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Greetings, friends.

I am the American Nomad. I got my start here making the occasional contribution to articles back on the old WikiTravel site, before making the move to Wikivoyage. My travel focus is on regional U.S. travel, primarily in Louisiana and the south central United States, but will occasionally contribute to articles in California, Nevada, and Arizona, as well as international articles in Africa, Asia, Central America, and Europe.

I believe that travel knowledge is something that should be shared by all and am fully supportive of the Wikivoyage mission to collaborate, disseminate, and share knowledge of travel destinations to the world!


  • Adding to articles that have little to no content, especially outside of heavily visited areas.
  • Drawing attention to the rural areas of the United States.
  • Adding Mapshapes to dynamic maps in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas.
  • Building up all articles in Northern Louisiana to Usable or Guide status.

Areas of travelEdit

Areas of contribution to the Wikivoyage project are in bold.

Planned / WishlistEdit

Priority destinations in bold.


In addition to contributing where I can to Wikivoyage, I am also the Docent for the page on the historic town of Mansfield, Louisiana. What this means is that if you have questions on this town or the general area, and the questions are not answered by what is on the page, I am more than happy to help answer those questions. If you have any questions, please direct them to my talk page and I will do my best to answer them! If you are curious about what a Docent does, please check this link here.

My Travel FactoidsEdit

((concept "borrowed" from WV users Mx. Granger and ThunderingTyphoons!))

My records Place
Northernmost   Port Townsend, Washington, USA
Southernmost   Mahé Island, Seychelles
Easternmost   Singapore
Westernmost   Ka'ena Point, Hawaii, USA
Highest   Mount Rainier, Washington, USA (14,410 ft. / 4,390 m)
Lowest   New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (-7 ft. / -2 m)
Longest Flight Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas, USA (DFW) - Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (HNL) (9.5 hours)
Longest Road Trip San Diego, California, USA - Seattle, Washington, USA (about 2 days) (1,295 miles)
Longest Train Ride Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA (1.5 hours)
Longest Bus Ride San Diego, California, USA - Victoria, Texas, USA (roughly 39 hours)
Longest Boat Ride San Diego, California, USA - Singapore (12 days)
Longest Journey on Foot Loop Trail - Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Texas (4.5 miles)
Most Recent Walk / Hike Poison Springs Battleground State Park, Timberlands, Arkansas, USA (0.35 miles) (August 2018)
Longest Delay Without Cancellation O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois, USA (ORD) - Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Austin, Texas, USA (AUS) (11 hours)
Longest Delay With Cancellation Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, Texas, USA (DFW) - Easterwood Airport, College Station, Texas, USA (CLL) (14 hours)
Most Recent International Travel   Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (August 2012)
Most Recent Domestic Travel   Poison Springs Battleground State Park, Timberlands, Arkansas, USA (August 2018)