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Questions edit

  • Auckland Region - does it need the subregion articles?'
  • Chittagong Division - despite the beautiful map, it seems doubtful as to whether this should have been divided to that degree, with 3 destinations sorted into 3 different regions (one of them unhierarchical considering the breakdown in the article), 7 unsorted destinations, and 8 more uncreated regions listed in the region breakdown, for a total of 10 destination distributed into 11 subregions

Clusters edit

Messy city/municipality/township/village relationships edit

Finnish Lapland edit

situation with 4 hybrid towns/large municipalities - needs investigation:

Suffolk County (New York) edit

  • Islip - Township with listings but also set up hierarchically with category including::
  • North Fork - Peninsula region article which lists but does not hierarchically include:
  • Babylon (town, New York) - Township without listings. The only child article does not currently use IPO, but village list includes:
  • Brookhaven - Township with listings. Child articles do not use IPO, but village list includes:
  • Huntington - No parent article for the township, but articles for villages belonging to it exist:
  • The Hamptons - Region article but contains listings and its children do not use IPO:
  • Southampton - No parent article for the township, but articles for villages belonging to it exist:
  • Shelter Island - Township article with listings. Also has village list but no village articles exist.
  • Smithtown - No township article yet.
  • Southold - No township article yet.

South County (Rhode Island) edit

3 existing town/township-type regions, 11 unsorted destinations - needs further investigation

Taiwan edit

Various assortment of special municipalities, counties, and cities with no suitable parent region.

United Arab Emirates edit

Vague regions edit

  • 33 unsorted pages
  • Gelderland — no unsorted pages but region borders are not clearly defined
  • seems to have a clear breakdown but has at least some gaps: Saint Rose is Metro NO but its parish is unlisted
  • Himalayas (Nepal) - possibly missing at least one region to be complete, unclear where to put:
  • Northern Michigan — there doesn't seem to be a region appropriate for the central areas of the "mitten"
  • West Michigan - has two regions, borders unclear, comprehensiveness of coverage unclear

  • Michoacan - has 3 out of a suggested 7 regions, unclear whether they cover the state comprehensively
  • 5 unsorted pages

  • Piedmont (North Carolina) - 5 regions, 2 being counties marked for upmerging, the others being non-counties. Neither scheme seems to cover the whole area
  • 10 unsorted pages; see category page
  • 3 regions existing, borders not clearly defined, unclear whether this covers the whole province
  • Lists four regions, plus a separate list of counties, with at least some degree of overlap
  • 9 unsorted pages; see category page
  • 15 regions existing, with possible overlap, borders unclear
  • 8 unsorted pages; see category page
  • 6 existing regions probably cover the whole island but borders not clearly defined
  • Queensland and South East Queensland - overlap where some of SEQ's regions appear on the main Queensland region map/list - 6 existing region categories, 6 more suggested
  • 13 and 7 unsorted pages, respectively; see categories Q and here
  • Where does Numinbah Valley (another unlisted region article) belong?

Regions missing planned-but-uncreated subregions edit

Ohio edit

See discussion at Talk:Ohio#Counties - still a good idea?

  • Mid-Ohio - 15 created, 10 not yet created

Possible candidate for upmerging edit

  • Central Karnataka — has 17 cities split into 7 subregions, mostly official districts
  • County Cork — has 18 cities split into 3 subregions, two of which are empty, and the third one could conceivably be covered in the county article
  • Western Maryland - has 13 cities split into 3 mostly empty county articles

Cannot find edit

Islands with city template edit

Parent is a grandparent by two other children edit