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This is where you can list suggestions for new page banners. Please provide a link to the image file either on Wikicommons or Flickr next to the link of the article name for which the banner is suggested. You can also suggest the position of the crop, bearing in mind that the crop must have a width to height ratio of 7:1, and that the resulting cropped image must be at least 1800 pixels wide.

If you make a banner from one of these suggestions, please leave a link to it after the suggestion, add the Yes Done template and sign. You can write "taken" after the suggestion while you are busy to prevent others from duplicating your work.

Having many more people involved in the process of finding suitable free CC source photos for our page banners (especially people who don't have the skills or facilities to create page banners themselves), that exist on either Flickr or Wikimedia Commons, greatly helps speed up the process of creating all the missing banners.

It is recommended to search for available photos on Wikimedia Commons, the image repository that Wikivoyage uses. You can also look for free CC photos on Flickr or using (make sure that both check marks at the top are marked). For example, in many instances you might increase chances of finding good relevant photos by using the following search queries syntax on both Flickr and Wikimedia Commons - "{Destination name} panorama", or "{Destination name} panoramic", or "{Destination name} skyline", or "{Destination name} downtown".

There is an archive at Wikivoyage:Banner expedition/Banner suggestions/Archive.


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