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December 2015Edit

  • The biggest snow castle in the world (pictured) is built yearly in Kemi since 1996.
  • In Rosario you can visit the house where Che Guevara was born.

November 2015Edit

  • A popular event in Douz is the International festival of the Sahara, held towards the end of each year.
Kalgoorlie Super Pit 1.jpg
  • The size of the Super pit (pictured) in Kalgoorlie-Boulder makes everything else look small.
  • Sark still has a quite liberal smoking legislation.
  • Antigua and Barbuda are nicknamed "Land of 365 beaches" due to the many beaches that surround the two islands.
Tokushima Miyoshi Okuiya Double Kazurabashi 4.JPG
  • Iya Valley is famous for its vine bridges (pictured).
  • The James Bond beach is in Ocho Rios, close to the former home of author Ian Fleming who created the character.
  • Surat Thani has a monkey training college.
Paper dome night.jpg
  • The Paper Dome (pictured) in Puli is a temporary church building constructed using paper tubes as structural elements.
  • Are you interested in violins? In Cremona you can visit the the Stradivarius Museum.
  • The Manitoba Children’s Museum in Winnipeg is home to several hands-on galleries, offering plenty of family fun.
Little sin city.jpg
  • Casinos (pictured) are Reno’s most common visitor attraction.
  • Cristalino State Park in Alta Floresta offers great opportunities to explore exceptional Amazon flora and fauna.
  • In Jinja you can see the source of the world’s longest river, the Nile.
  • Rotorua is known as the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. (boiling pool pictured)
  • The Barbados museum in Bridgetown is housed in the former British Military Prison.
  • The Gambia is a thin country, essentially consisting of the flood plain of the Gambia River flanked by some low hills.
Grote Markt at night (Antwerpen).jpg
  • Antwerp’s city hall (pictured) is built in a style combining Gothic and early Renaissance, almost exclusively found in this region of Europe.
  • With a population of around 310, Kulusuk is one of the largest towns in Eastern Greenland
  • Benin City is actually located in Nigeria.
  • Kiritimati (pictured) is the coral atoll with the largest land area in the world.
  • St. Joseph, Missouri, is famous as the place where Jesse James was gunned down.
  • The Pole of Cold is a region in Siberia where you can experience the world’s coldest temperatures outside Antarctica.
Montauk Point Lighthouse.jpg
  • The Montauk Lighthouse (pictured) is a historical lighthouse with a beautiful view of "The End" of Long Island.
  • Nausori has been dubbed "the Paradise of the Green".
  • Gibraltar claims to have the southernmost pub in Europe.
RiverKwaiBridge Train.JPG
  • The main attraction in Kanchanaburi is the Bridge over the River Kwai (pictured), famous from the eponymous novel.
  • The shops of Chihuahua have a great selection of cowboy boots.
  • Due to its agricultural wealth, Chengdu is sometimes called the "Land of Milk and Honey".
Mount erebus hg.jpg
  • Mount Erebus (pictured) is the southernmost active volcano in the world.
  • Joliet Correctional Center has been used as a filming location for numerous TV shows and movies.

