I have pretty extensive knowledge of Chittenden County and the cities and towns therein. I know quite a bit about the rest of Vermont with a focus on the northern part of the state. I'm also familiar with Rochester (New York), Syracuse (New York), and parts of the Boston area.

I've lived in Essex (Vermont), Rochester (New York), and currently live outside Worcester (Massachusetts).


Works in ProgressEdit

I've decided to attempt a fix for the screwed up regions of Massachusetts, starting with Central Mass. To not stir up even more confusion, the test articles will live here, but anyone should feel free to add content.

  • User:godsendlemiwinks/South County-This will be a bottom level destination article covering multiple towns. Will link directly from the Central Massachusetts article as an Other Destination.

The rest of the region can be covered by ODs as well:

  • Quabbin-area around the reservoir(Ware, Hardwick, Petersham, New Salem, Athol, Royalston, Philipston, Warwick, Orange, Erving, Wendell)
  • Blackstone Valley-area along Blackstone river south of Worcester (Grafton, Millbury, Sutton, Upton, Northbridge, Hopedale, Milford, Uxbridge, Mendon, Douglas, Millville, Blackstone.
  • Montachusett-area around Wachusett Mountain and reservoir excluding Fitchburg/Leominster.



North AmericaEdit