prefecture-level city in Henan, China

Xinxiang (新乡; Xīnxiāng) is located in the north of Henan Province.Xinxiang City is bordered by the Yellow River in the south and Zhengzhou and Kaifeng; Hebi and Anyang in the north; Jiaozuo and Shanxi in the west; and Puyang and Shandong in the east. It dates from the Sui Dynasty, about 600 CE.

Districts edit

  Weibin District (卫滨区)
Weibin District, located in the southwest of Xinxiang City, is the commercial, transportation, cultural and medical center of Xinxiang City.
  Muye District (牧野区)
Located in the northern part of Xinxiang City, across the entire Xinxiang city. Muye District has jurisdiction over 7 subdistricts with a total area of 89.2 square kilometers.
  Hongqi District(红旗区)
Located in the southeast of Xinxiang City, it is one of the downtown areas of Xinxiang City. The border between North and Muye district; The west is adjacent to Weibin District
  Fengquan District(凤泉区)
It is an independent industrial zone approved by The State Council, located in the northern part of Xinxiang City and the foothills of Fenghuang Mountain, the remnant of Taihang Mountain.

Understand edit

Located in the north of Henan Province, south of the Yellow River, with Zhengzhou and Kaifeng across the river. Xinxiang City is an important part of Zhengzhou Metropolitan Area, the first batch of national highway transport hub cities in northern Henan, a national civilised city, a national health city, a national forest city and a national circular economy demonstration city.

Climate edit

Xinxiang has a temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons.Influenced by the North China Plain and Taihang Mountains, the climate of Xinxiang is dry, windy and the temperature varies greatly. The climate type of Xinxiang belongs to the junction of Mediterranean climate and temperate continental climate, so the weather changes more violently.The climate of Xinxiang is almost the same as that of Zhengzhou.

Spring is the season when the temperature rises in Xinxiang, the temperature gradually rises, and the precipitation gradually increases. Spring temperatures are suitable for travel and outdoor activities.

Summer is the hottest season in Xinxiang, with high temperature and precipitation. Long sunshine, suitable for swimming and water sports.

Winter is the coldest season in Xinxiang, with low temperature and little precipitation. Winter is suitable for skiing and other winter sports.

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Humidity is low except during the summer
Imperial conversion
Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

History edit

Xinxiang was first named in the Sui Dynasty and has a history of more than 1400 years. Xinxiang has a long history, with sites of Yangshao and Longshan cultures, and is one of the important origins of The Book of Poetry. Historical records, the Sui Emperor opened the emperor six years (AD 586), take the new town of Jixian county first and last two words as the county name, cut Jia, Jixian county part of the land, that is, Xinxiang County, this is the beginning of the name of Xinxiang. The county office is in Xinle City, which is now the old county seat of Xinxiang County.

Culture edit

  • Muye culture (牧野文化)centered on Wei Hui) is a sub-culture of Hanoi culture. In the summer and Shang period, after the transfer of Geng. The Hanoi area became the political, economic, and cultural center of the country, and the Shang Dynasty created the bronze culture of the site lamp. The oracle bone culture, and the capital of the Mu Xia and Shang period are in Henan. These favorable factors affected the economic and cultural development of Muye area, making Xinxiang one of the earliest areas to enter the civilization era.
  • Grand Canal culture (大运河文化Xinxiang is the only city in Henan that can see the historical waterway of the Grand Canal. The Xinxiang section of the Grand Canal, now known as the Weihe Xinxiang section, is an important component of the Yongji Canal of the Sui and Tang Dynasties Grand Canal. It has a history of over 1400 years since its excavation and use in the fourth year of the Daye reign of Emperor Yang of Sui (608 AD). Before the Sui Dynasty, Weihe was known as "Qingshui". In the fourth year of Emperor Yang's Daye reign (608 AD), the Yongji Canal was excavated. The Sui and Tang dynasties referred to it as the "Yongji Canal". In the Northern Song Dynasty, the Yongji Canal was renamed as the Yuhe River. In the first year of the Hongwu reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD), the Yuhe River was renamed as the Weihe River. Since then, the name of the Weihe River has not been changed and is still in use today.
  • Yellow River culture (黄河文化)Since the ancient flood and famine period, Xinxiang, an ancient land, has been associated with the Yellow River, and the Yellow River culture contained in it has a long and profound roots. The ancestors of the Longshan Culture period lived here by the river and were deeply cared for and nurtured by the Yellow River mother. The accompanying Yellow River culture is clear and profound, and has been passed down through generations. Since the legend of Gonggong Water Control 4000 years ago, and the Battle between the Youhu Clan and Xia Qi in "Gan", the shocking events and heroic deeds within Xinxiang have been continuously recorded in history, such as the dynastic changes of the Muye War Drum, the bloody battles during the war years, and the role models of advanced groups, giving this place rich cultural connotations of the Yellow River and bursting out the spirit of the Yellow River that dares to be the first.

