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Extreme points of travel (excluding in flight)

Map of Traveler100
My records Place Detail Values
Northernmost   Gothenburg 1 Låssby 6,419 km north
and S-E.most
  Montague Island 2 Montague Island Lighthouse 4,033 km south
14,955 km
Easternmost   Byron Bay 3 Cape Byron 13,062 km east
and N-W.most
  Vancouver Island 4 middle somewhere 7,836 km west
12,473 km
N-E.most   Tokyo 5 Tokyo Station 14,277 km
S-W.most   San Diego 6 Casa de Balboa 12,525 km
Closest to the equator   Singapore 7 Singapore Changi Airport 151 km
Highest   Jasper 8 Whistlers Peak 2,470 m (8,100 ft)
Lowest   English Channel   9 Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel) −115 m (−377 ft)
Furthest inland   Denver 10 Denver International Airport about 1,500 km
Furthest offshore   Irish Sea   11 St George"s Channel about 45 km

Areas of travel and contribution

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