October 2015Edit

Oljemuseum from the sea.jpg
  • In Stavanger you can visit an oil museum (pictured) and a museum of canning.
  • Kaliningrad Oblast produces about 90% of the world’s amber.
  • Over 500 years old, the city of Tokyo was once a modest fishing village named Edo (江戸).
National Tobacco Company Ltd building in Napier, New Zealand.jpg
  • Napier is the most consistently Art Deco city in the world (National Tobacco Company building pictured)
  • On the Isle of Man there is no overall speed limit for private vehicles.
  • When spoken correctly, Afrikaans is the most melodic Germanic language.
  • At Davao international airport you can find a monument dedicated to the durian fruit (pictured)
  • The Seniwati Gallery in Ubud features only art by female artists.
  • Fort Portal is famous for its high quality tea, made possible by its cool climate.
St George's Georgetown Exterior.JPG
  • St. George's Cathedral (pictured) in Georgetown, Guyana is one of the world’s largest all-wooden buildings.
  • Holy Island just off the Scottish coast is home to a community of Buddhist monks.
  • From the summit of the volcano Baru near Boquete you can see both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
Singing sand dunes.jpg
  • Outside Doha you can visit the Singing Sand Dunes (pictured), “singing” when the wind blows.
  • Its temperate climate and colonial architecture has given Nuwara Eliya the nickname “Little England”.
  • Schengen, which also has given the name to the Schengen Agreement, is also home to the European Museum.
  • In Michigan, don't be surprised if a resident tells you where a city is by pointing at their hand (pictured).
  • At the Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo you can learn more about tsunamis.
  • Bouvet Island is thought to be the most remote island in the world.
  • The old town of Dresden, which was almost entirely destroyed in the Second World War, is now almost completely rebuilt in the original style (Semperoper pictured).
  • Copenhagen Airport is the only airport with year-round direct regular scheduled passenger service to Greenland.
  • In Ko Samui you can see the grandfather and grandmother stones that bear a striking resemblance to male and female genitalia.
Insel Helgoland 1.JPG
  • Driving a car or even a bicycle on the island of Heligoland (bird's eye view pictured) is prohibited by federal law.
  • Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, has a cathedral that cannot be entered due to fear of it collapsing, since it was damaged in a 1972 earthquake.
  • When driving in the UK, be aware that side roads never have priority, overtaking on the left (so called undertaking) is illegal, and you may not turn left over a red light.
Tipasa remain 2.JPG
The Greek Ship in Sunset.jpg
  • One major attraction of Kish Island is the Greek ship (pictured) that rests on one of its shores.
  • Due to the prevalence of waterways in its geography, Recife is known as Veneza Brasileira — the Brazilian Venice.
  • The average year-round temperature of Baku matches the average temperature of the landmass of Earth to within a tenth of degree.

September 2015Edit

  • Jackson Square (pictured) is the historic heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans.
  • Halmstad is known as the "golf capital" of Sweden with 12 beautiful courses.
  • Weimar is regarded as one of the most historically important cities in Germany.
Thulhagiri Bungalows Row.JPG
  • An iconic Maldivian accommodation is the overwater bungalow (pictured), built on stilts directly above a lagoon.
  • Tipping can be perceived as an insult in certain countries.
  • In Tortola and elsewhere on the British Virgin Islands, hallucinogenic mushrooms are legal.
'Cathedral' in Waitomo Cave.jpg
  • An attraction around Waitomo are caves that are lit up (pictured) by glowworms.
  • Shengo Hall in Addis Ababa is the world’s largest building that was pre-fabricated elsewhere than where it now stands.
  • As the story goes, Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) was founded on Christmas Eve and named after Jesus’ birth town mentioned in Christmas carols.
  • Malaysia is regarded as a mix of the modern world and a developing nation (Petronas towers pictured).
  • Pyongyang boasts the world’s largest Arch of Triumph.
  • In Barnaul you can visit the Museum of Time.
Amanecer (8085342873).jpg
  • The ceiling of Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Pilar (pictured) in Zaragoza features works by several Spanish famous painters.
  • Matanzas is known as the City of Bridges for its many bridges on the city's three rivers.
  • Manchester is the site of the world's oldest surviving passenger railway station.
Colombo Tourist Development Authority tuk tuk 3071.jpg
  • In Colombo, getting around by Tri-shaw (pictured) is most convenient.
  • Valletta was named after its founder, the Grandmaster Jean Parisot de la Valette.
  • Rental houseboats are a good (if expensive) way of exploring the expanse of Shuswap Lake.
Pier at Glenelg Beach.jpg
  • In Adelaide you can ride one of the historic trams from the CBD to the historic beachside (pictured) suburb of Glenelg.
  • The Magic Mountain theme park features 19 roller coasters, a world record.
  • Randengfo pagoda is the oldest and tallest pagoda in Beijing
Lake Assal 3-Djibouti.jpg
  • Lake Assal (pictured) in Djibouti is the lowest point in Africa and the saltiest lake outside Antarctica.
  • Gatwick Airport is the world's busiest single runway airport.
  • A special memory from Samoa is a traditional tattoo.
16 Napoleons exole St Helena June1970.jpg
  • On Saint Helena you can visit the Longwood House (pictured) where Napoleon died during his exile.
  • There are no traffic lights in Mombasa and the traffic will likely appear chaotic to a westerner.
  • Jaén is said to be the largest olive producing area in the world, producing 10% of the world’s olives.
Thingvellir village from above.JPG
  • Þingvellir National Park (pictured) was home to the world's longest running Parliament.
  • Benin is the birthplace of Vodun (Voodoo) and to this day Vodun remains the official religion of the country.
  • Jeongdongjin station in Gangwon is the world's closest train station to the ocean.