Get in edit

By plane edit

The nearest major airport is Zhengzhou's Xinzheng Airport. Frequent high-speed C trains connect this airport to Zhengzhou East Railway Station, where you can transfer to a train to Xinxiang.

By train edit

  • 1 Xinxiang East Railway Station (新乡东站). It is a station on the Beijing–Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong High-Speed Railway, one stop north of Zhengzhou East. It has frequent service to Zhengzhou East, and regular service to many other destinations in China.    
  • 2 Xinxiang Railway Station (新乡站). It is north of Zhengzhou on the Beijing-Guangzhou railway, and has regular sleeper service to many parts of China.

By bus edit

  • 3 Xinxiang Bus Terminal (新乡客运总站). The main bus station is just southeast of Xinxiang station.

There are also north and east bus stations.

Get around edit

Like most cities in China, there is a reasonable taxi system, and buses. The two railway stations are linked by bus 66 several times per hour (¥1, about 45 minutes).

The starting price during the day is RMB 6 per 2 kilometres, and the fare per kilometre after 2 kilometres is RMB 1.60.Night taxis start at RMB 7 per 2km and cost RMB 1.6 per kilometre from 22:00 to 5:00 the following day.

See edit

Downtown edit

Lu Wang’s Tomb
  • 1 Xinxiang Museum (新乡市博物馆, 平原博物院 Pingyuan Museum), 697 Renmin East Road, Hongqi District (红旗区人民东路697号) (bus nos. 45, 62 and 191), +86 373 5065111. 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:30, closed on Mondays. Free.
Dongning Temple
  • 2 Lu Wang's Tomb (潞王陵). Tomb of emperor Wan Li's Brother Lu Wang. This is nearly an exact duplicate of one of the Ming dynasty tombs located outside of Beijing. Close examination reveals a change in the dragon designs so that there are two instead of one in the stone working. Lu Wang desired to be the emperor so much that he tried copying much of the architecture found in Beijing at the time. Thirteen sets of animals line the entrance to the tomb, some mythical, and some real. There was some damage during the cultural revolution, and not all of the structure has been restored to its original state.
  • 3 Dongning Temple. (东宁寺)covers an area of eighteen acres, with majestic buildings, including the Mountain Gate Buddha Hall, Thousand-handed Guanyin Hall, Zunti Bodhisattva Hall, Twelve Old Mothers Hall, Ancestor's Hall, Jade Emperor Hall, and Buddha Zun Pagoda. Buddha Pagoda is the main building of the temple, which is seven stories and twenty-six meters high.

