Early December. BGSU's annual winter art talent show. Includes performance art, music, theater, fine art, and art sales. Free.



BGSU Mascots


The university mascots, Freddy and Frieda Falcon, attend most sports games. As their wearers graduate their secret identities are revealed at "Bird Beheadings" before a sports game. No actual birds are harmed!

The secret organization SICSIC also attends most games. If you see them in their jumpsuits and masks don't panic! It's perfectly normal. When members graduate their secret identities are revealed at a sports game.

A football game at the Doyt
A BGSU Hockey game

A popular fight song is "Ay Ziggy Zoomba" (pronounced Aye Zigg-e Zoom-ba). If someone shouts, "Ay Ziggy Zoomba", you should respond "Ay Ziggy Zoomba Ze!". Games against rival school the University of Toledo are often shorted to TSUN, meaning "That school up north".

  • 16 Bowling Green Bobcats, 530 W Poe Rd. Bowling Green High School has an athletics program with a variety of sports, including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, track, wrestling, bowling, hockey, golf, and lacrosse.
  • 17 Cochrane Stadium. BGSU's soccer stadium. The Stadium has bleachers, a modern design and hosts both men and women soccer games.    
  • 18 Doyt L. Perry Stadium (The Doyt). BGSU's football stadium. The layout of the stadium is like a horseshoe, with the south end open. The north building is the Sebo Athletic center, where BGSU's collegiate athletes train. The stadium interior contains sports faculties, offices, and lounges. On years ending with an odd number, this stadium hosts the Battle of I-75 with BGSU Falcons' arch rival the Toledo Rockets. While it's not part of the stadium, the University of Toledo's Glass Bowl keeps a Cold War era US Army Nike Ajax rocket aimed at the Doyt's 50-yard line.    
  • 19 Slater Family Ice Arena (BGSU Ice Arena), 417 N Mercer Rd, +1 419-372-2264. BGSU's dual rink ice arena. The ice area includes a pro shop, and a lounge area. Hosts hockey games, figure skating, skating lessons, and public skating. The Falcons, Local High Schools, and the Black Swamp Ice Frogs play hockey here. The lobby has a small section with memorabilia of Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, who used to skate here as a student. 50 minutes $10, 80 minutes $15.    
  • 20 Steller Field (Warren E. Steller Field). BGSU's baseball field. Features bleacher seating, natural grass turf, and an electronic scoreboard.    
  • 21 Stroh Center, 1535 E Wooster St. BGSU's primary basketball arena, replacing Memorial Hall for most events. The Stroh Center also houses the BGSU Athletics Hall of Fame, practice courts and the Anderson Club.    
  • 22 Rugby Field. A rugby field that has bleachers and a scoreboard. BGSU has a national championship winning Rugby team (2018).

Parks & golfing

A Japanese garden in Simpson Garden Park
  • 23 Black Swamp Preserve, 1014 S Maple St. 8AM-dusk. A nature preserve connected to the Slippery Elm Trail. Has restrooms, a water fountain, resting areas, a bike repair stand, gardens, and descriptions of local wildlife on an educational board. Free.
  • 24 Carter Park, 401 Campbell Hill Rd. Has a baseball complex, softball complex, volleyball courts, Disk Golf, picnic shelters, and a natural area. One of the largest parks in Bowling Green by size. Free.  
  • 25 City Park, 520 Conneaut Ave, +1 419-354-6223, . City Park features the city pool and waterpark, skate park, rollerskating rink, the historic Needle Hall, and golf course at the adjacent country club. The waterpark includes a waterslide, lazy river, diving boards, and splash playground. Free.
  • 26 Simpson Sensory and Children's Garden Park (Simpson Garden Park), 1291 Conneaut Ave, +1 419-354-6297, . A park with a variety of plants and artistic structures. The park includes a healing garden, a children's park, and a Japanese garden. Golf cart tours are available. Free.
  • 27 Stone Ridge Golf Club, 1553 Muirfield Dr, +1 419-353-2582. 6AM-7PM. A private 18-hole golf course in a quiet residential neighborhood on the edge of town. Has a restaurant at the clubhouse. $46 regular, $20 super twilight.
  • 28 Wintergarden (St.Johns Nature Preserve), 615 S Wintergarden Rd, +1 419-353-0301, . 8AM-5PM. Has a nature center, forests, and meadows. Free.  