August 2015Edit

  • The Bazaar of Tabriz (pictured) is one of the oldest bazaars of the Middle East and the largest covered bazaar in the world.
  • The name of ruins near Zeravshan, Sarazm, translates to “the beginning of the world”.
  • Lexington is home to hundreds of horse farms and nicknamed the Horse capital of America.
Grimeton VLF transmitter 2004.jpg
  • Grimeton VLF transmitter (pictured) near Varberg is the only workable machine transmitter in the world.
  • Preah Vihear is perched on a hilltop with a commanding view of its surroundings.
  • Pforzheim is known as "Goldstadt" (Gold town) for its jewelry and watch-making industries.
559-Torre de Hercules, A Coruña.jpg
  • Built by the Romans, Torre de Hércules (pictured) in A Coruña is the oldest lighthouse in the world that is still in use.
  • At the craft centre in Ségou you can to try your hand at creating your own traditional Bogoan clothes.
  • The town of Horyuji has grown around the eponymous temple of Horyuji, the "Temple of the Flourishing Law”, which is also the oldest surviving wooden structure in the world.
  • Qingchengshan (front gate pictured) is one of the ancient cradles of Taoism in China.
  • Budva is often called the "Montenegrin Miami”.
  • People eat early in Bloemfontein - even by South African standards.
Tasmania devonport spirit of tasmania.jpg
  • Thanks to the ferry (pictured) connection to the mainland, Devonport is nicknamed the Gateway to Tasmania.
  • The main street of Chuy is also the border between Uruguay and Brazil.
  • The Kolyma Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.
Avignon, Palais des Papes depuis Tour Philippe le Bel by JM Rosier.jpg
  • Le Palais des Papes (pictured) in Avignon is the world's largest Gothic edifice.
  • Ein Gedi National Park is considered the biggest and the most important oasis in Israel.
  • The original capital of French Louisiana, Mobile is home to the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States.
Rhodes Knights St.JPG
  • Rhodes City hosts the oldest inhabited medieval town (Avenue of the Knights pictured) in Europe.
  • Kumbakonam is full of temples — every street, road, locality has a prominent temple.
  • Due to the exceedingly scenic setting, and its architecture Budapest is nicknamed "Paris of the East".
Mammoth Cave tour.jpg
  • Mammoth Cave National Park features over 392 miles of caves (pictured).
  • Haridwar translates to Gateway to God and has been a centre of Hindu religion and mysticism for centuries.
  • Fortaleza is known as the capital of hammocks.
St. Sophia's.jpg
  • St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev (pictured) has the world biggest ensemble of frescoes and mosaics dating from 11th century.
  • The Loire Valley is often referred to as "the Garden of France" and the Cradle of the French Language.
  • Mt. Angel recently built the largest glockenspiel in the United States. Also hosts a Bavarian-style "Oktoberfest" complete with traditional German bands every September
Togo Taberma house 02.jpg
  • Originally built to fend off slave traders, the world heritage listed Tatas (pictured) in Nadoba now serve as home to farm animals and various materials.
  • Mohenjo-daro is depicted on the Rs. 20 currency note; fittingly, entry fees to the Mohenjo-daro complex are Rs. 20 for Pakistanis.
  • Caernarfon is one of the best places in the world to hear a living Celtic language, with over 80% of the local population speaking Welsh.
泰山 南天门.jpg
  • Mount Tai (pictured) is the most climbed mountain in China and a sacred Daoist site.

