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Caution Note: The UK, Canadian and Australian governments advise against non-essential travel to Davao because of the threat of terrorist attacks. Davao is considered safe but the surrounding areas are some of the most dangerous in the Philippines. See the Mindanao article for more information.
Travel advisories
(Information last updated 10 Nov 2022)

Davao is the largest city on the Philippines' second-largest island, Mindanao. It has a huge land area, and the inhabitants like to think of it as one of the most crime-free large cities in the Philippines.

Understand edit

As in most of Mindanao, Cebuano (known locally as Davao Bisaya) is the main local language. English and Tagalog are also widely used and understood.

The elected officials have been accused of encouraging vigilantism and death squads. Whatever the truth of these accusations, it's certainly true that, as a visitor, you're certainly less likely to be the victim of robbery or petty larceny than most similar size cities in the Americas with the exception of Canada. Martial law was lifted across Mindanao on 1 January 2020.

History edit

Davao's first inhabitants were the Bagobo tribe, one of the Lumad ethnic groups, and the Muslim Moros. The surrounding area was explored by the Spaniards from the coast, but only in the late 19th century were they able to penetrate the area.

Modern Davao started as a Spanish colonial outpost, as the town of Nueva Vergara (named after a town in the Spanish Basque Country). The Basque businessman José Cruz de Oyanguren led an expedition in an attempt to colonize the Davao area. A battle soon erupted between the Spaniards and the combined Bagobo and Mandaya tribes led by the local chieftain Datu Bago; the Spaniards won and Bago surrendered. The town of Nueva Vergara was founded in 1848, and served as the capital of the province of Nueva Guipúzcoa, which would become Davao province and the present region. Nueva Vergara was eventually renamed to its present name, Davao, to reflect its Bagobo roots. During that time, Davao had a population of both Christians and Muslims, which was a challenge to the colonial administrators, and was less developed

Since the Americans arrived in 1900, Davao became prosperous, starting with opening of huge swaths of land to agriculture which also invited foreign investment. Homesteading programs also brought in settlers from Luzon and Visayas, and Davao had a large Japanese minority. The opening of the Port of Davao in 1900 further facilitated the town's growth.

Davao was made a part of the Moro Province from 1903 to 1914, when it was made the capital of a recreated Davao province. Present-day Davao City comes from a merger of the town with the nearby district of Guianga.

During World War II, Davao was the first part of Mindanao to be occupied by the Japanese. It was heavily bombed by the Americans during the end of the war, and almost all of Davao is heavily destroyed. At the end of the war, its Japanese minority has mostly assimilated into the Filipino population, and others fled.

In 1967, Davao Province was split into three new provinces, and Davao became part of Davao del Sur. During that time, it no longer serves as a provincial capital, but is a major commercial center.

During the late 1960s till the mid-1980s, Davao's history is marked by social and political unrest, and had a bad reputation for violence. Davao was a hotbed for communist and secessionist sentiments, and many Davaoeños led groups opposing the abuses of the Marcos administration until its ouster. Davao was also known as a hotbed of violent crime, but things began to change with the election of Rodrigo Duterte as mayor starting in 1988. Duterte severely cracked down on the criminal elements of the city, which succeeded in greatly reducing the crime rate, but also garnered sharp criticism for the use of vigilantism and death squads. Despite the controversy, Duterte remains popular among the locals due to his success in fighting crime, and this popularity would eventually propel him to the presidency of the Philippines in 2016.

Climate edit

Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Source: PAGASA.
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Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
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Davao has a rainforest climate, with plenty of rainfall throughout the year and no dry season. Being just 7 degrees north of the equator, daily average temperatures are near constant, with daytime highs between 31–33 °C (88–91 °F) and the nighttime low between 23–25 °C (73–77 °F). Like the rest of Davao Region, Davao is hit by a few typhoons, usually during the last quarter of the year. Main tourist season is during the drier months.

Tourism information edit

  • Department of Tourism, 5F Landco Corporate Center, JP Laurel Ave (opposite MCDO, near Victoria Mall). Tourist info for all of southern Mindanao.
  • Davao City Tourist Office (in Magsaysay Park). It has a list of places to stay and info for places to see in and around Davao city.
  • Davao City Library and Information center, San Pedro St, +63 82 225-3137.

