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Hi. My Name is Stony, and I've been addicted to travel and technology for some time, so I like coming to wikivoyage to read and contribute. I'm currently working on ways to make wikivoyage more accessable, including having offline version you can store in your iPod or other device.


I've just returned to the New York City/New Jersey area and live here now, but have lived in Reading, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Barcelona, Spain (each for a year or more); and have traveled extensively in India (3 times, 4 months total), France (10? times, 1 month) Turkey (2x, 1 month) Australia (1x, 2 months), New Zealand (1x, 2 weeks) and a bunch of other places.

Favorite Travel Experiences

  • A 4 day on/off road through the mountains and coastal areas of New Zealand, from Auckland to the tip of the North Island.
  • A two-week hike along the GR 10 in the French Pyrennies, from Banyuls sur Mer to Andorra
  • General traveling in Turkey, including Epheses, Bozcada, Cappadocia, the road along the Iranian/|Iraqi border - from Van to Hakkari to Sirnak, and all the friendly Turks who chatted with me and offered innumerable glasses of tea (Cay).


I'm a computer consultant for individuals and small businesses, and work with Windows and Apple Macintosh (and own two Mac's). What I'd like to do is setup a way for people to easily transfer any wikivoyage information they are interested in to a portable device. Last time I was in India, I saw all the travelers carrying an iPod and a Lonely Planet guide, and I thought "That's silly - why can't we combine the two?". is being discussed in the travellers' pub

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