  • 29 BiG Fab Lab, 1234 N Main St, +1 419-971-4244, . 24/7. A makerspace in the Woodland Mall with a wide variety of industrial equipment for rent, as well as workshops on how to use it. Has free open houses on Thursdays. Hosts a variety of sub organizations such as a drone racing group. $50 a month.
  • 30 Moore Musical Arts Center (Box Office is in the Wolfe Center across the street), +1-419-372-2181. Features a variety of performance halls specifically for the musical arts. Outside of regular rehearsals, practices, competitions, and special events, hosts two major recurring events - the New Music Festival and the Orchard Guitar Festival are in the Fall. It also hosts the Summer Music Institute which builds musical skills.
  • 31 Wolfe Center for the Performing Arts. The performing arts building, featuring a proscenium theater, a black box theater, and the BGSU Box Office. The entrance to the black box theater features several replicas of ancient mosaics, the originals once kept here were returned to their home in Gaziantep, Turkey, at the Zeugma Mosaic Museum. A digital media lab on the second floor contains a giant Starcraft II box, signed by the dev team, one of whom was an alumnus. The back of the building is a grass ramp that leads to the second floor, and this area is occasionally used as a outdoor theater. Often hosts musicals.
  • BG Pedal Company. Offers cycling and drinks throughout town on a custom multiperson cycle.  


  • 4 Black Swamp Fine Arts School, 419 Gould St, +1 419-665-1063, .
  • 5 Teaching Kitchen, 705 Ridge St (enter the Oaks through the main entrance and turn left). A teaching kitchen operated by university chefs that offers public lessons on how to prepare various foods and drinks. Lessons are usually themed around a particular holiday, diet, or cuisine. Lessons are usually split between meat and vegetarian options. Most lessons cost about $20 (includes the food).
  • 6 The Art Supply Depot, 435 E Wooster St, +1 419-352-9501. M-F 10AM-6PM, Sa 10AM-5PM, Su noon-5PM. A small art supply store just off of campus. Offers a variety of art supplies, as well as public classes during the schoolyear. Has a small gallery for exhibitions, generally of local artwork.
  • 7 The Beat Dance Company, 1330 Brim Rd, +1 419-290-1952. Offers dance lessons in various styles including tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary.

Bowling Green Banking

Bowling Green has branches for most national banks, and ATMs are fairly common. Most places take cards, and some take contactless cell phone payments though Android or Apple Pay.

Glass City Federal Credit Union has a branch in the far north of town, and may be networked with your local credit union for reduced fees.

The only bank on campus is PNC, but there is an ATM operated by the Glass City Federal Credit Union on campus as well. Both are in the Student Union.

General items

  • 1 Ben's, 154 S Main St, +1 419-352-3389, toll-free: +1-800-439-7719, . 9AM-8PM. A local craft store that also offers toys, candy and party supplies among a variety of other things.
  • 2 Falcon Outfitters (BGSU Bookstore) (Bowen Thompson Student Union 1st Floor), +1 419-372-2851, toll-free: +1-866-517-9766, . Formerly known as the BGSU Bookstore, Falcon Outfitters primarily offers BGSU apparel and goods. Also carries general goods, such as stationary, art supplies, and hygiene products. Ziggabyte is the Computing section of Falcon Outfitters. They offer computers, cables, and accessories.
  • 3 Woodland Mall, 1234 N Main St, +1 419-353-6368. M-Sa 10AM-9PM, Su noon-5PM. A dying shopping mall on the far north of Bowling Green. A lack of business has driven a number of alternative businesses such as thrift shops and studios to occupy the mall.  

Media stores

  • 4 Finder's Records, 128 N Main St, +1 419-352-7677. By appointment. An semi-closed independent record store selling CDs, vinyl, and DVDs. Has a large selection, and is willing to special order rarer items.
  • 5 Rock Em' Sock Em' Retro, 127 S Main St, +1 419-806-4750. Sells retro video games and memorabilia. Also has a small arcade.
  • 6 The Stacked Deck (enter the mini mall alley, store is not visible from the street). Sells tabletop and card games.