Huixian County edit

    Baiyun Temple
    4 Wanxianshan Scenic Area (万仙山景区, Guoliang Tunnel) (there are several buses per day from 4 Huixian Bus Terminal (辉县汽车站), most of them originating in Xinxiang). This area in the Taihang mountains on the border with Shanxi features a valley encircled by more than 100m high sandstone cliffs and is protected as a national geological park and national forest park. Atop the cliffs sit small villages, and above those villages are even higher limestone cliffs. The villages in the area, including Guoliang, are made from slabs of this stone held together with white mortar, making the buildings visually striking. To enable access to their village, in the 1970s, residents of Guoliang village hacked a tunnel through the lower cliff, which is now a tourist attraction. The village of Kunshan, just across the border in Shanxi and accessible by the park shuttle bus, later carved an even longer and more hair-raising tunnel through the upper limestone cliff to access the rest of their province. This tunnel, which starts about 3.5 km outside Kunshan village and 200 m above it, is not accessible by anything larger than a minivan and is closed to the general driving public. Hiring a local vehicle can get you there, at a price that the drivers will agree on amongst themselves once they see you.
    Guanshan Geopark
    5 Baiyun Temple (白云寺), at the bottom of Bailu Mountain, 35 km west of Huixian Couny, Henan Province. 07:00-19:00. Baiyunsi National Forest Park is located in Huixian City at the southeast foot of the Taihang Mountains, which was approved by the Ministry of Forestry and opened to the public in 1992, and was approved by the State Council as a national-level Taihang Mountain macaque nature reserve in 1999. The park covers an area of 2,591 hectares, with 95% forest coverage. ¥16.8.
Qiu Gully
  • 6 Guanshan Geopark. (关山地质公园) is located at the curved turn end of the South Taihang Mountains. Represented by Red Stone Gorge and Stone Pillar Forest, it is called " The First Landslide Wonders", which combines the water landscape of South Taihang and the unique geological landform of landslide peak forests, with waterfalls and springs, clear pools, stone wonders, groups of pillars, peak forests, and the sea of clouds, which constitutes a complete scenic system, and is a model of the magnificence and softness of South Taihang.
  • 7 Qiu Gully Scenic Spot. (秋沟风景区) is located in Nanzhai Town, Huixian County, Xinxiang City. It covers an area of 24 square kilometers. It is called "natural zoo" because of dozens of wild animals and birds such as rhesus monkeys, money leopards and wild badgers. There are a large number of ancient marine plant and animal fossils, natural stone tanks, ice caves and other landscapes in the Qiu Gully. It is a good place for leisure, vacation, sightseeing, summer vacation, sketching and painting.
  • 8 Tianzhugou Grand Canyon. (天柱沟大峡谷)is located in Huixian County, Xinxiang. The scenery is beautiful, and you can experience the nature's ingenious work. You can see the broken rock layers formed by crustal fracture and plate rise in the ancient times, the mountains are majestic and magnificent, the vegetation coverage is high, and the streams are crystal clear. Rafting is also available.
    Guo Liang Village
  • 9 Guo Liang Village. (郭亮村) is located in the midst of the Taihang Mountains' walled canyons. There is the famous Hanging Wall Highway, which is also the only road leading to Guo Liang Village. Walking in Guo Liang Village, it is as if you have entered the world of stone, everywhere you can see stone mills, stone mills, stone alleys, stone tables, and even stone bowls, stone chopsticks, stone axes, stone hoes, it seems that the whole village is made of stone.
  • 10 Baligou Scenic Area. (八里沟)is located in Bali Town, Hui County, Xinxiang City. There are five main scenic spots: Peach Blossom Bay, Red Rock River, Rhesus Monkey Area, Jade Palace, and Sheep Chau Land. Among them, Baligou waterfall is magnificent, known as "Taihang Heavenly Waterfall". The Red Stone River, with its blue water, red and green colors, is known as "Taihang Heavenly River" because of its altitude of 1700 meters. Baligou is a good place for summer vacation.

Weihui County edit

  • 11 Bigan Temple. (比干庙), North end of Bigan Avenue, Bigan Village, Weihui City. Summer 8:00-19:00; winter 8:30-17:30. The temple of Bigan Temple is located in the north and faces south, covering an area of more than 400 acres. The main buildings are Bigan Temple Square, Bigan Wealth and Culture Square, Danxin Square, God's Way, Changfu Square, the wall, the gate, the door, the wooden square, the monument corridor, the Hall of Worship, the hall, the stone workshop, the tombstone kiosk and so on, after the main hall to the yin and yang wall separated by the huge "heavenly burial tomb" remains. ¥40 (Free for Lin's guests with ID).

