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About meEdit

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I am just an average guy who is fascinated by all crowdsourcing projects on the internet. I try to support as much as time allows - especially on OpenStreetMap and Wikivoyage.

My helpful toolsEdit

I wrote some small web apps, which are hopefully useful to some contributors.

Wikivoyage relatedEdit

Non-Wikivoyage relatedEdit

  • PopComPics - See how many times your Commons pictures are used in Wikimedia projects.

Manual creation of district overview mapsEdit

The video below shows how to create dynamic district overview maps like in Kuala Lumpur or Amsterdam:

Create GeoJSON with JOSM and upload to Wikimedia Commons

Some additional explanation

In short there are two options to create a district overview map:

1a. only
Go to, draw the lines/polygons, give them the desired color and title. Copy the GeoJSON file and proceed to step 2. A certain disadvantage with this solution is, that you cannot merge nodes. So if you have 2 polygons right next to each other, they won't be perfectly aligned. With the solution in 1b this problem is nonexistent.
1b. JOSM & (shown in the video above)
Use JOSM to draw polygons as desired and export as .geojson. Some notes:
  • The export of polygons to .geojson only works as expected in JOSM, if the polygons have a describing tag assigned to it, which is normally applied to an area (e.g. landuse=residential).
  • You can assign the title tag to each polygon/line right in JOSM, if you don't want to do it in (e.g. title=[[Amsterdam/Noord|Noord]]).
2. Upload to Commons
Create a new map in Wikimedia Commons and paste in the GeoJSON created in 1.
3. Create mapmasks
In order to grey out the irrelevant parts of a district article map (example) you can paste the GeoJSON from 2. into the tool Mapmask <-> GeoJSON Converter to create the mapmask code.

My current projectsEdit

  • Rio de Janeiro - Rework the See and Do sections. Maybe best is to archive the current text and start from scratch. Link to district listings as described here.
  • Rome - Dynamic map of Rome with self-made map in Commons Wikidata items.
  • Tokyo - Draw Harajuku , Ōimachi, Gotanda, Asakusa , Ebisu  and Ueno . Either directly in OSM or upload GeoJSON to Commons.
  • Slovakia - Copy map with Wikidata items to discussion section of Slovakia & 3 subarticles.
  • Bangkok - Dynamic map of Bangkok with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • San Francisco - Dynamic map of San Francisco with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Lisbon - Dynamic map of Lisbon with Wikidata items. -  
  • Budapest - Article of Budapest/South Pest and Budapest/East Pest still have to be created. -  
  • Berlin - Clean-up overview article. Remove specific listings or link to district article. -  
  • Tokyo - Dynamic map of Tokyo with Wikidata items. -  
  • Copenhagen - Dynamic map of Copenhagen with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Buenos Aires - New setup of districts, which makes more sense for travellers. -  
  • Delhi - Dynamic map of Delhi with Wikidata items. Sync with OSM ongoing currently. -  
  • Madrid - Dynamic map of Madrid with self-made map in Commons & Wikidata items. -  
  • Beijing - Dynamic map of Beijing with Wikidata items. Keep static maps. -  
  • Prague - Dynamic map of Prague with Wikidata items. -  
  • Milan - Dynamic map of Milan with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Singapore - Dynamic map of Singapore with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Saint Petersburg - Dynamic map of Saint Petersburg with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Seoul - Dynamic map of Seoul with Wikidata items -  
  • Dubai - Dynamic map of Dubai with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Munich - Dynamic map of Munich with self-made map in Commons. -  
  • Moscow - Dynamic map of Moscow with self-made map in Commons -   Saved on the talk page. Up to the community to use it or not.
  • Barcelona - Dynamic map of Barcelona with Wikidata items -  
  • Amsterdam - Dynamic map of Amsterdam with self-made map in Commons -  
  • Hamburg - Dynamic map of Hamburg with Wikidata items -  
  • Kuala Lumpur - New setup of districts, which makes more sense for travellers. Creation of dynamic map -