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This page is for listing articles that have Outline status. These articles at least have an introductory paragraph and a template outline laid out for the article. Some of the sections of the template may have content, but not all of them. You will know where the destination is, or at least which country it is in. But the article does not have enough information to get you to the destination and keep you alive.

To identify the article as an outline use of one of the following text:

{{Outline}}, {{outlinecity}}, {{outlinepark}}, {{outlineregion}}, {{outlinecountry}}, {{outlinetopic}}, {{outlinephrasebook}}, {{outlineitinerary}}

and add it to the bottom of the page

Obviously, if you see an article that needs some work on it, you should plunge forward and just edit the page. If it meets the criteria for a usable article, just upgrade the status. We appreciate any help, even if it's just identifying where additional work needs to be done.

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