Specialty stores

Downtown Bowling Green hosts many small businesses.
  • 7 Cyclewerks, 248 S Main St, +1 419-352-9375. M-F 10AM-6PM, Sa 10AM-5PM, closed Sunday. A small bicycle chain in the Toledo metro. Sells bicycles, bicycle accessories, and offers bicycle repair services. For travelers who just need a bike for a short time, they offer daily rentals, although this can be more expensive then purchasing a cheap bike for periods longer then a few days.
  • 8 The Busy Thimble, 148 S Main St, +1 419-806-4022, . M-Sa 9AM-8PM, Su 11AM-5PM. A sewing and quilting supply store. They host classes on how to get started sewing with a variety of simple projects.
  • 9 Farmers Market, 201 S Main St (enter the Huntington Bank parking lot on foot). Meets every Wednesday downtown during the summer from 5PM to dusk. A market of local farms and businesses. Besides general produce a few specialty items and services can be purchased at the Farmers Market, such as Asian vegetables, freshly picked oyster and shiitake mushrooms, raw honey, blade sharpening, and handmade soaps. May have live music present.
This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under $10
Mid-range $10 - $20
Splurge Over $20
See also: Travel as a vegetarian, Pizza in the United States and Canada, Fast food in the United States and Canada

Bowling Green's downtown area has a small town atmosphere with plenty of dining establishments to choose from, including sports bars (and other "bar" food), pizza, Italian, and family dining.

The area near I-75 and the extreme north and south ends of Main Street have many chain restaurants.


  • 1 Dairy Queen (Myles Dairy Queen), 434 E Wooster St, +1 419-352-8042. One of the first Dairy Queens in the United States from 1940. It's a bit different from a normal Dairy Queen chain restaurant as the interior is much older and the food portions are more generous. Locals call it as Myles Dairy Queen or just Myles (which may also refer to a former pizza pub in town).
  • 2 Kermit's, 307 S Main St, +1 419-354-1388. M-F 6AM-7PM, Sa Su 7AM-3PM. Local mom & pop family diner with large portions.  
  • 3 Pisanello's Pizza, 203 N Main St (Across the street from the Library), +1 419-352-5166. 11AM-11PM. Sells solid pizza, subs, wings, and breadsticks. Has a ninja turtles pinball machine, psychedelic artwork, and a woody decor that screams 1980. $3.50 7" pizza, $6.75 10" pizza, $8.50 12" pizza, $11.25 14" pizza, $13.50 16" pizza.
  • 4 South Side 6, 737 S Main St, +1 419-352-8639. 8AM-11PM. A tiny convenience store with a counter that sells gyros and Mediterranean food. Has many vegetarian options. Most orders are delivery, and the only place to eat on site is a small picnic site outside. The convenience store section has a selection of international beer, non alcoholic drinks, and snacks. Has a gyro-eating challenge to eat 6 large gyros in 66 minutes, but participants must call ahead to schedule a session. $7-13.
  • 5 The Sweet Stop (Simmel's Market), 220 W Wooster St, +1 419-352-7792. M-Sa 6AM-3PM, Su 7AM-1PM. A deli on the far west side of town. Sells coffee, doughnuts, breads and other fresh foods. $1 doughnuts, $7 sandwich, $5 soup bowl.
  • 6 Kabob It, 132 E Wooster St. 11AM-9PM. Offers cheap and quick Lebanese Mediterranean food, with gyros and Greek fries. $5-10.


  • 7 Call of the Canyon, 109 N Main St (Intersection of Main and Wooster), +1 419-353-2255. M-Th 11:30AM-8:30PM, F 11:30AM-9PM, Sa 11:30AM-3:30PM. A small deli that's southwestern from the food to the decor. Sell sandwiches, chili, BBQ, and roast beef. Has some vegetarian options. $8 entree, $3 chili cup, $5 chili bowl.
  • 8 Guajillo's Cocina Mexicana, 434 E Wooster St, +1 419-806-4866. A sister to El-Zarape closer to downtown with a different menu. Has a salsa bar.
  • 9 Mister Spots (Mr. Spots), 206 N Main St, +1 419-352-7768. 11AM-2:30AM. A Philadelphia-style restaurant with cheese-steaks, wings and hoagies. $6-18.
  • 10 Pagliai's (Pollyeyes), 945 S Main St, +1 419-352-7571. 11AM-10PM. A pizzeria that offers an all-you-can-eat family pizza buffet, where they will make a pizza off the menu with each order. This allows you choice in what you eat with access to a buffet which includes pizza and salad. Allows for regular non-buffet orders too. Locals call it "Polly-eyes", not "Pag-Lee-ais". $7-15.  
  • 11 The China, 1039 Haskins Rd (From the Fairgrounds cross Haskins Road to Fairview Plaza.), +1 419-353-1231. M-Sa 4:30PM-8PM (dine in), M-F 11AM-1PM (takeout only). American-Chinese sit down restaurant. $7-12.
  • 12 BurGers (BG Burgers), 1424 E Wooster St, +1 419-352-3663. M-Th 11AM-10PM, F Sa 11AM-11PM, Su 11AM-9PM. Sells burgers, fries, and DiBenedetto's recipe subs. Makes either 1/3 or 1/2 pounders using fresh meat from a rural butcher, and has a vegetarian beat burger option. Parking up front is sparse, but there's some parking hidden behind the building. $8 for a burger and fries combo.


