Hi Wikivoyagers!

I'm Michael and just recently started to contribute more actively to Wikivoyage, even if I was using already Wikitravel extensively on my journeys. I work online and decided two years ago to quit my residency in Weißenburg, Germany and see the world. As a student I lived half a year in Shanghai, the last summers I spent in Odessa, and I've already lived half a year in Thailand. This winter I'm again travelling around in Asia, Philippines and right now I'm in Vietnam. If there are some fellow Wikivoyagers around, drop me a line, I'm always up for a beer or coffee.

In case I'm staying longer in one place, I tend to offer my couch for surfing. I also have my own blog with some more words about myself, but besides that I'm not really writing much there.


Being annoyed by the masses of badly formatted listings, I wrote a parser which uses heuristics to nicely detect address, phone, fax within an unstructured listing entry and convert these listings into either listing tag or the VCard format used in German Wikivoyage. Give it a try and let me know, how I can improve it further! It's written in python and the source code is available at github.

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