July 2015Edit

Arcoiris en el Palmeral de Elche.jpg
  • The Palmeral in Elche (pictured) is one of the world's largest palm groves and the only one in Europe.
  • Opened in 1770, Ouro Preto’s Teatro Municipal is the oldest functioning theater in South America.
  • Tanzania is probably one of the oldest known continuously inhabited areas on Earth.
PikiWiki Israel 29321 Ice park mall in Eilat.JPG
  • Temperatures in Eilat can be very high, but there’s still an ice rink (pictured) in the Ice Park Mall.
  • Devanagari writing is often likened to a washing line: a line is drawn above the words, and the letters are hung out to dry below the line.
  • Tennant Creek is known as the Territory’s heart of gold mainly due to the people, but also in reference to the gold mining history.
Miyajima Spatula Giant.JPG
  • In Miyajima you can gaze upon the World's Largest Spatula (pictured) and eat a chocolate called “deer shit”.
  • The town of Kristinestad, Finland has a road called Kattpiskargränden, which means Cat Spanker Alley.
  • The anchor of Christopher Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria, is on display at the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien in Port-au-Prince.
Woudagemaal 1.jpg
  • The D.F. Wouda Steam Pumping Station (pictured) in Lemmer is the largest steam-powered pumping station in the world that is still in operation.
  • Coiba used to be a penal colony for the Panama’s most dangerous criminals, nowadays it’s part of a national marine park.
  • Dilijan is called the "Armenian Switzerland" due to the densely forested valleys and mountains with alpine meadows around.
Hiri Moale Festival.jpg
  • The centrepiece of the Hiri Moale festival in Port Moresby is a race of up to 100 traditional Lakatoi canoes (pictured).
  • Devon Island, in Nunavut, Canada, is the largest uninhabited island in the world although it does have a cemetery...the world's northernmost.
  • The small principality of Andorra is probably the only country in the world ruled by two princes: the Bishop of Urgell and the President of France.
Pretty huangguoshu.jpg
  • Huanggoushu Waterfall (pictured) in Guizhou is the largest waterfall in China.
  • Delhi consists of more than 8 cities and also houses 174 monuments.
  • The Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall in Dawson City is a touristy relic of the old Gold Rush days
Ventspilis. Livonijos ordino pilis, 1290 m. 2006-09-22.jpg
  • The Livonian Order Castle (pictured) in Ventspils is one of best preserved medieval fortresses in the world.
  • Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco, and a great city of high Islamic civilization.
  • At London’s South Bank you can visit the first museum in the world dedicated to the history of gardening.
MMTS local at Begumpet 01.jpg
  • The local train (pictured) network in Hyderabad known as the Multi-Modal Transport System.
  • The two-minute flight between Papa Westray and Westray is the shortest scheduled flight in the world.
  • Urban decay and abandonment has given Gary the name “Pompeii of the Midwest”.
Fortaleza de São Sebastião-01.jpg
  • The fort (pictured) at Ilha de Mozambique is likely the oldest surviving European building in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • As the centre of a large pistachio-growing region, fresh pistachio is readily available in Gaziantep.
  • Colorado is split down the middle north to south by the Rocky Mountains.
Haapsalu linnuse varemed1.jpg
  • Estonia’s most famous ghost – the White Lady — supposedly haunts Haapsalu Castle (pictured).
  • Chongqing boasts the world's largest public restroom.