Huojia County edit

  • 12 Tongmeng Ancient Town Yuanjia Village. (同盟古镇袁家村) is located in Huojia County. It is a good place in the downtown around Xinxiang. The scenery is good with few people. It is a combination of Suzhou Garden and the water town of Jiangnan. You can sip tea and tease your dog, and enjoy your leisure. The ancient town has delicious specialty snacks, fun entertainment facilities. Although the ancient town only three streets are enough to stroll for two hours. It is a good place for a short trip.

Do edit


City Walk edit

  • 1 DL. (胖东来) As a famous landmark in Xinxiang. In this building facility, there are many Xinxiang special snacks. Locals like to meet and eat here.And because of its humanized service facilities, it is liked by many people in many places.The doll machine inside the DL is particularly easy to operate. You can catch a lot of dolls for a small amount of money.
  • 2 Xidajie. (西大街)is a famous snack night stall street in Xinxiang. At about 00:00, it is the time when the flow of people is the highest. This place is very popular with young people. It consists of different small food carts inside. There is a rich variety of food and the repetition rate of the food sold is low. There are a lot of Xinxiang specialty snacks and some Southeast Asian food. Of course, there are also places selling alcohol. If you want to feel the lively night stall atmosphere and taste the specialties, welcome to come here.
Oriental Walking Street
  • 3 Oriental Walking Street. (东方步行街).If you like to shop in specialty style clothing stores, or make crafts, you are welcome to come here. There are many antique clothing stores in the Oriental Walking Street. Here you can feel Gothic style, rock style, American retro, new Chinese style and many other style elements of clothing stores. There are also handmade shops that make mobile phone cases and wallets by yourself.
  • 4 Yiyuan. (怡园)is not a building, it's an area. In this area, there are many coffee shops with special decoration and unique coffee taste. There are also old bookstores. Due to the retro style of the Yiyuan, here, you can feel the feeling of the 1980s in Xinxiang, a comfortable sense of time and space slowing down. Perfect for visitors to enjoy a nice afternoon tea time here.
  • 5 Municipal Plaza. (市政广场)is a square for residential sports activities. If you like throwing frisbee sport, this is the best place for you. This square was built by the government organization, which provides people with oversized activity sites. Here , you can dance with your aunties. You can also fly kites. You can also play tai chi with the uncles. Of course, any sports activities that won't hurt others can be done here.
  • 6 Dingguo Lake Park. (定国湖公园) is a man-made lake park in Xinxiang. Its total area is 41.75 hectares. Free entry and exit. Here is not only a good place to enjoy the beach lake view, but also a best place to enjoy the sunset. Take a stroll in the evening breeze, sit on the Fisherman's Wharf in Dingguo Lake Park, drink coffee and watch the sunset. It's a good place to relax.
  • 7 Xinxiang Flower Market. (花卉市场) is a base for selling flowers, birds and fish. It is composed of various small shops, because it is a professional flower seller, so here, you can also see a lot of flowers that cannot be grown in the local climate. If you like to look at flowers, you can come here and stroll around. And the price of flowers here is very low, and can be matched arbitrarily, very suitable for tourists who like flowers.

Festivals edit

  • Xinxiang Fengqiu pomegranate Festival(新乡封丘石榴节):The first pomegranate Festival in Fengqiu County was held from September 28 to 30, 2001 in the historic and cultural town of Chenqiao Town, and then held once a year. Chenqiao pomegranate has more than 30 varieties such as red pomegranate, white stone pomegranate, green bark and copper bark.Here, you can taste different flavors of pomegranates
  • Xinxiang Fengqiu honeysuckle Festival(新乡封丘金银花节): has been successfully held for 3 sessions. It is held on May 10 every year in Sizhuang Township. The cultivation of honeysuckle in Fengqiu County has a history of more than one hundred years. It is famous at home and abroad for its large flower fertilizer, fresh green color and high medicinal value.Here, you can learn about honeysuckle culture and see high-quality honeysuckle.
  • Xinxiang Coffee Market(新乡咖啡集市): The first coffee market was successfully held on May 1, 2021. By 2023, three events have been held. The venue of the coffee market is not fixed, and the information of the event venue will be published on the Internet before the start.If you are a coffee lover, you can come here on May 1 and try the special brew.