Get in edit

By plane edit

Davao is the third most important Philippines city after Manila and Cebu. Three domestic airlines fly several times a day between Davao and Manila: AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, and Philippines Airlines. There are also direct flights from other Philippine cities: Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo City, Zamboanga City, Bacolod, Angeles, Puerto Princesa, Boracay, Dumaguete, Tacloban, Tagbilaran.

If you have Davao as your main destination in the Philippines, you might want to consider coming in through Singapore as it has direct flights to Davao.

  • Scoot/Singapore Airlines flies daily from Singapore.
  • Garuda Indonesia flies from Manado.
  • Qatar has flights from Doha

1 Davao International Airport (Francisco Bangoy International Airport, DVO IATA). The airport has an tourist information counter (but not always staffed) where you can buy prepaid SIM cards.

Ground transportation: A (metered) taxi from the Davao Airport to downtown Davao costs about ₱200-300, as of 2023. Using Grab app is neither necessary nor cheaper - you'll just pay ₱25 on top of the meter. After walking out from the terminal, you may be greeted by a few people offering you a ride to the city for a substantially higher (₱500) price. They're not annoying though, and even may show you the way where to go (less than 1 minute to the right) if you tell them you want a metered taxi.

It's also possible to catch a jeepney ₱20 to town center by walking to the highway (5-10 min walk).

By ferry edit

The Davao River

There are passenger ferries coming to/from Samal Island and Talikud Island. Another good way to get from Davao city to Samal Island is by the Island City Express buses that use the 24/7 car ferry from Sasa over to Babak on Samal island. The ticket price for the bus and ferry combined is ₱30. If you just use the Car Ferry the ticket costs ₱10 per person. Island city Express buses go all the way to Kaputian on Samal island. From (Santa Ana wharf) near Magsaysay park boats also leave for Samal island for ₱40.

The nearest port with long-distance passenger ferries to Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Bohol Island are now at Cagayan de Oro port or Nasipit port 27 km from Butuan city.

By bus edit

Most buses depart and arrival at the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) at Maya, Ecoland. Getting there: It costs ₱70 by taxi or ₱12 by jeepney to go the 2 km from the bus terminal to downtown Davao.

There are also UV Express vans from Cagayan de Oro, Mati, Kidapawan, Cotabato City and Tagum. Fares range from ₱120-485. These mostly terminate at the Gaisano and Victoria Plaza malls. Beware of unlicensed services with frequent stops though.

Get around edit

By taxi edit

The simplest way to get around is by hopping into a taxi. A typical trip can cost about ₱100 or approximately US$2. Drivers in Davao do not normally bargain if they notice that you are a tourist, hence the cost of the trip is the same in price as a regular. Davao taxi drivers are regarded as the most honest taxi drivers in the Philippines. Taxi drivers in Davao City do not charge tourists extra fare unlike their counterparts in Cebu and Manila. You can also call or send an SMS to the cab company directly to have a cab driver pick you up.

Taxis start their fare at ₱40 and will add ₱3.50 per few hundred meters. Please do say "thank you" or "salamat" once you have arrived at your destination. Davao Taxis issue fare receipts that list the name of the taxi company, the plate number, and the taxi number which could come in handy if one leaves valuable items or documents inside a cab. Just tell your taxi driver if you want to get a receipt.

By jeepney edit

If you are up for more adventure, then do as the locals and catch a colorful jeepney. Ask around for which route to take to avoid getting lost. They are usually available 24 hours and cover most of the nooks and crannies of the city. This is the cheapest option for getting around. As of Sep 2022, the usual cost for a jeepney ride is ₱12 for every 4 km ride, and about a ₱1.80 increase per km when going beyond the 4 km (for regular passengers). A jeepney from downtown Davao to the Davao airport cost ₱21 and takes 45 min.

To pay, pass your fare to the person next to you, all the way to the driver or the conductor, by saying "bayad po". Paying the exact amount is highly recommended. To stop at a certain destination, say "lugar lang", "para", or knock your coins hard on the steel handle.

By car edit

Another alternative is to rent a car. There are many cars for rent. If you don't know the routes you can hire drivers by asking the attendant of the rental company. Local companies tend to be cheaper than the national ones.

  • Avis Car Rental. Airport view hotel. J Camus street. +63-82-2216430.