June 2015Edit

  • In Cairns you can see a replica of Duyfken, the first recorded European ship to visit Australia.
Highest palm house in UKjpg.jpeg
  • Edinburgh Royal Botanical Garden boasts the tallest palm house (pictured) in the UK.
  • Adventurous culinarists visiting Hanoi can try dog meat, various cobra foodstuffs and ca cuong, an extract from the giant water bug.
  • Route 62 can be regarded as the South African twin of the more famous Route 66.
Chinguetti mosquee.jpg
  • The mosque of Chinguetti (pictured) includes what is believed to be the second oldest continuously used minaret in all of the Muslim world.
  • The Wire Tour is a grand tour of Baltimore, taking you past various important filming locations for the highly acclaimed HBO TV series, The Wire.
  • Bernardo O'Higgins National Park is one of the last refuges for the Chilean Huemul.
  • The old warehouse district Bricktown (pictured) in Oklahoma City is nowadays a restaurant and night club hot spot adjacent to downtown.
  • Europe’s largest wild reindeer herds live in Hardangervidda.
  • The Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover (Delaware) is one of the only museums that is dedicated to airlift and air refueling.
  • The three Tang Dynasty pagodas (pictured) in Dali are some of the best preserved Buddhist structures in China.
  • A rare, but still occuring pheonomenon in Mexico are mountain road stretches with left-hand traffic.
  • One foot of St.Peter’s statue in the Vatican City has been largely worn away by pilgrims kissing it over the centuries.
Sakhalin mud Volcano 5.jpg
  • At the mud volcano (pictured) near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk you can see fumaroles bubbling through the mud.
  • Cody Nite Rodeo runs every evening in the summer months.
  • The Bacardi Rum factory in San Juan is known as the “Catedral of Rum”.
Louage in Tunisia.jpg
  • Louages (shared taxis, pictured) are ubiquitous in Tunisia.
  • ATOW1996 in Northern Greenland is currently considered the northernmost piece of permanent land on Earth.
  • With an average annual temperature of -1.3°C, Ulaanbaatar is the world’s coldest national capital.
  • Liverpool Cathedral (pictured) is one of the finest examples in the world of Gothic revival architecture.
  • Hyderabad was once the seat of the Nizam, the ruler of the largest and the most opulent "princely state”.
  • Hobart is one of the most easily accessible places to view the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis.
Oregon Coastline.jpg
  • Oregon’s state beaches are all public, allowing unfettered access to the shore with beautiful views (pictured).
  • Maó harbour on Minorca, is the second largest natural deep water port in the world.
  • The archaeological site Joya de Ceren in La Libertad features a pre-Columbian Maya farming village preserved under volcanic ash and is known as the “Pompeii of the Americas”.
Cebu Taoist Temple.jpg
  • The Taoist Temple (pictured) reflects the Chinese heritage of Cebu.
  • Grand Cache hosts the yearly Canadian death race.
  • Pinsk in Belarus has throughout the history been of great religious importance both for Christians and Jews.
Avila view 2.jpg
  • There are good views (pictured) of Caracas from the nearby mountain Avila.
  • The name of the city of Nouadhibou translates to the place of the Jackal

May 2015Edit

  • Thiruvananthapuram is one of the oldest cities in India, there are even references to the city in ancient Greek and Roman texts.
1970s National Museum in Salisbury, Rhodesia 6952436793.jpg
  • The Zimbabwe museum of Human Sciences (pictured) in Harare was formerly known as the Queen Victoria Museum.
  • The WW2 German U-boat base Dora 1 in Trondheim is today used as the city archive.
  • The Research Triangle in North Carolina is named after the multitude of research universities and high tech firms in the area.
Gib Ape.jpg
  • Barbary Macaques (pictured) can be regarded as the signature animals of Gibraltar.
  • The Ginza district is considered the high fashion center of Tokyo.
  • Tuareg sabres and knives are typical souvenirs to buy in Timbuktu.
Mustamakkara Meal.jpg
  • Tampere is (in)famous for its black sausage — mustamakkara (pictured) — a sausage made of blood.
  • A specialty of Mongolia is home made vodka distilled from yoghurt or milk.
  • Guadeloupe is sometimes known as the Butterfly Island.
Jal Mahal. 2009.jpg
  • Jal Mahal (pictured) in Jaipur translates to Water Palace and is indeed located in the middle of a lake.
  • San Marino is the sole survivor of the independent city states that used to make up the Italian peninsula.
  • A Chinese proverb says: Heaven has paradise; Earth has Hangzhou and Suzhou.
  • Portland Head Light (pictured) is regarded as one of the most scenic lighthouses in the U.S.
  • For its population of just under a million people, Hamamatsu is a uniquely international city.
  • Bamako has only a few paved main roads despite being one of West Africa’s largest cities.
Windmills at Angla, Saaremaa-ekkeekke.jpg
  • Dolomite, windmills (pictured) and the famous local home-brewed beer are the symbols of Saaremaa.
  • GR20 is often referred to as "the toughest long distance trail in Europe”.
  • Jermuk is full of Soviet hotels and sanatoriums, some of which have been renovated to high standards.
Avaiki Cave, Niue.jpg
  • Niue is dotted with many caves (Avaiki cave pictured) and limestone arches.
  • In Torshavn riding public buses is free.
  • Patmos is one of the most religiously significant Greek Islands because it is where Saint John the Divine had its revelation and wrote the Apocalypse.
Yellow Songthaew.JPG
  • Songthaew means "two rows" in Thai, and is the local name for vehicles (pictured) used both as minibuses and taxis in Thailand.
  • Tolbooth Street in Falkirk is the shortest street in the UK.
  • Baleyara is known across West Africa for having one of the largest animal markets.
Palmyra four churches.jpg
  • Palmyra (New York) claims to be the only community in the U.S. that has a four-corner intersection with a church at each one. (pictured)
  • Although not particularly high, the Blue Mountains are renowned for their majestic scenery of a unique kind.
  • Few caverns in the world approach the astounding wealth or the extent of those of Jeita.
  • Mount Pico (pictured) in the Azores is Portugal’s tallest mountain.
  • The 1940's neighborhood of Balhura in Belo Horizonte features some of the highlights of Brazil’s modern architecture.
  • Nanjing is officially the safest city in China.