  • 13 The Clay Pot (Formerly Naslada Bistro), 182 S Main St, +1 419-373-6050, . M-Th 5PM-9PM, F Sa 11:30AM-2:30PM & 5-10PM. A downtown Bulgarian bistro. Sells European dishes, seafood, crêpes and wine. $8-30.
  • 14 SamB's, 146 N Main St, +1 419-252-7252. 11AM-9PM. SamB's offers a diverse menu in a fine dining environment. SamB's has an art gallery, and hosts a weekly Sunday Brunch. $8-24.  
  • 15 Sunset Bistro, 1220 W Wooster St. A restaurant far from downtown and campus. They have a diverse menu selling Doukhobor Borsh, Cincinnati Goetta, seafood, burgers, noodles, and desserts like ginger ale cake. Many of their options are vegetarian, and they open their backdoor patio when the weather permits. $5-20.

Dining halls

The Oaks

On campus, most restaurants are condensed into halls. The most notable ones are listed below.

  • 16 Carillon Place, 913 E Wooster St (park in the Union lot and head southeast or take the bus to centrex and head east), +1 419-372-6101. 7:30AM-8PM. An on-campus dining hall. Frequented by freshmen. Also has a convenience store and a Creperie. $7-10.
  • 17 Falcon's Nest (enter the first floor of the Student Union and go to the southern corner), +1 419-372-2641. 8AM-8PM. The food court in the Student Union. Has a variety of fast food chains, a convenience store, a smoothie shop, and a chain coffee shop. $4-10 for a meal.
  • 18 Sundial Kreischer (Central building of Kreischer Quadrangle), +1 419-372-2825. 5PM-midnight. BGSU's late-night dining hall. Has pizza, breakfast for dinner, Mexican, and burgers. . $5-12 for a meal.
  • 19 Social House (Formerly known as The Oaks), 705 Ridge St, +1 419-372-2771. 9AM-9PM. An on-campus all-you-care-to-eat dining hall. Has a specialty vegan section, a salad bar, and a rotating menu. Dining services often holds themed dinners and events here, particularly those featuring named chefs or Tailgate Thursdays during the football season. The building is notable for a futuristic barn-like architecture, its side awning solar panels, a modest garden on the roof, hydroponics for growing food indoors, and a water reclamation system that processes rainwater. Outside the all-you-can-eat portion is a coffee and doughnut shop, an event kitchen on the first floor. $7-10.

Coffee shops

  • 20 Flatlands Coffee (Flatlands), 138 N Main St, +1 419-482-8049, . 9AM-4PM. A minimalist coffee shop with a curated menu that changes each season. They are known for their latte art and to a lesser extent, their desserts. $2-7.
  • 21 Grounds for Thought (Grounds), 174 S Main St (head south from the city center and look on the right side of Main Street), +1 419-354-3266, . 6AM-11PM. A relaxing, local coffee shop, they also have a variety of teas, other non-coffee drinks, sandwiches and desserts. They also are a used bookstore with a small comic section, some vinyl records, and plenty of local books. Has free Wi-Fi, but power outlets near tables are hard to come by. Has a group meeting room. $2-5.



As a college town, Bowling Green has a number of pubs and bars. During the school year, and especially Thursday through Saturday, bar traffic is at its highest. During the day and during breaks, traffic slows down quite a bit.