By bus edit

Buses are also available, but these tend to ply exclusively along the north–south route and going out and in the city area. Air conditioned buses to Calinan go from Bankeroham Public Market. Island City Buses go to Kaputian Samal Island via the car ferry at Sasa; these buses go past Magsaysay park ₱30.

By water taxi edit

Another mode of transportation around Davao Gulf is through a water taxi. Water taxis serve the daily commuters and visitors of Davao City, Samal Island, and neighbouring coastal municipalities around Davao Gulf. It will get you to the island, waterfront restaurant, or beach resort you wanted with comfort and ease. The pioneer water taxi service in the Philippines is found in Davao City and has the swift, safe and secure water transport, the best and most professional skippers and has a customer friendly and positive attitude, all incorporated to make your transfer easy and pleasurable.

See edit

Crocodile Park
Jack's Ridge
San Pedro Cathedral
  • 1 Mt. Apo. The highest mountain in the Philippines, a dormant volcano.    
  • 2 Crocodile Park, Riverfront Corporate City, Carlos P. Garcia Highway, +63 82 2868883. The park serves as a breeding center of crocodiles and houses also a small zoo, with daily animal shows on the central stage. Possibilities to feed crocodiles, tigers and some other animals for a fee. Ticket includes an entrance to Butterfly Park (8AM-5PM) and K'Mindanawan Village (not a real village, but one for tourists, fire show on F-Su 5:45PM-6:30PM). Adults ₱350, children ₱250.
  • 3 Eden Nature Park. About 50 km from Davao, Eden Nature Park is close to the town of Toril. It's in the mountains so it's cooler than Davao City. It has nice walks, restaurants, horse riding and a Sky-Rider thing and lots more. It's a pretty good day out and well worth the trip from Davao.
  • 4 Jack's Ridge, Shrine Hills Road, Matina, +63 82 2978830. This was a hangout for Japanese Forces during World War II. It is now a tourist spot in Davao City, where you can have a scenic view of Davao City (especially during the night). There is a restaurant, a pool, bars, cottages, and a trail up and down the ridge, where you can enjoy your stay.
  • 5 Philippine Eagle Center. 8AM-5PM. See the Philippine eagle, one of the largest eagles in the world, and one of the most endangered. The center is home to about 30 Philippine eagles. Aside from eagles, it is also home to other birds and animals as well as raptors in a simulated forest environment. ₱150.
  • 6 People's Park, Legazpi Street. 7AM-10PM. A public park located along Legazpi Street. A park where people people gather around, enjoy the stroll crossing bridges,exercising around the walkway which circles the park, seeing man-made waterfalls, beautiful plants, etc. It is more enjoyable as the sun goes down and at the night. Free.
  • 7 San Pedro Cathedral, San Pedro Street (town-center, most jeepney road go through, just ask), +63 82 2210191. This cathedral, built in the 19th century, is the city's main cathedral. It is across from City Hall.
  • 8 Shrine of the Holy Infant of Jesus (Santo Nino Shrine), Shrine Hills Road, Matina, +63 82 2972911. A shrine that is up a hill with views across Davao in which you can unwind, relax, and reflect. There are mass celebrations once in a while per day. A lot of people visit this place during Sundays.
  • Lonwa Buddhist temple (less than 10-min walk from crossing Cabaguio Avenue, JP Laurel Avenue and St Camillus Dormitel). no defined opening hours. free.
  • 9 Dabawenyo Museum, University Avenue (temporary address), . 9AM-6PM, closed on Sunday and some holidays. No photos except on few recent paintings and a separated room. free admission.
  • 10 Davao Museum, 113 Agusan Circle, within Insular Village (entrance only with an ID). M-Sa 9AM–noon, 1–5PM. Local history and culture of indigenous peoples. Adults ₱100, students ₱20.
  • D' Bone Collector Museum, San Pedro St, few blocks south of the Metropolitan (ie San Pedro) Cathedral and Quezon Blvd, in kind of a rough-looking neighborhood. This natural history museum specializes in skeletons of the animal kingdom.

