Wikivoyage:Hungary Expedition

Hungary(8 C, 8 P)
Central Hungary(3 C, 3 P)
Central Transdanubia(3 C, 3 P)
Lake Balaton(11 P)
Northern Great Plain(4 C, 5 P)
Northern Hungary(3 C, 4 P)
Southern Great Plain(3 C, 3 P)
Southern Transdanubia(3 C, 3 P)
Western Transdanubia(3 C, 3 P)

The Hungary Expedition is a Wikivoyage Expedition to promote and coordinate collaboration to improve Wikivoyage's articles pertaining to Hungary. If you'd like to join the effort, please add your signature to the bottom of the page!

Article statistics for Hungary edit

Note that numbers in the tables are not dynamically calculated and must be manually updated. Last updated on 7 July 2023.

Click on number to get an updated list of pages by status. (Note sometime the link just sits there, usually due to the database updating, come back in 10 minutes.)

Articles by status in Hungary
Outline Usable Guide Star Unranked Total (line)
District 0 9 11 0 20
City 47 28 36 0 111
Airport 0 0 0 0 0
Park 2 0 0 0 2
Dive guide 0 0 0 0 0
Rural area 33 2 0 0 34
Region 24 0 0 0 2 26
Total 106 38 47 0 2 193

Articles needing a little work to get to usable.
Outline cities sleep eat see do check
needs only 1 7 2 3 5
has no 17 24 14 24 11

Remember a reasonable Get in section, as well as listings, is needed to make usable.

Aims edit

Outline to Usable edit

I would like to propose the aim of getting all articles to usable status. Yes this is a lot of work but it is doable. In the table above low hanging fruit are in the "needs only" row, these are cities that either just need a listing in one section or need an improved Get in section. Once a good number of these have been enhance the sub-regions can them be improved and promoted to usable. Would be good to get a "Sleep" listing and content in the "Get in" of every article.

Usable to Guide edit

Key destinations that should be guides but still needs some more content and work done on them.

Other candidates that could with just a little effort be guide status:

Current articles under discussion and work in progress edit

Articles that are currently being worked on or under discussion such as merge or delete. Or articles you wish to bring to other attention.

Discussions should take place on the talk page of the article, this is just to highlight activity.

  • Sopron, large number of see listings

Articles needed edit

Towns that are important enough to have an article before the region can be considered for usable status:

  • To complete regions:

Article ideas and requests edit

Other tasks edit

Milestones edit

Last updated January 4 2019

  • Organize region articles so listings are moved into city articles   Not done
  • Have more total usable articles than outline status articles   Not done

Expedition members edit