Collection of ready-made phrases, usually for a foreign language along with a translation
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This page lists the foreign language phrasebooks that are available on Wikivoyage. For more general information on language and travel, including tips for where few locals speak your language, see Talk.

A world map with several colored zones that show major world languages that spread across regions
Although it's impossible to learn every language, getting a handle on important phrases from about a dozen will take you most places in the world.

These phrasebooks are not language tutorials, comprehensive grammars, or dictionaries. Their goal is to define just enough of the language so that an English-speaking traveller can "get by" in an area where that language is spoken. A few languages are very widely used throughout the world and are listed first. All other languages are listed under the continent where they are most closely identified. If you are not sure which languages are spoken in the country you plan to visit, see the "Talk" section of the article for that country.

Phrasebooks which are substantially complete have a green plus sign (Symbol support vote.svg) or a yellow star (Symbol star gold.svg) written next to them in the list below, though they may still benefit from your improvement. For all the other books, please contribute if you speak the language in question. If you need a phrasebook for a language not listed here, try adding it to the Requests for phrasebooks page. Or simply plunge forward and start the book yourself. Make sure to base it on our Phrasebook article template.

Initial phrasebook development was organized through the Phrasebook Expedition.

Phrasebooks are coded according to their level of completion and overall quality­ as outlined at Phrasebook status:

Stub icon — stub

Outline icon — outline

Usable icon — usable

Guide icon — guide

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Some special purpose lists of phrases are also available.


These special "phrasebooks" are for people interested in learning to read or write a complex script.

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