Do edit

  • Forest Hill Resort, Talomo District. 9AM-7PM. One of the most visited inland resorts in Davao city. Has a very nice big swimming pool and is very clean. ₱100 per person, over 60 years old ₱80.
  • Camp Holiday Resort and Recreatiom Area, beside Samal Ferry Wharf Samal Island, +63 82 3033294. 24 hours. For the ₱100 day fee you get the use of swimming pools, nipa huts, open cottages and a seaside veranda. Very clean. day tour ₱100. Overnight ₱150.
  • Wake Board Park, near Tacunan (Taxi). One of Asia's largest wakeboard parks. Great place for day trips, or rent locally to extend your stay.

Buy edit

Davao City has many malls where almost all of them have cinemas.

Banks & ATMs edit

Most ATMs in Davao city have a ₱250 fee for overseas bank cards and a limit of ₱10000 per withdrawal. an exception is the ATM at

  • HSBC Bank (UK). 2nd floor Abreeza Mall.
The two ATMs at HSBC charge no fee for overseas bank cards and allow up to ₱40000 per withdrawal.
  • X Changer money changer. 2nd floor Abreeza mall. there are other money exchanger offices in Abreeza mall.

Book store & shoe shop edit

  • Book sale, Nccc mall and both SM malls in Davao.. 9AM-8PM. Second-hand books from the USA and UK. From ₱10.
  • Shoe Walker Enterpries, 254 San Pedro Street (Vicente Building), +63 82-2271216. 8:30AM-6:30PM. Low-cost shoe shop.

Shopping edit

Eat edit

Davao is renowned for its durian and pomelo. Durian is definitely an acquired taste, but those who do end up liking it will swear that the bad smell is worth it. Pomelo is a citrus fruit that most closely resembles a grapefruit and s quite common in South East Asia. Beware of bringing durian inside airplanes, hotels and other establishments. They may have strict regulations on allowing durian inside and some do not allow durian to be brought in at all.

Budget edit

  • Taco Boy, JS Gaisano,Gaisano mall of Davao, SM city. Abreeza Mall, +63 9212029499. 10AM-8PM. Mexican food. There are also Taco Boys in Gaisano Mall in Tagum, Matina Centerpoint, Ateneo de Davao University and Nccc Mall. From ₱35.
  • [dead link] Albertos Pizza Davao, Bolton Street (over the street from Jollibee), +63 82 321-5065. 9AM-1AM. Garden express pizza. Also does breakfasts. Free delivery with no minimum order required. Pizzas from ₱120..
  • Jenny Fried Chicken JFC, San Pedro street, +63 9228882283. 8AM-9PM. You find Jenny Fried Chicken fast foods all over Davao city. They also sell grilled chicken for ₱22, pork chop ₱25, cassava cake ₱12. Soft drinks from ₱12, a cup of rice ₱8, chicken and rice meal ₱35.
  • Barbecue Boss, E Quirino Aneune., +63 9223796748. 10AM-1AM. Five pork barbecue with all the rice you can eat. Cold beers from ₱35. Has a garden where you can drink beer at night. ₱50.
  • Bankerohan Public Market, Magallanes Street. 24 hours,. Low-cost fruits and vegetables.
  • Grub Resto cafe, Duterte street, +63 82 301-8069. 2PM-5PM. All-you-can-eat pasta. ₱199.
  • Carlos Food House, F Inigo Street, +63 9177056898. 10AM-6PM.

Mid-range & splurge edit

  • Jack's Ridge, Just across the Santo Nino Shrine. Delicious Filipino cuisine, a variety of burgers and American food, with a breathtaking view of the city. Arrive half an hour before sunset, the viewing telescope gives great views, and after sunset, the lights show the extent of the city. Great place to watch a thunder storm from.
  • Dencia's, Ilustre Street. Classic Davao-Chinese cuisine. Best orders are tokwa't baboy, congee, and pancit canton.
  • De Bonte Koe, Rizal Street. Dutch cuisine. Try their herring with onions. Never miss the apple pie.
  • Tadakuma, Damosa Business Center, Mamay Road, +63 82 2348813. Serves delicious Japanese dishes at reasonable prices.

Drink edit

There is the local Tanduay Rum, billed around town as "the Number One Rhum".

Mindanao has a large Seventh Day Adventist population. Adventists do not drink and any stores they own will typically not sell alcohol.