April 2015Edit

  • Northumberland National Park (The Schil pictured) is the most northerly national park in England.
  • The Binghamton area is also the Carousel Capital of America, home to 6 of the remaining 150 antique carousels in the nation.
  • Umeå’s nickname is the "Town of Silver Birches".
Issyk Kul beach.jpg
  • Issyk Kul lake (pictured) is the second largest alpine lake in the world.
  • Eupen is the capital of the German-speaking community of Belgium.
  • In Sudan visitors are technically required to obtain a permit for photography of any kind.
Amman Roman theatre.jpg
  • The impressive 2nd century Roman theater (pictured) in Amman could seat up to 6,000 people.
  • Ecuador’s currency is the U.S. dollar, though they still mint their own coins.
  • Greek has changed less in the last two thousand years than English has in the last five hundred.
TempleBar TheOliver.JPG
  • No visit to Dublin would be complete without a visit to one of its many pubs (pictured).
  • Oaxaca is famous for at least two drinks: Mezcal and hot chocolate.
  • Reunion was originally known as the Isle de Bourbon.
Iceland Dettifoss 1972.jpg
  • Vatnajökull National Park is the largest national park in Europe, home to Iceland's highest mountain, largest glacier, and Europe's most powerful waterfall (pictured).
  • Many minority tribes live in the area surrounding Cao Bang, and their village markets make fascinating places to visit.
  • Richman is a local street food specialty of Bratislava.
SanAntonio Alamo.JPG
  • Visitors to the Alamo (pictured) in San Antonio are often surprised by its small size.
  • Udaipur is referred to as the "Venice of the East", the "Most Romantic City of India" and the "Kashmir of Rajasthan".
  • York is famous for giving its name to the city and state of New York in the United States.
Башня Спасская 3.jpg
  • Kazan (Kremlin pictured) holds the title of "The Third Capital of Russia”.
  • Saba is so safe that some hotels do not have locks on their doors.
  • The capital of Japan for over a millennium, Kyoto carries a reputation as its most beautiful city.
Salt Lake Temple, Utah - Sept 2004-2.jpg
  • The Temple Square (pictured) in Salt Lake City, including the headquarters of the LDS church is the most visited tourist site in Utah.
  • Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and the second-oldest official Christian nation in the world.
  • The Monument of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship is a concrete behemoth that overlooks Varna from Turna hill, mostly abandoned nowadays.
Mombassa, April 2009.. (6106085397).jpg
  • If you take the Jambo Kenya Deluxe train (pictured) from Nairobi to Mombasa you may see wildlife up close.
  • According to the World Meteorological Organization, Bangkok is the world's hottest city.
  • Orson Welles filmed part of his Othello in Essaouira; west of the medina there's a square named after him.
Wave Rock, 2012.JPG
  • The small farming town of Hyden is justifiably overshadowed by its better known attraction, Wave Rock (pictured).
  • Traverse City is known as the Cherry Capital of the World.
  • Freak street is a street in central Kathmandu, formerly popular among western hippies.