Learn edit

Universities edit

There are a total of ten universities in Xinxiang, among which the most famous are the following five universities. If you come to Xinxiang for tourism, you can come and visit the universities here. The campus environments of these universities not only have their own characteristics, but also have a strong learning atmosphere for students.Coming here can give you a strong motivation to work hard and a youthful atmosphere.

  • 1 Henan Normal University (河南师范大学), No. 46, East Section of Jianshe Road, Muye District. This school is a comprehensive normal university that covers 11 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art.  
  • 2 Xinxiang Medical University (新乡医学院), 688 Xiangyang Road, Hongqi District. Xinxiang Medical University is an independent undergraduate institution of Western medicine in Henan Province. The history of the school can be traced back to the late 19th century. It was established in May 1950 as Pingyuan Provincial Medical School. After multiple stages of development, he was upgraded to a bachelor's degree in 1982 and named Xinxiang Medical University.  
  • 3 [新乡学院 Xinxiang College], 6191, East Section of Jinsui Avenue, Hongqi District. It is a very young university that was upgraded from Xinxiang Normal College, Pingyuan University, and Xinxiang Education College to a undergraduate institution in 2007. In 2014, it passed the qualification evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education, and in 2019, it was approved to be awarded a master's degree in Henan Province as a project construction unit.
  • 4 Henan institute of science and technology (河南科技学院), 90, East Section of Hualan Avenue, Hongqi District. It is a collaborative innovation unit of the National 2011 Plan and a key project establishment and cultivation unit for doctoral degree awarding in Henan Province. The school was founded in 1939, formerly the Department of Biology of the University Department of Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences founded by the CPC in the early days, and has gone through the periods of Agricultural College of Northern University, Agricultural College of North China University, Pingyuan Agricultural College, Baiquan Agricultural College, etc. In May 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was renamed Henan University of Science and Technology.
  • 5 Henan Institute of Technology (河南工学院), 699 Pingyuan Road, Hongqi District. It is a provincial-level ordinary undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, a university directly under the Henan Provincial Department of Education, an advanced employment unit in China, and one of the top 50 universities in graduate employment nationwide. It has been selected as a national innovation and entrepreneurship base for practical education in universities.

Library edit

  • 6 Xinxiang Library (新乡市图书馆), No.437, Pingyuan Road, Xinxiang City, +86 373 304 5403.
  • 7 Xinxiang Weihui Library (新乡市卫辉市图书馆), Administration Road, Weihui City, +86 373 449 5621.
  • 8 Colourful Childhood Parent-Child Library Sunshine Branch (七彩童年亲子图书馆阳光分店), Hongqi District 30 (200 metres due west of North Mile Road), +86 138 3738 6416.
  • 9 Xinxiang Muye District Library (新乡市牧野区图书馆), Lane 3, Worker Street, Muye District, +86 373-2712085.

Buy edit

Specialty product edit

Xinxiang's specialty products are mainly food. Therefore, if you come to visit Xinxiang, you can buy some specialty food back.

  • Li Ji Shaoji(李记烧鸡):is a traditional Chinese flavor dish. Part of the cooking method is to deep-fry the chicken coated with caramelized sugar, and then cook it in a marinade made of spices. The finished Shaoji is characterized by fresh and tasty meat, fat but not greasy and rotten but not falling apart.In Xinxiang, Li Ji Shaoji is more flavorful than any other brand of roasted chicken. And it is moderately salty and sweet with less oiliness. It's a great gift to take home.
  • Niu Zhongxi Shaobing(牛忠喜烧饼):Special filling Shaobing from Xinxiang. Ranked first in the list of must-buy special products in Xinxiang City. There are 15 flavors of Shaobing, including 8 sweet fillings and 7 savory fillings. Its stores have special gift box sets that are perfect for giving gifts.
  • MIDUOQI(米多奇):Xinxiang leisure food brand. The specialty is baked steamed bun slices. Xinxiang people always like to buy some MIDUOQI for their friends from out of town.If your spleen and stomach moisture is heavy, eating baked steamed bun slices will relieve this situation.
  • Fridge magnet:You can buy some fridge magnet with special scenic spot in Xinxiang.To prove that you traveled to Xinxiang.

