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I am a 30 year old guy from Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. My real name is Darren Kirby, and I was born in Kamloops. I have also lived in Cache Creek, Edmonton, Vancouver/Burnaby, and Summerland. I am currently back in Edmonton for a while.


My interests are:

  • Programming: Mostly Python, Ruby and PHP, though I am trying to teach myself C/C++ and Lisp.
  • UNIX: You know how junkies buy heroin? Well I buy computers, and install UNIX on them. I have 7 so far, 4 X86s running Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD, an Apple G4 running Gentoo PPC, an Apple G5 running OSX, and a Sun UltraSparc U60 running both Solaris and Gentoo Sparc64.
  • Photography: you can see my digi's. Some nice travel shots, but mostly just random debauchery.
  • Music: I play guitar, bass, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on that makes noise. I have extremely diverse musical tastes.
  • Food and Drink: I have worked as a chef most my life and receive great joy from a brilliant home cooked meal and bottle of wine.

My Edits

I started with Penticton after finding my hometown unrepresented. I have noticed much of British Columbia is lacking, so I guess I will fill it in where I can find the time. I also started the Apex Alpine and Summerland page, and added some more sights to Vancouver. I have started Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Kootenay National Park, Manning Provincial Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park

For quick access: Project:Namespace_index | Wiki markup | Project:How_to_draw_a_map


I have created a few maps for Wikivoyage:


I have added a few of my pictures to Wikivoyage:


I have volunteered myself as Docent for Penticton and Apex Alpine. Feel free to leave a note in my talk page or email me at:

Places I've been

My most recent extended trip was from Penticton to Saint Stephen New Brunswick. During the 2 week long trip I put 12000! km on my poor car. Sometimes you need to be a tourist in your own country. Highlight of the trip was visiting Montreal. What a great city, I recommend it to anyone looking for a great time and great sights.

Places outside of Western Canada that I have been to (Don't laugh, from Penticton to Montreal is about the same distance as London is to Moscow. Makes for a long trip.):

Ottawa | Toronto | Niagara Falls | Kenora | Sault Ste Marie | Hamilton | North Bay | Sudbury | Thunder Bay
Montreal | Quebec City | Trois-Rivières
Saint John | Saint Stephen | Fredericton
Sault Ste Marie
Eau Claire | Madison | Wisconsin Dells
Minneapolis/St. Paul | St. Cloud
Fargo | Bismarck
Billings | Butte | Bozeman
Coeur d'Alene