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February 2016Edit

Male Mosque.jpg
  • Malé (pictured) is by some measures the world's densest city.
  • Solothurners are very fond of the number 11, and there are many references to that number around the town.
  • On Bermuda hire cars are banned, and only residents are permitted to own cars.
Tombstone Rose Festival AZ.jpg
Babur Gardens in May 2010.jpg
  • Babur gardens (pictured) in Kabul surround the tomb of the first Mughal emperor, Babur.
  • Caldas da Rainha has two primary claims to fame: its curative sulfurous waters and its whimsical decorative pottery.
  • Nha Trang is the scuba diving centre of Vietnam.

January 2016Edit

Stuka replica outside of museum.jpg
Hesturin and Beinisvord, Vertical Cliffs of Suduroy, Faroe Islands.JPG
  • Beinisvørð (pictured), the second highest cliff on the Faroe Islands offers breathtaking views to the sea.
  • Visakhapatnam is sometimes referred to as the The Goa of the East, Jewel on the Coramandel Coast, Steel city, and the City of Destiny.
  • Kalmar is one of the oldest Swedish cities, dating back to the year 1027.
Hotel Continental Tangier.jpg
Serra da Capivara - Painting 7.JPG
  • Serra da Capivara National Park contains the oldest prehistoric rock paintings in the Americas (pictured).
  • Are you an inexperienced traveler? Our travel basics article covers the basics of travel.
  • If you travel long distances east or west, jet lag may become an issue.
Ostrava, pohled do ulice Stodolnísměrem od nádraží.JPG
  • Ostrava is home to the famous Stodolní street (pictured), the longest strip of bars and pubs in the Czech Republic.
  • South America is the wilder part of the Americas and a continent of superlatives.
  • The Alpine town of Mittenwald prides itself on its great tradition of violin making.
Curonian Spit1.jpg
  • The Curonian Spit has Europe’s highest sand dunes (pictured).
  • Since independence, Gabon has been one of the more stable African countries.
  • Several Old Towns are served by horse-carriage rides, in old-style carriages.
Valley of Desolation Graaff-Reinet District.JPG
  • The Valley of Desolation (pictured) near Graaff-Reinet is a biodiverse "oasis" in the midst of an otherwise arid area.
  • Tuvalu translates to "cluster of eight" in Tuvaluan, though in fact the country is made up of many more islands.
  • Would you like to visit a museum full of devils? Head to Kaunas!
Sorbische Ostereier.jpg
  • Bautzen is often called the "Easter-capital” (local traditional Easter eggs pictured).
  • Marietta, Georgia features a Gone With the Wind museum.
  • Haridwar is a purely vegetarian town, and alcohol is banned there as well.
Kotor, Montenegro.jpg
  • The Bay of Kotor is the deepest natural fjord in the Mediterranean Sea and the scenery around it is spectacular (pictured).
  • 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time; the International Date Line jogs eastward to keep the Chatham Islands on the same calendar day as the rest of New Zealand.
  • Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks, with significant cultural variations.
Tallest thermometer.jpg
  • An attraction in Baker, California is the tallest thermometer in the world (pictured).
  • Thredbo is probably the closest thing Australia has to an alpine village.
  • The gold-covered altars of Ouro Branco’s Matriz de Santo Antônio are fine examples of baroque style.
  • Hamilton (pictured) is infamous for having mainly one-way streets throughout its downtown core.

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