The UX Expedition, or User Experience Expedition, hopes to improve Wikivoyage in the following ways:

Current mobile main page
Current desktop main page

Aims edit

To improve primarily the readers', but also authors', experience of Wikivoyage.

This includes:

Page usage edit

Add to this page current status and issues. Issues should be on the appropriate talk page of the subject (if not clear please link).

Tasks edit

Improve first contact pages edit

Main page sections edit

Map banner edit
  •   Status: Updated to make it clearer scope and position of Wikivoyage. Helps new reading be clear about Wikimedia association. Useful SEO key words.
  •   Issue: Desktop and Mobile versions. Is it possible to come up with a single RWD solution? Switched to CSS queries to selectively show both versions for now. WIP.
    I'd like everyone to take a look at Main Page/Sandbox on mobile. The map is scrollable. I plan on adding some visual indicator to this effect, but first I'd like feedback on the general concept. Ping User:Traveler100, User:SelfieCity, and anyone else interested in helping out. ARR8 (talk | contribs) 19:18, 23 February 2019 (UTC)[reply]
    would prefer to see the whole globe and not just part of the world --Traveler100 (talk) 19:59, 23 February 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  •   Issue: No visual feedback for the links, e.g. hover effects.
  •   Issue: Imagemap used, which does not scale well and prevents the previous point.
  •   Issue: More modern and visual appealing map, ideally a vector.
  •   Issue: Does not scale to full width and stays to the left of the page on wide resolutions, see screenshot.
Feature Banner edit
  •   Status: Responsive design implemented
    • Discussion at Wikivoyage talk:UX Expedition#Feature Banner: Desktop and Mobile versions
    • Possible enhancements:
      • The CSS, as written, causes the banners to break with very narrow desktops. This is not a usual use case, because even those who use vertical monitors have wide enough resolution for there not to be problems, but this should technically be fixed, if possible, at some point.
      • When the descriptions of the banner image appears, it is not obvious to a mobile user that it contains links. This can be fixed with styling. Alternatively, a CSS rule can be written to append something like "Tap to learn more" at the end of the description.
      • The animation code currently slides the box in from the left. This can be easily modified to change the direction based on the alignment of the text in the box, so that a left-aligned box will slide in from the right. Not a high priority, since all of our banner boxes are right-aligned and have been for a while.
      • It was proposed that the title of the page linked to be displayed on the banner at all times, not just when the box is present. This is possible, but was decided against. It remains an option, however.
      • The mobile touch icon can be hidden upon touch on mobile. Having it remain may suggest additional behavior. Very simple to implement with or without a quick fade out.
  •   Issue: Does not scale to full width, see above
Bottomboxes edit
  •   Status: Responsive design implemented
Sister Sites edit
  •   Status: Responsive design implemented

Wikivoyage:Community portal edit

Wikivoyage:Travellers' pub edit

  •   Issue: Desktop version supports Mobile using nomobile class

Wikivoyage:Tourist office edit

  •   Issue: does not display well on narrow mobile screens>
  •   Status: Fixed

Itineraries edit

  •   Status: Improved visual impression of entry page
  •   Improvement : coordinates and map position for articles on continent pages.

Improve Listings reading and editing edit

Improve Page previews edit

  •   Issue: The preview image on mouse-over of a link to an article is often of the first listing in the article (which is often airport or rail station), not first interesting image visible in the article (or even any image in the article).

Improve mobile reading and editing edit

Show current location on maps edit

Add useful links (Pub, RecentChanges, etc.) edit

Ensure page issues display properly edit

article status text edit

  •   Issue: Should be line border around text

Improve accessibility edit

  •   Status:Combine all bullets into lists

CSS tweaks edit

Members edit

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