March 2015Edit

Ljubljana banner.jpg
  • Ljubljana (pictured) is noted as one of the greenest capitals in Europe.
  • The Sundbåt ferry in Kristiansund is the world's oldest public transport line in continuous operation.
  • Okayama is known as the "Land of Sunshine".
Food Poutine Closeup.JPG
  • No visit to Montreal is complete without at least one plate of poutine (pictured).
  • The most westernly and remote McDonald's in the world can be found in central Apia.
  • Zhuhai is known as a tourist destination for Chinese nationals, and as playground for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan businessmen.
Paarl Rock.JPG
  • Paarl is famous for having one of the world's largest rock outcrops, the Paarl Rock (pictured).
  • Want to visit a French fries museum? Head to Bruges!
  • Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the contiguous United States.
South pole geographic el station.jpg
  • The geographic South Pole marker (pictured) is moved every year to account for the shifting ice.
  • It is said that St. Louis is second only to Washington, D.C. in the number of free activities available in an American city.
  • One thing not to miss while in Çanakkale is bomba, which is the usual döner in half a bread plus an omelette added in.
James Bond Island P1120319.JPG
  • An island in the Ao Phang Nga National Park is known as the James Bond Island (pictured).
  • Bolzano’s archaeology museum is famous worldwide as the home of the alpine iceman "Ötzi".
  • The Marine Tower in Yokohama is the largest onland lighthouse in the world.
Bishnupur Cluster of Temples.jpg
  • Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples (pictured).
  • Because of the first downtown pedestrian mall in America, Kalamazoo got the nickname "the Mall City" in 1959.
  • Wells is the smallest city in England, with a population of around 10,000.
Subway seoul (xndr).jpg
  • The urban rail network of Seoul (subway car pictured) is huge with a combined track length of almost 1,000 km and it also boasts the highest ridership number.
  • Due to its country music image, Nashville is sometimes called “"Music City, USA”.
  • Chile is among the longest countries in the world with several climate zones and types of nature.
Yerevan-cascades-raffi kojian-DCP 1934.JPG
  • Central Yerevan (pictured) is a true jewel of early Soviet architecture.
  • Borås used to be the centre of the Swedish textile industry, and is still well known for having many shops that sell high-quality textiles at low prices.
  • A hideaway from pirate attacks, Corfu’s Old Perithia has views to, but cannot be seen, from the sea.
Aerial of Newcastle Harbour.jpg
  • Newcastle has Australia’s oldest sea port (pictured).
  • A local delicacy in Matabeleland are sundried mopani worms.
  • Port Augusta is known as the crossroads of Australia, as it is situated where the country's main north-south and east-west roads cross.
Burj Khalifa Wikivoyage.jpg
  • Burj Khalifa (pictured) in Dubai is the world's tallest building by far.
  • Newquay is known as the surf capital of Great Britain.
  • Hornindal Lake near Stryn is believed to be the deepest lake in Europe.
Stuart Highway.jpg
  • The Stuart Highway (pictured) known as "the Explorer's Way" is a highway running north to south through the middle of Australia.

February 2015Edit

  • The Italian town of Bra is home to the Slow Food movement and the University of Gastronomic Sciences.
  • Each Friday morning a historical event is re-enacted in the Moro Naaba palace in Ouagadougou.
Nidaros cathedral front.jpg
  • Nidaros cathedral (pictured) in Trondheim was supposedly built over the grave of St Olav, Norway's patron saint and "eternal king".
  • Polish is unique in that it retains the nasal sounds lost in other Slavic languages and uses an unique diacritic mark.
  • The names Uluru (pictured) and Kata Tjuta come from the local Anangu people and respectively mean "Earth Mother" and "Many Heads".
Uluru, helicopter view, cropped.jpg
  • The names Uluru (pictured) and Kata Tjuta come from the local Anangu people and respectively mean "Earth Mother" and "Many Heads".
  • Eight places in the old Japanese capital Nara have been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including five Buddhist temples, one Shinto shrine, an imperial palace and a primeval forest.
  • Svalbard is bound to a treaty that stipulates that any sign of human presence from before 1946 must remain untouched, including loose objects.
The Baiyoke Tower II closeup in Bangkok, Thaliand.jpg
  • Baiyoke Tower II (pictured) in Pratunam in Bangkok is the tallest tower in Thailand.
  • The Dutch are among the largest coffee drinkers in the world.
  • In rural British Columbia you can still hear slang terms from the Chinook Jargon pidgin language.
Xijiang Guizhou Evening.jpeg
  • Xijiang (pictured) bears the title "thousand household village" and is known as the largest Miao village in China.
  • Kourou used to be part of a penal colony for the worst criminals in France.
  • Owensboro is known for burgoo, a traditional stew originally made with squirrel or venison, but now made with mutton, chicken, beef and vegetables.
St Lucia Twin Pitton.jpg
  • The striking cone-shaped peaks Large and Small Piton (pictured) on Saint Lucia constitute one of the scenic natural highlights of the Caribbean.
  • There are around 200 million Portuguese native speakers, the vast majority in Brazil.
  • In Karratha you can sleep in the local mining accommodation villages.
Hurtigruten Mehamn.JPG
  • The Hurtigruten ferry line (M/S Polarlys pictured) along Norway's jagged coastline is sometimes called the world's most beautiful sea voyage.
  • In Frankfort (Kentucky) you can take a tour in the Rebecca Ruth candy factory where the Bourbon ball candy was invented.
  • Kolkata is called the City of Joy.
  • There are 174 ASI Protected monuments in the Indian capital of Delhi.
Hailuoto Ice Road 20130113 05.JPG
  • In the winter when the ice is strong enough it is possible to drive to the island (pictured) of Hailuoto without taking the ferry.
  • Akaroa was the only French settlement in New Zealand and the French heritage remains in form of names of streets and businesses.
  • Samarkand literally means “stone fort” or “rock town”.
RM32567 Roermond - Stadhuis.jpg
  • With a façade from around the year 1700, the city hall (pictured) is one of the most prominent buildings on the market square of Roermond.
  • Bangalore is the major centre of India's IT industry popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India.
  • Hokkaido is home to Japan's native Ainu people.
  • Meteora consists of a number of rock pinnacles topped with a total of 24 monasteries (Megalou Meterou pictured).
  • A certain rum made on Grenada has an alcohol content of 75%, making it illegal to take home to many countries, at least on flights.