  • 1 Beckett's Burger Bar, 163 S Main St, +1 419-352-7800. Su-Th 11AM-11PM, F Sa 11AM-midnight. Sells burgers, mac & cheese, chicken, and sandwiches. Specialty drink is the "8-Ball" flavored vodka. Most of the menu is meat, but has some vegetarian and vegan options. $10-20.  
  • 2 Campus Pollyeyes (Pollyeyes), 440 E Court St, +1 419-352-9638. Su-Th 11AM-midnight, F Sa 11AM-1AM. Unlike its parent restaurant Pagliai's, Campus Polleyes is a pizza pub. It is best known for their stuffed breadsticks, which are foot long breadsticks filled with cheese and pizza toppings. It delivers, and has a smallish dining area. They sell pizza and subs too, but they're not well-known for them. $7-18.  
  • 3 Red Sky Pizza & The Attic, 110 N Main St, +1 419-352-0090.
  • 4 El Zarape (EZ), 1616 E Wooster St, +1 419-353-0937. 11AM-10:30PM. A Mexican restaurant and cantina near I-75 that focuses on good and speedy service. $5-15.  
  • 5 Pizza Pub 516 (Formerly Myle's Pizza Pub), 516 E Wooster St (on the south side of Wooster St by the railroad tracks), +1 419-352-1504, . Su-W 11AM-12:30AM, Th-Sa 11AM-2AM. A pizza pub between BGSU and downtown Bowling Green. Sells pizza, subs, salads, and craft beers. Uses a large amount of cheese on its pizza, though not as much as the former Myles did. The sauce is quite tangy, and they offer cauliflower crust pizza. $7-23.  


  • 6 Brewing Green, 322 N Grove St (it's hidden in the back of what looks like an empty warehouse with no sign). Tu-Th 5-10PM, F 4:30-10PM, Sa 1-10PM, Su 1-8PM. A small venue to meet a few friends and drink some delicious brews made on site. As a nanobrewery they create some of their own drinks.  
  • 7 Brathaus. Known for its "Legal Joint" - a sweet cocktail with orange juice and some kind of alcohol.  
  • 8 Campus Quarters, 107 State St, +1 419-353-8735. The southernmost local sports bar, next to campus near the Greek Village. Known for their shot club.
  • 9 Cla-Zel Theater (Clazel), 127 N Main St, +1 419-353-5000. A former art-deco movie theater turned nightlife hub. While it's mostly a private venue for parties and weddings, it also hosts public events with bands and live entertainment.  
  • 10 Howard's Club H (Howard's), 210 N Main St, +1 419-352-3195, . One of Bowling Green's oldest bars, and a bit of a dive. It's most notable for its strong focus on bringing in bands and live entertainment. Since it opened in 1928, it survived prohibition as a speakeasy and it's since hosted a variety of music acts, including John Scofield, The Ramones, 21 pilots, and Fall Out Boy.  
  • 11 Nate & Wally's Fishbowl, 149 E Wooster. Known for their Fishbowls filled with alcohol.
  • 12 Ziggy's, E Wooster St. Known for their "ShotSkis" which is a ski lined with shots that is communally drunk at once.
  • 13 Aistear Brewery, 1037 N Main St, +1-419-819-4704. Tabletop gaming bar. Known for their Braggot.


See also: Hotels
This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under $75
Mid-range $75 - $120
Splurge Over $120

Thanks to the Interstate Bowling Green has more hotels then usual for a city of its size. As a result, these hotels are all near either the highway or the university which is adjacent to the highway.


  • 1 Best Motel. The only motel on the south side of Bowling Green. Offers TV.


  • 2 Best Western Falcon Plaza, 1450 E Wooster St (across Wooster Street from campus), +1 419-352-4671. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: 11AM. Offers Wi-Fi, a hot tub, exercise machines, a business center, exercise equipment, and an included breakfast. Has several handicap accessible rooms.. ~$100.
  • 3 Holiday Inn Express, 2150 E Wooster St (go east from the I-75 exit), +1 419-353-5500, . Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Offers free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, a fitness center, a business center, and included breakfast buffet and coffee. ~$110.