Shopping malls edit

Xinxiang has four large shopping malls and many small markets. We mainly introduce four big shopping malls.

  • 1 DL, +86 373-3088888. There are two DLs in Xinxiang. one of them, Big DL, is located on Renmin Road in Hongqi District, Xinxiang.
  • 2 Xinxiang New Mart, 218 Jiefang Avenue, Weibin, +86 373-2823999.
  • 3 Xinxiang Wanda Plaza, at the intersection of Hongli Avenue East and College Street, Muye District, +86 373-5930000.
  • 4 Xinxiang Powerlong Mall, 546 Xin Er Street, Hongqi District, +86 373-5895888.

Eat edit

  • Shi Kui beef(世魁牛肉):in the Xinxiang City, a century of marinated beef brand, has been more than 100 years of history. Characteristics: First, clean and tidy, steaming out of the beef for shaping, large pieces are large pieces, small pieces listed as minced meat, minced depending on the circumstances of the pricing; Second, the color and flavor are good, because it is the ancestral curing and steaming process, its meat to show a slightly red and fresh, taste through the bone marrow of the unique qualities.
  • YuanYang lamb Huimian(原阳羊肉烩面): is a famous pasta in Henan, and each city and county in Henan has different characteristics because of different practices and customs. Xinxiang city Yuanyang Huimian are more characteristic, the soup fat and thin, fragrant and refreshing, nutritious, unique flavor.
  • Fengqiu Juan Jian(封丘卷尖):is a local famous dish in Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, which belongs to the Henan cuisine. It is a dish made of pork, eggs, gorgon euryale powder and various spices. The taste is fragrant and refreshing, and the meat is fat but not greasy.
  • Su Ji Nailao(苏记奶酪):unique to Xinxiang milk smoothie ice cream. It has red beans, raisins, chocolate and other small ingredients to go with it. Locals often serve Nailao with cold noodles as a combo.
  • Sugar and vinegar malatang(糖醋麻辣烫):You can't eat it outside of Xinxiang. Different from the common malatang, the taste of Xinxiang Malatang has the sour taste of vinegar, the sweet taste of granulated sugar and the spicy taste of hot pot.
  • Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce(红焖羊肉):It is a kind of special food in Xinxiang City, Henan province. The Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce is mutton, the ingredients are red dates, wolfberry, etc., and the spices are hot sauce, salt, pepper, etc., through the practice of braising. Braised mutton pays attention to the heat, accessories, ingredients, eating methods and so on.Its characteristic is that the first bite is very tough and chewy, but it is easy to chew. The Mutton tendon is very tender. Therefore, you will be very satisfied if you eat a whole mouthful.

Drink edit

Café edit

  • Qing Tianjian(晴天见奶盖茶):Xinxiang local brand milk tea shop. Featuring cheese milk cover tea, it attracts people to taste it. Baolong Huanhu Commercial Street, Hongqi District.
  • Sun Mao(榫卯):With the theme of new Chinese style. Coffee cups and interior style are related to Chinese elements. Hongqi District Muye Avenue (in) Yitong One World.
  • Tree A Third(树一分之一):It's a Japanese style bread cafe. Hongqi District Qu East Yinhuang East Road No. 30.
  • Coffee Art College(咖啡美院):It's a coffee shop run by a group of art students. The owners not only designed the unique decoration of the store, but also designed the distinctive graffiti paper cups. It is about 200 meters south of Huilong Sunshine Community, Renmin Road, Hongqi District.
  • Red Coffee(红咖啡): about 200 meters south of Huilong Sunshine Community, Renmin Road, Hongqi District.