  • [dead link] Some Place Else, Rizal Street (Havana Compound), +63 82 2286304. A great place to hang out. Ask for their Shisha Fries.
  • 1 Knight's Cafe (Red Knight Gardens), Guadalupe Village, Lanang, Davao (Near by Casino Filipino), +63 82 234-3408. 6:30AM to 9:30PM. Knights Cafe offers a choice of local and Western dishes at its pool side bar and restaurant. WiFi and swimming is free if you buy food/drinks. Feast of Fish&Chips to Kinilaw and from traditional English breakfast to pizza. Good place to meet and get lots of local knowledge. Modest.
  • Ellen's Tuna Queen, South Street Dbp Village, Matina, Davao City (now located at its new home a few meters from the NCCC Mall Matina Highway, From NCCC Mall along Maa road turn left to the first street corner of Dbp Village (South Street )), +63 9228147063, +63 9102261849. M-Sa 10:30AM-9PM. Serves the original pritong paksiw buntot ng tuna formerly at Petron Bajada, sinigang silik ng malasugui, beef calderetta, laing, kinilaw (tuna), lechon kawali and tuna sisig. Grilled steaks (lamb chops, beef prime ribs, burger steak) are also served. Try the latest Tuna Sisig na Pizza and the creamy halo-halo at its best.
  • Basti's Coffee, Victoria Plaza. Basti's is a cafe in Victoria Plaza, with an entrance outside as well as through the food court. They brew great coffee, and they ask you to pick between 'mild' and 'strong'. They also have pastries including an interesting durian cheesecake. Davao is a no-smoking-in-public-places city so smokers might find it useful to know that there is an enclosed and air-conditioned smoking section in Basti's.
  • British Bar & Deli, 39 Pili Street Nova Tierra Village Lanang, +63 82-3056471. The only British pub in Davao. high price.

Sleep edit

View from a house on a hill in Illang Davao in 2006

There is no shortage of accommodation in Davao, ranging from the four-star accommodation of the Marco Polo Davao on Claveria, the Royal Mandaya Hotel and the Apo View Hotel, where Casino Filipino 2 is located, to lodges and inns, pension houses, backpacker hostels all around the city. You can find townhouses or apartments for rent, all for negotiable rates.

Budget edit

  • Sampaguita Tourist Inn, Mt Mayon Street (turn off Quirino ave right at the new Sampguita and go up a block.), +63 82 227 2958. Check-out: noon. Single with Fan private bathroom cable tv ₱300 . Single with A/C private bathroom cable TV ₱525. Free wifi only on ground floor. best location and cheapest place for backpackers in Davao. has a small restaurant. from ₱300 a night.
  • My Hotel, San Pedro St (beside BDO - San Pedro Branch), +63 82 300 4040, +63 82 222 2021, . Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. It offers free Wi-Fi access in every room, free Sun-to-Sun cell phone call, free calls to the US and Canada, hot and cold shower, Air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, telephone are ₱995. The My Hotel has security cameras. There are also Single fan rooms with outside bathrooms. ₱250.
  • 1 Samal Bahay Kubo, Barangay Katagman, Purok 5, Peñaplata District, Island Garden City of Samal, +63 912 806-6372. Check-in: anytime, check-out: anytime. If you want real peace and quiet, go here. No videokes, guaranteed. You could set up a tent, if you like or get a room in a Bahay Kubo (hut). The owner's wife is a mean cook, specializing in Thai and Indian dishes. There is no in-suite toilet, but the "outhouse" is very clean and has running water. The site is several minutes away on foot from two tourist spots: Moncado's Camp 23 and Balay ni Moncado (Moncado's Whitehouse). You can arrange for a pickup at the Peñaplata Warehouse Club bus stop then take City Island Express Bus from Davao City to Samal Island. Or, you can arrange a pickup from Davao City. ₱200/night.
  • Hotel Uno, Cm Recto Street, +63 82-2821111. Fan single/double rooms with outside bathrooms. A/C rooms own bathroom and cable TV. New and clean hotel. Has elevator and restaurant. ₱250/₱300/₱650.
  • D Morvie Suites, CM Recto Street and San Pedro Street, +63 82 221-0075. Two new D Morvie Suites in Davao city to add to the three in Cagayan de Oro and one in Iligan city. A/C rooms with own bathrooms and cable TV 12/24 hours. New and clean, but small rooms. Free Wi-Fi. ₱250/₱450.
  • GV hotel, Magallanes Street, corner of Legaspi Street., +63 82-3210628. 7 a/c single rooms with own bathrooms and cable TV. 17 a/c twin rooms with own bathroom and cable TV. 6 a/c Matrimonial rooms with own bathroom and cable TV. The GV Hotel Davao has 95 rooms. ₱450/₱590.
  • El gusto family lodge., Magallanes street, +63 82 2273662. Fan rooms with own bathroom. ₱400.
  • Residencia vhila Dormitel, 83 cm recto street., +63 82 295-3033. A/C dorm. ₱175.
  • Alta Pension House, J P Lurel avenue. (over the street from the G mall.), +63 82 221-1843. Single fan with common bathroom, twin fan with common bathroom, a/c twin with common bathroom. ₱225/₱350/₱450.
  • House or Tubo Travellers Inn, 100 Fatima street Kawayan drive (poly subdivision Matina), +63 9214673312. A/C double rooms with own hot water bathroom and cable TV. Free Wi-Fi in rooms. Can use the Kitchen to cook. ₱499.
  • Littie Pink House Bed and Breakfast, 17 Jacinto Extension (Dona Vicena Village). A/C single/double rooms with own bathroom and cable TV, free breakfast. Also has 12-hour rate. From ₱600.
  • Homitori Dormitory Backpackers Hostel, Sta Ana Avenue. (in China town), +63 29552969. Over 100 four-bed A/C dorms with common bathrooms. Has lockers. Has free Wi-Fi. Dorm bed ₱200 with free breakfast..
  • RGH Tourist Inn Hotel, Magsaysay Street Kapalong, +63 84-3710561. Check-in: 24 hours. Economy single/double, deluxe single/double. From ₱250 per day.
  • N F Suites, Pisces Street Dona Luisa Village Ecoland (near SM Ecoland.), +63 82-2858274. A/C room with own bathroom and cable TV. From ₱699 per day.