  • 4 Fairfield Inn & Suites, 1544 E Wooster St, +1 419-352-0033. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Offers Wi-Fi, a pool, a fitness center, and free breakfast. Has accessible rooms for disabled guests. ~$120.
  • 5 Hampton Inn, 142 Campbell Hill Rd, +1 419-353-3464. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: 11AM. A nice hotel that offers free Wi-Fi, a pool, a fitness center, a business center, and free breakfast. ~$150.
  • 6 Hilton Home2, 1630 E Wooster St (Near the I75 offramp at BGSU.), +1-419-969-3500. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: 11AM. Includes Wi-Fi, breakfast, indoor pool, fitness center, and business center. ~$140.

Stay safe


On campus you can use any of the blue emergency telephones in an emergency. These will immediately call dispatch and report your location, and flash an alarm.

Getting around


Drivers on Wooster Street should drive with caution. Many drive aggressively and jaywalking is common. Trucks often turn onto main street at a tight, low visibility, and busy intersection. Don't be afraid to slow down and yield, even if you are in the right. There are some unusual on demand crosswalks on Wooster. Slow down and drive with caution when the light blinks yellow, and fully stop when the lights blink red.

Watch where you walk - Campus operations sometimes leaves manholes open to access the vast tunnel network under the campus, mind the signs and don't fall in.

Bowling Green has a lot of nightlife, but please don't drink and drive. There is a free bus service from Thursday to Saturday from the downtown area to BGSU, which is close to many hotels. If the bus is not available, consider a designated driver, or use one of Bowling Green's taxis that can take you to your hotel safely.

Be on guard for ticks in natural areas if you leave designated paths. Make sure to check for ticks when you return.


Snow in Bowling Green

Bowling Green experiences all manner of severe weather. The most common storms are thunderstorms with possible hail, but tornadoes during the summer pose the biggest threat. After a heavy rain, some areas will suffer from flash flooding. Bowling Green can also experience cold weather and rarely blizzards during the winter. Very rarely Bowling Green can experience minor earthquakes as it is directly next to a fault line. These earthquakes are usually low magnitude and rarely cause even minor damage, but may startle animals.



Depending on where you are in Bowling Green, you may be served by one of two police departments.

  • 8 BGSU Police Department (BGSU Police), College Park Office Building, +1 419-372-2346. 24/7. Responsible for the BGSU Campus. BGSU Police cars are white and orange. This is a full police force, and not the same as the regular campus security.
  • 9 Bowling Green Police Division (BG police), 175 W Wooster St, +1 419-352-2571. 24/7. Responsible for the city outside of the university. City police cars are white and blue.
  • Campus Escort Service, +1 419-372-8360. 8PM-4AM. They will escort you to any location on campus if you are in a non-emergency situation and would like an escort to feel safer. Free.

Stay healthy


Bowling Green contains a number of family doctors and dentist practices.

  • 10 Falcon Health Center, 838 E Wooster St, +1 419-372 227. M-F 8AM-9PM, Sa Su 9AM-5PM, closed on Holidays. A non-emergency medical center with a pharmacy close to campus. The clinic offers vaccinations, and can offer a limited number of vaccines for international travel such as Diphtheria or Yellow fever if scheduled in advance. Wellness appointments, Physicals, Counselling, and Lab Work can also be done here. Operated jointly by BGSU and the Wood County Hospital.
  • 11 Speech and Hearing Clinic, Ridge St, +1 419-372-2515. A specialized clinic operated by the university for hearing and speech issues. Offers training sessions to help English as a second language speakers manage their accent.
  • 12 Wood County Community Health Center, 1840 E Gypsy Ln, +1 419-354-9049. M-F 8:30AM-4:30PM or by appointment. Offers general non-emergency health services including wellness checks, a pharmacy, and a laboratory. Offers a phone translation service if you have difficulties explaining your problem in English. Travelers in need of assistance can consult with social workers here. $15 flat service fee, treatment costs are income adjusted if you lack insurance.
  • 13 Wood County Hospital, 950 W Wooster St, +1 419-354-8900. 24/7. Hospital offering emergency, surgical, and specialty services. Offers workshops to improve personal health.  