Bar edit

  • Jingniang(鲸酿):They have a lot of their own Homemade cocktail. Located in Xinxiang Hongqi District Friendship Road Baolong Square East F1. +86 15516413424
  • Insomnia penguin(失眠企鹅精酿):An original beer shop. There's a lot of fruity beer made by the owner. It is in C2, West Street, West Street, Hongqi District. +86 15565281919
  • Qian Bai Bei(千百杯):New Chinese style tavern. In addition to cocktails and beer, they also take Chongqing cuisine as one of the specialties. Hongqi District New second Street and Youyi Road intersection to the south of 50 meters east Road. +86 19339578855

Sleep edit

Budget edit

  • Minshuku:There are many Minshuku  in Xinxiang City. Many locals are selling their vacant houses for short-term rent. So the price is much cheaper than the hotel.You can make a reservation through the app in China.

Mid-priced edit

  • Home Inn:It is a national hotel, so prices are moderate and there is no cheating. It is suitable for ordinary families. The hotel includes breakfast.
  • Mi Nuosi Hotel: It's a theme hotel. When you check in, you can choose your favorite theme room. He is located in Jinsui Avenue and new second Street intersection Jingye AD International. It is close to the mall.

Splurge edit

  • JI Hotel: Huazhu Group is a high-end hotel brand. The price is high, but the environment is good. Breakfast was also delicious.
  • New Century Hotel: It is close to the Xinxiang municipal government. Surrounded by parks, the surrounding environment is quiet and the air is fresh. Suitable for families with elderly travel.

Connect edit

Phone edit

  • China's country code is 86. Xinxiang's area code is 0373. When calling from overseas, dial +86 373 XXXX-XXXX .Local landline phone numbers are eight digits long; cellular phone numbers in Henan are eleven digits long and start with 13,14,15,17, or 18.
  • Emergency numbers: 110 - Police, 119 - Fire, 120 - First aid, 122 - Traffic accidents

Internet edit

  • Internet access can be found in most guesthouses and through cheap internet cafes all over town. Look out for Web-character 网 and the Bar-character 吧 in the Chinese name for internet bar: 网吧.
  • Foreigners are usually not able to use the public internet cafés because one must register using one's Chinese ID card (身份证), which foreigners do not possess. This is not a problem at hotels and guesthouses.

Stay healthy edit

  • 10 Xinxiang Central Hospital(新乡市中心医院), +86 3733530300. Located at 56 Jinsui Avenue, Weibin District, Xinxiang City. It is a comprehensive tertiary first-class hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care, physical examination, rehabilitation, etc. The two hospital districts of the hospital have a total of 118 business departments, with cardiovascular and neurological disciplines being key provincial disciplines.
  • 11 Xinxiang First Peoples Hospital(新乡市第一人民医院), 63 Yiheng Street, Weibin District, +86 3733665182. Cardiovascular Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine are key departments of the hospital.
  • 12 The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University(新乡医学院第二附属医院), +86 3733373990. 207 Qianjin Road, Muye District. It is a large public mental health specialized hospital. It is a tertiary Grade A hospital specializing in neurological diseases. Its key departments include the Department of Mood Disorders, the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, and the Department of Clinical Psychology.
  • 13 Xinxiang Chinese People's Liberation Army 83rd Group Military Hospital(新乡市中国人民解放军陆军第83集团军医院), 210 Wenhua Road, Hongqi District, +86 3735081371. It is a military center hospital that integrates scientific research, teaching, and medical treatment. Neurosurgery is a key department of the hospital.

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Zheng Zhou: The capital city of Henan Province. You can feel the strong culture of the Central Plains there.

Luo Yang: Here, you feel as if you have traveled to the ancient capital of the Tang Dynasty. You can admire the ancient city walls and feel the ancient civilization deeply.

He Ze: Xinxiang is adjacent to Heze. But Xinxiang is Henan Province, Heze is Shandong province. Therefore, you can quickly experience the cultural differences between Shandong and Henan.

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