File:Photo of Jmajeremy.jpeg|thumb|left|Jeremy Good day! My username on every Wikimedia project is Jmajeremy and my "home" wiki is English Wikipedia. "JMA" are my initials, and Jeremy is my first name—my real name is Jeremy Andrews.

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Where I've lived Edit

I always find it a bit difficult to define what it means to "live" in a place. Is there a certain time threshold? Does it have more to do with what you did while you were there? In any case, I think at least for now I'm going to say that if I have stayed in a place for at least two months without primarily engaging in "tourist" activities such as sightseeing, then I'll consider it a place I have lived. Therefore...

Places I've visited Edit

Hm, again we reach that same sort of dilemma—how do we decide whether we've actually "visited" a place as opposed to having just passed through? I guess I will say at least for the purpose of Wikivoyage that I'll only say I "visited" it if I feel I was there long enough to look around and get a feel for the place. In short, if I just stopped for coffee or was only there overnight at a hostel/hotel I won't count it. I'm also excluding places that I lived in and subsequently have gone back to and visited. Within each category they are (very loosely) in the order that I visited them.

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Where I'd like to go Edit

This section will forever remain incomplete, but I'll list some of my top priority destination here!