Jerome Library
Wood County Public Library
  • BGSU WiFi. On campus visitors can connect using the "BGSU Guest" Wi-Fi network, or via the eduroam network. You need a valid phone number to connect to the guest network for each day of use. Speeds usually reach around 30Mbps up and down. Public computers are available in Jerome Library. Free.
  • 14 Jerome Library (Club Jerome), 1001 E Wooster St (park at BGSU Lot N or take the shuttle to Library/East Hall), +1 419-372-2051, . 8AM-2AM. The primary library of Bowling Green State University. The first floor features the Collab Lab which is similar to a makerspace, and the learning commons academic help center. The university mace and pendant is also visible on the first floor. The third floor is dedicated to music and contains a listening center, and the fourth floor is dedicated to the universities popular culture collection which includes movies, comics, zines, and tabletop gaming books, as well as the Ray Bradbury collection. The seventh floor is a group study floor and is a good place to relax. The building dominates the BGSU skyline and is a piece of artwork meant to represent a bookshelf. Outside the library there are two bike repair stations for cyclists passing through campus. Free.    
  • 15 Wood County Public Library (WCPL), 251 N Main St, +1 419-352-5104. 9AM-8:30PM. Offers books, public Wi-Fi, and other amenities. The library lobby is a good place to rest or meet up when visiting downtown. Besides books, the library has a computer lab, local history books, CDs, Magazines, and movies on DVD. The library also offers 3D printing, 3D scanning, technology classes and resources for casual education. In early September the library hosts the Annual Fall Book Sale to get rid of unwanted books, DVDs, and CDs Free.  



The local area codes are 419 and 567, with 419 usually belonging to older organizations. BGSU maintains an online directory for phone numbers on campus. The area code must be dialed on all calls.

Most major wireless carriers have a retail presence and 4G coverage in Bowling Green, and there are a few independent electronics shops that may repair phone hardware or offer SIM cards.



The ZIP code for general city addresses is 43402, and the ZIP code for university addresses is 43403.




Most copies of student media are available free of charge in kiosks such as this on campus or in local restaurants.
  • 18 BG Falcon Media (The BG News) (the Michael & Sara Kuhlin Center). The student-run media at BGSU. The student newspaper, the BG News prints a few times a week during the school year, and is available online. BG24 is the student-run TV station, and the studio is publicly visible from the Kuhlin Center hallway. Student media mostly focuses on local events and sports. Free.    
  • BG Independent News (BG Independent Media). An online-only newspaper that focuses on local events, local politics and university internal politics. Free.
  • 19 Sentinel-Tribune, 1616 E Wooster Suite 15 (Greenwood Center), +1 419-352-4611. The primary newspaper for the city of Bowling Green outside the BGSU campus.  
  • 20 WBGU-FM (88.1MHz) (the Michael & Sara Kuhlin Center). The BGSU student run radio station with programming focusing on Indie music, jazz, news, and other student programming. Broadcasts on 88.1MHz. The radio studio is visible in the entryway to the Kuhlin Center.    
  • 21 WBGU-TV (Channel 27), 245 Troup Ave (Tucker Center for Telecommunications), +1 419-372-2700, . The university-owned television station and PBS affiliate. Broadcasts on channel 27 with studios out of the Tucker Center for Telecommunications, which is sometimes open to guests. Local programming of interest to travelers includes Senic Stops, which covers tourist attractions in Northwest Ohio, and Live at Howards which covers bands performing at a local dive. Signal is reachable in most of Northwest Ohio, from the state borders with Indiana and Michigan to just short of Marion Ohio. Free.    


  • 22 Community Center, 1245 W Newton Rd, +1 419-354-6223. M-Th 5:30AM-8PM, F 5:30AM-7PM, Sa 8AM-5PM, Su 10AM-5PM, holiday hours are limited. Offers a fitness studio and a gym with cardio equipment. Operated by the City of Bowling Green. $10 for a non-resident day pass.
  • 23 Student Recreation Center (SRC), 1411 Ridge Rd, +1 419-372-2000, . During the semester: M-Th 5:30AM-midnight, F 5:30AM-9PM, Sa 10AM-9PM, Su noon-10PM, Hours very during breaks. The main university gym. Open to the public for a fee. Has an Olympic sized swimming pool, a recreation pool with a large hot tub, volleyball courts, basketball courts, treadmills, weights, a Rock Climbing Wall and more. The recreation center also offers trainers and classes as well as changing rooms, and disease testing. A day pass is $10, A month pass is $60.