Mid-range edit

Splurge edit

Stay safe edit

Visiting Mindanao has its risks. Foreigners have been kidnapped, murdered and held for ransom. For this reason, many governments advise against all but necessary travel to Mindanao, Davao included. In most cases this means your travel insurance will not pay out if you make a claim. Contact your embassy and insurer before travelling to Davao.

Because of the work of the local government on strengthening security during the past decade Davao is generally a safe city even for travellers and violent crime is rare except few parts of downtown Davao are unsafe at night. Armed guards and security forces can be seen everywhere, guarding malls, hotels and public events. Your biggest concern should be pickpockets, who are active in downtown Davao and on jeepneys. If you leave Davao city, do your research as to the safety of the area, as the chances of something happening to you, e.g. being kidnapped, rapidly increases if you are a foreigner.

Cope edit

Consulates edit

Immigration edit

  • Bureau of Immigration Davao office. JP Laurel Avenue Bajada, over the street from the Victoria Plaza Mall.
  • Visa extensions done in one hour or less.

Laundry edit

  • Laundry shop, General Luna Street (over the street from the Davao Hub Dormitel.). 9AM-7PM. Wash-dry-fold done within 24 hours. ₱30 per kg.

Internet cafe edit

  • Netxpress Duterte Street open 24 hours a day ₱10 per hour.

Stay healthy edit

  • Southern Philippines Medical Center. JP Laurel Avenue. +63 82 227 2731. This is a DOH hospital. For ₱50 you can see a doctor or a dentist.
  • Davao Social Hygiene Clinic. RHWC. Emilio Jacinto Street. (Jacinto Health Center) +63 82 222-4187. Free STD and HIV testing and treatment. M-F 8AM-5PM.
  • Amesco Drug is a low-cost pharmacy store. There is one on San Pedro Street and one on Quirino Avenue.
  • Zenit Dental Centre, 4th floor Gaisano Mall Jp Laurel Avenue, is a clean and has good prices for dental work.

Respect edit

Negative criticism of Rodrigo Duterte's policies as mayor of the city or the city itself is not tolerated by many locals. Tread carefully when bringing anything about Rodrigo Duterte, especially if negative, such as his involvement in the Davao Death Squad. Davaoeños generally take pride of their former mayor and his family, and will take offense on any undue remarks. There are chances some famous people being declared persona non grata by the city for criticizing Duterte and his local policies.

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