January 2015Edit

  • Venice is the world's only pedestrian city.
  • In Baalbek you can visit great ancient temples (pictured) built by the Phoenicians, the Romans, and other civilisations.
  • Possibly the premier zoo in North America, the San Diego Zoo encompasses over 100 acres of displays and habitats.
  • The Forbidden Island near Saipan was allegedly once occupied by evil spirits but is now a bird sanctuary.
Olhar Brasil SC.JPG
  • German architecture (pictured) and the world’s second largest Oktoberfest are examples of the strong German heritage of Blumenau in Brazil.
  • Kansas derives from the Sioux language meaning "People of the South Wind".
  • Ko Tao was once a detention site for political prisoners, but today it is a great place for divers.
Cruzada en La Macarena.jpg
  • In Ushuaia you can ride the train to the end of the world (pictured).
  • The name of the city of Kotka translates to “eagle”.
  • Saint Martin is one of the smallest land masses that is divided between two countries.
  • Roskilde hosts a viking museum with several original viking ships (pictured).
  • In 2004, Edinburgh became the first member of the UNESCO Creative Cities initiative when it was designated a City of Literature.
  • Nuclear tourism is travel to places connected with nuclear research and technology.
AU Mt Warning from Tweed.jpg
  • Mt. Warning (pictured) is the world's largest extinct shield volcano.
  • Labrador is home to the largest herds of Caribou in the world.
  • Though it never was buried by a volcano, Jerash is sometimes misleadingly referred to as the "Pompeii of the Middle East”.
Saint-Denis @ La Réunion.jpg
  • Saint-Denis (pictured) is the largest city in all of the French Overseas Departments.
  • The Bavarian village of Aufsess holds the record for most beer breweries per capita.
  • Calico museum of textiles in Ahmedabad is regarded as one of the finest textile museums in the world.
St Louis night expblend.jpg
  • The Gateway Arch (pictured) in St. Louis is the world’s tallest national monument.
  • Because of numerous festivals, the Philippines is often dubbed "The Fiesta Islands".
  • The New World Afro-Diasporic customs of Vodou are widely practiced in Haiti.
  • Jakarta has a large number of giant, glittering malls (Grand Indonesia pictured), well above expectations for newcomers.
  • Boat building traditions are kept alive at the Maritime Quarter in Mariehamn's eastern harbour.
  • Uliastai used to be a provincial capital of the Manchu Empire and is one of the three oldest settlements in Mongolia.
Pere Lachaise avenue ciculaire.jpg
  • Cimetière du Père Lachaise (pictured) in Paris is probably the most visited graveyard in any Western city.
  • Capurganá is surrounded on three sides by dense jungle and no roads lead to it.
  • The islands of the Indian Ocean are a varied collection, including many of the smallest territories and one of the largest island nations (Madagascar).
  • The world's first grain elevator was built at Buffalo Harbor (marker sign pictured) in 1842.
  • Saariselkä boasts Europe’s northernmost Spa.
  • New Orleans Mardi Gras is known as the biggest free party on earth.

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