  • 24 Kirk's Coin Laundry. 24/7. The building is run down, but the cost is accordingly low. Has some arcade machines, recycling, and a public bookshelf.
  • 25 Lmaries, 111 Railroad St, +1 419-353-WASH (9274), . 24/7. A no-coin laundromat that has some larger machines for things like bedding and horse blankets. The facility is very clean, but new customers will need to acquire a smart card from the kiosk in the back before they can use the machines, which do not accept coins. Has an ATM, detergent and softener vending machines, TV, a pool table, air hockey, and slow but free Wi-Fi.
  • 26 The Wash House Laundromat. A downtown laundromat of average quality. Has some arcade machines and is across the street from the library.

Religious services

St Aloysius Chruch
  • 27 First Presbyterian Church, 126 S Church St, +1 419-352-5176, .
  • 28 Hillel. Friday nights. A Jewish student organization that hosts Shabbat services and arranges trips to Toledo synagogues. Has a small off campus apartment for meetings.
  • 29 Indian Student Association (ISA) (Student Organization Suite, Bowen Thompson Student Union). While they aren't specifically a Hindu organization, they often arrange for celebrations of important holidays such as Diwali.
  • 30 Muslim Prayer Room (Muslim's Student Association) (3rd floor of the Math and Science building). A dedicated location on the university campus where Muslims may pray. Take shoes off before entering. Provides prayer matts.
  • 31 St Aloysius, 150 S Enterprise St, +1 419-352-4195, . A Catholic church is a historic brick building. Free.  
  • 32 St John's Episcopal Church, 1505 E Wooster St, +1 419-353-0881. Su 10AM. A modern church close to campus.
  • 33 St Mark's Lutheran Church, 315 S College Dr, +1 419-353-9305.
  • 34 Trinity United Methodist Church, 200 N Summit St (across the street from the courthouse entrance), +1 419-353-9031. Su 8:30AM & 10:30AM. A church housed in a Victorian era domed building. Free.  


The University Seal



BGSU is a non-smoking campus. Vaping and chewing tobacco are allowed outside, but smoking is only allowed in certain parking lots. The university may charge smokers with trespassing, even if they are not students.

The seal


It is rude to split up a group while walking around the University Seal, or to walk around it to the left. However, walking to the right of the seal is seen as a good luck charm. Standing on the seal (watch your balance!) at midnight for a kiss is a sign of future romance, and also a sign that you won't graduate.

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Wood County


Bowling Green is in the center of Wood County, and all of these are not more then a half hour away by car.


The Pemberville Village Hall and Opera House
  • Perrysburg: An affluent Suburb of Toledo on the north end of Wood County. Home to the Levis Commons shopping complex and the historical Fort Meigs. An easy 13 mi (21 km) north of Bowling Green on I-75 or Dixie Highway.
  • 32 Apple Butter Festival of Grand Rapids. Located in the riverside city of Grand Rapids, the Apple Butter Festival is a celebration of all things apple.
  • Pemberville Opera House. Historic guilded age opera house in Pemberville, Ohio.  
  • 33 Luckey Fall Festival (Adams St between Krotzer Ave Gilbert Rd intersections).
  • 14 Toledo, Lake Erie & Western Railway and Museum (TLEW), 17475 Saylor Ln, Grand Rapids, +1 419-878-2177. June-October: the first and 3rd Saturday of the month noon-4PM. Free (donations appreciated).

Nature & history

Zimmerman School

Nearby cities

  • Toledo: The nearest major city to Bowling Green. An easy 25 mi (40 km) drive north of Bowling Green on I-75.
  • Van Buren: A quaint village with a large state park.
  • Findlay: An industrial city with an abundance of Victorian architecture, specialty shops, and restaurants. An easy 30 mi (48 km) drive south of Bowling Green on I-75.
  • Sandusky: A city with lakefront resorts and the Cedar Point amusement park. A 55 mi (89 km) drive east of Bowling Green.
  • Huron: Home to the BGSU Firelands campus and the Huron Playhouse. Around 60 mi (97 km) drive east of Bowling Green.
  • Fostoria
  • Ann Arbor: A larger college town which is home to the University of Michigan. About 70 mi (110 km) drive north.
  • Lake Erie Islands: These islands are more remote vacation hotspots. Drive to Lake Erie and take a ferry or private boat.
Routes through Bowling Green
ToledoPerrysburg  N   S  FindlayDayton
GaryBryan ← Jct W   E  W   E  → Jct N   SFremontSandusky

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